Syria: Parliamentary elections on Monday – results are pending

Posted: May 8, 2012 in International
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For the first time, the Syrian Parliament was elected on the basis of the new Syrian Constitution yesterday. Actually, the Parliamentary elections in Syria should have already taken place in early 2011 after cycle.

Due to the unrest, the elections were repeatedly postponed in Syria, of course. Yesterday, on 07/05/2012, it was now to come: the voters in Syria were able to determine who should receive the 250 available seats in the Syrian Parliament.

For the 250 seats in the Syrian Parliament, of which 127 are reserved for peasants and workers, over 7,000 candidates have advertised for them, including about 700 women. The Candidates were able to either compete in a party list or as individual candidates for the Syrian Parliamentary elections based on the new Constitution yesterday.

Early in the morning, 7:00 am local time, the more than 12,000 polling stations have opened their doors across Syria. Depending on the region in Syria, one can assume that the voter turnout was more or less. Many predicted increasing attacks at the Election Day and they had worries about their safety.

Until now, it seems that there have been no attacks on polling stations in Syria yesterday.  However, there were again reports of gunshots and explosions in some regions of the country, especially in the north of Syria. In the so-called strongholds of the unrest in Syria, the most people have probably taken no advantage of the opportunity to elect the new Syrian Parliament.

The polling stations were opened until 22:00 o`clock. The result of the vote count is not yet certain, of course. Many observers assume, however, that the Baath party and six other organizations, from the National Unity List, were able to obtain the majority of votes in Syria.

Of course, the opponents of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the opponents of the Syrian government and also Western media are particularly critical about the Parliamentary elections in Syria. It is sure no surprise that Western media and the dubious Muslim Brotherhood-council, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, says that the election was only a feint.

It is also stated that the Baath Party was strengthened in its role while only tame opposition groups are able to obtain some seats in the Syrian Parliament. Others say that these opposition groups called for a boycott of the elections because they know very well that they do not have the majority of Syrians behind them and thus, they would have no chance at such votes.

These people also say that these strange opposition groups have thus prevented that the final results of the Parliamentary elections confirm that they are worthless for the Syrian people and that the Syrian population condemns the violence and bloodshed by the “opposition forces” like the radical “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

That the external “Syrian opposition” was not approved by the Syrian government to take part in these votes is understandable and every Western government would act the same way in a similar situation. These foreign forces declined the elections from the beginning and called for a boycott.

For example, the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), in which the majority are Islamists (confirmed by opposition members and also Reuters), were just busy in trying to criticize the scheduled elections in Syria and to discredit it as a farce. Of course, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul is, at least, also a huge farce.

Until now, there is no serious agenda or future plan for Syria by this questionable “council”. After over a year, they are only able to criticize, without delivering anything good to Syria and for the Syrian population. This Western-backed “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which has a huge support by the Qatari and Saudi regime, is already responsible for a lot of civilian victims in Syria and has no huge support within the country.

The heads of this “Syrian National Council” (SNC) became puppets of dubious intentions and questionable interests and are only keen on increasing their influence and power in Syria. At least, people like Ghalioun (was “elected” by the Muslim Brotherhood for this “job”) are not better than the Syrian regime / government. Thus, it is understandable that they have no real support within Syria and only try to sell this imagination since a long time.

The Western mass media is a benevolent customer for false information, propaganda and fakes. But it is also to predict, that despite the newly registered political parties and despite the new way of election campaign in Syria, not much will change in this country of the Middle East. Of course, nobody should underestimate the role of foreign governments in the fight against the Syrian President al-Assad and the Syrian government – on whatever level.

The situation within Syria would already be better when Western governments would stop their false games and the financially support for radical opposition groups in and outside Syria. Not to mention the despicable delivery of weapons to religious fanatics, radical opposition fighters and even to Libyan and Iraqi thugs in Syria. This support with weapons and ammo is a violation of the six-point peace plan by Mr. Kofi Annan. It is sure an act which is not in line with the sense of democracy.

Maybe it is the Western design of democracy. This support with ammo and weapons for radical gunmen boosts the bloodshed and violence in Syria. It is far away from being a good method for the ceasefire in this country. No surprise that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has already said that this delivery of weapons to radical groups in Syria can be assumed as declaration of war against the country.

While delivering weapons and support to radical opposition groups, which have already proven that they also kill and rape Syrian civilians, the West and some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia condemn the violations of the ceasefire by the Syrian government – and they only blame the Syrian government, of course.

