Syria: Kofi Annan's peace plan as last chance for peace in Syria?

Posted: May 7, 2012 in International
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The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has again underlined his stance about the situation in Syria in a telephone call with Mr. Kofi Annan.

Mr. Sergey Lavrov stressed in this telephone call with Kofi Annan, that the smuggling of weapons to Syria must be stopped as fast as possible. The weapons to Syria are mainly smuggled from Lebanon, but also from other neighboring countries such as Turkey and Jordan. The Western support for the arms smuggling to Syria violates the peace plan by Kofi Annan.

The demands of Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are a declaration of war against Syria and again the Syrian population. Every support for smuggling arms and ammo to Syria is an unhelpful act to resolve the situation in this country of the Middle East. Every support with weapons to armed groups in Syria cannot bring peace and is a violation of the six-point plan by Kofi Annan.

The smuggling of weapons not only destabilizes the situation in Syria itself, but also destabilizes the situation in the whole region of the Middle East. It`s like the German journalist and author Mr. Jürgen Todenhöfer has said months ago – when Syria is burning, the whole Middle East also burns.

If the armed and violent groups in Syria would not always (and still) receive financial support and the support with weapons and ammo from abroad, the crisis in Syria would already overcome, and there would also be less victims.

But the West and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are not really interested in a stabilization of the situation in Syria. Some of these governments want to further destabilize the situation within Syria, because it`s a part of a so-called “regime change”. The level of hypocrisy and propaganda in the West is enormous.

In his telephone call with Mr. Kofi Annan, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has further stressed that Russia would to everything to help in the implementation of the so-called six-point / peace plan in Syria, as this is essential to decrease and stop the violence and bloodshed in this country.

However, Mr. Lavrov has also underlined that the implementation of the peace plan for Syria could not succeed when the Syrian government in the capital Damascus is always made responsible (one-sided) for the violence and bloodshed in Syria. Mr. Lavrov has stressed that the one-sided coverage and condemnation of the Syrian government does not help the implementation of the six-point / peace plan in Syria.

The Russian FM, Mr. Lavrov, thinks that one has to take all the conflicting parties to account and that all sides are to condemn for the violence in Syria. The one-sided stance of the West is counterproductive to the implementation of the peace plan. One has also to consider who benefits from the violation of the ceasefire in Syria.

Although the external opponents of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government have agreed on the implementation of the six point plan from Kofi Annan, they still refuse any negotiations with the Syrian President and the Syrian regime. The violations of the ceasefire is only an advantage for the external Syrian “opposition” – e.g. for the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which is led by Mr. Ghalioun (“elected” for this job by the Muslim Brotherhood).

These sides have never showed that they really care about the Syrian population and the opinions of the majority in Syria. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC) only spreads false information, strange statements and violence. This dubious “council” is no solution for a better Syria tomorrow.

If the truce in Syria is violated, the negotiations between all sides will be delayed. One should not forget that there are powerful governments, organizations and people behind the radical gunmen and armed religious fanatics in Syria. These sides have a vested interest to overthrow the Syrian President al-Assad, even if they are not going to say this in public, of course.

A clear example of the intentions in the West is the divided attitude of the United States. There are repeated threats by the United States against the Syrian government in Damascus, while the U.S. administration simultaneously supports the so-called “Syrian opposition” and even tolerates (perhaps even promotes) the smuggling of weapons to the radical gangs and religious fanatics in Syria.

At this point, people should recall Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Libya. Just to name some examples for Western propaganda-lies. Where are the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  Were there not similar or even identical propaganda-like stories about Iraq, just like about Syria since months?

The Western governments have the same interest and still hope to reach their goal: the resolution of the so-called “Axis of Evil” (and the overthrow of the recalcitrant Syrian regime).

The situation in Syria and especially the Assad-clan is not only a huge thorn in the eyes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also a thorn in the eyes of many Western governments. Not to mention the Israeli regime. Of course, especially the U.S. administration is no huge fan of the Syrian President and the government in Damascus. For example, the financial support for external Syrian opposition figures begun in the times of George W. Bush.

These Western governments want to change the Syrian card because they are convinced that the time has come to an era of re-construction and upheaval in the Arab World. More and more people around the planet have more and more doubts about the so-called “Arab Spring”. Although, Western media and Western governments are still using their propaganda and strange image about the events in the Arab world (for propaganda purposes).

Thus the West hopes, not only to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government in the capital Damascus, but also to weaken Iran and to be able to establish a Israel-friendly government in the immediate neighborhood.

The true fact that the so-called “Syrian opposition” (external, e.g. based in Istanbul, Turkey) and the “Syrian rebels”, which are still celebrated by Western media, despite violence, rapes, tortures and killings, are not as peaceful as they were sold in the West, is currently even acknowledged by many news agencies.

They finally had to. Of course, these news agencies still hide facts or even turn the truth upside down for propaganda purposes. The one-sided coverage has nothing to do with journalism. Finally, it seems not to matter how inhuman and barbaric the opposition forces are. Nevertheless, Western media sticks to the strategy of demonize of the Syrian President al-Assad and the Syrian government. The huge level of sectarian murders by the squads of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is still masked by the West.

For this Western media campaign and the objectives of the West already much too many innocent people had to die. This side does not really care about the Syrian population. The mentioning of “humanitarian zones” is just a farce and another turn to take a step into Syria. The numbers of victims cannot be published exactly.

While one is able to read in Western media about 9000-10000 dead civilians, nobody knows if these numbers are correct. Not to mention that Western media does not really mention that a huge number of Syrian policemen, soldiers and security people were killed by the armed opposition forces and religious radicals.

Western media also hides the fact that these armed forces already killed a lot of Syrian civilians, too. To be honest, the reports about this by a dubious organization like “Human Rights Watch” (HRW) were published but soon buried. Just like the final report of the last Arab League (AL) observers, which was buried by Qatar. Also, again and again, the truth is turned upside down by Western media and thus victims, killed by the armed gangs, are sold as victims of the Syrian regime. A useful method for propaganda.

Western media still make efforts to present information and reports from Syria as unverifiable propaganda, but mainly, this phrase is not true. Western media knows much more than it is really keen to publish.

The counter question is: How credible are the so-called activists, whose existence