The Western stance is still one-sided and based on willfully false information and propaganda which is used for propaganda purposes against Syria. The goals of these Gulf States and these Western governments are clear.

The Syrian President, his government, the so-called “Axis of Evil” and some more points are a huge thorn in the eyes of the West and Gulf States like Saudi Arabia. Not to mention that the West, especially America (under pressures of AIPAC and Israel), want to pave the path to Iran. The more destabilized Syria will be the better the way to Iran.

To be honest, not only these strange and dubious opponents of the Syrian President al-Assad have criticized the Parliamentary elections yesterday. Many Syrians expressed their doubts and criticism about the time at which the election is conducted.

Not only the time but also the circumstances are unfavorable for Parliamentary elections in Syria. Also foreign powers are responsible that the times are not very good for elections. How many of the voters have really understood the electoral system? Who knows how many candidates he is allowed to choose?

Who really knows all the new founded parties in Syria since the implementation of the new Syrian Constitution? Who knows about the optional programs of these new parties and who knows some or all individual candidates which were also on the election lists? Are the voters familiar with their programs?

Are the Syrian parties and the individuals, which have really good intentions for Syria and the Syrian population, able to get enough votes and really able to align something during the term of office? It is probably true that, in fact, the young people with real aspirations for a better Syria are the loser, because nobody knows them really and because they were not able to really lead a good campaign before the Parliamentary elections.

But despite all possible objections and doubts, many people have participated in the Parliamentary elections in order to contribute a bit for a better Syria and to push Syria on a new course. It is clear that in all the circumstances and conditions, the problems cannot be overcome overnight. Not to mention the pressure by foreign powers and the armed groups within the country.

Yet there is hope for recovery. The Syrian people want to finally overcome the violence in the country and get back to their normal life. Nobody wants the bomb attacks; nobody wants the language of violence and weapons, implemented by Western-backed armed groups in Syria.

Of course, it is questionable whether new reforms can already be implemented after the election and the reconstitution of the Syrian Parliament. The situation should stabilize first, but some foreign governments are not really interested in a stabilized situation within Syria.

The destabilization of a country is a part of a so-called “regime change” and some foreign powers want to destabilize Syria as much as possible to pave the path for a “regime change” and to pave a path to Iran.

The 300 observers of the United Nations (UN) are till June on location in Syria. These observers should monitor the ceasefire and its implementation. Whether this is really helpful is to question. The last observer mission of the Arab League (AL) was already a bit questionable and the final result of the observers was buried by Qatar, because it had included too much truth about the situation in Syria.

Of course, the United States still warn that the UN mission will end before the deadline of 90 days when the violence continues in Syria. But the U.S. administration does not speak about the fact that they meanwhile support radical groups in Syria with funds and weapons. You see, it stinks.

This fact and contradiction does not stop the U.S. administration from speaking about a military intervention in Syria, which would replace the position of the UN observer team when the violence continues. Of course, the United States only condemns the Syrian government, as usually. This one-sided condemnation is useful for propaganda purposes.

Today, a new report by Mr. Kofi Annan on the situation in Syria is expected. Hopefully, the report will not be one-sided, although more and more Syrians have doubts about the real intentions of Kofi Annan.

Mr. Kofi Annan is actually not on location in Syria and thus, it is questionable whether he has actually a real overview of the processes in the country. It would be no surprise when this updated report on the situation in Syria will be again based on false information and fakes by the “external Syrian opposition”.

  1. Lolo says:

    even though i support the president,,, this elections are completely fake without any kind of democracy…

  2. Diana Sultan says:

    i really wish that for once, Syrians could stop grumbling and bitching about everything. They seem to always want to grouse and rant about every small issue. Never happy, never satisfied. They really love to talk. Only this time we are not at the market, time of palaver is over and arguing endlessly just for the show is increasing the risk of dramatic and irrevocable changes.There will be no return to the traditional way of life. They wanted changes, the Presdent carried out his promises and thus they got them but they are still complaining, not participating or doing whatever necessary to bring forward positive steps or ideas. Just talk, complain, cry. What are they waiting for? Americans in Syria? French or British soldiers to roam freely in their streets? Bandits at their doorsteps? i am amazed and so disappointed with so much stupidity.

  3. [8/5/2012] UN HQ: Bashar Al Jaafari kicks asses and takes names

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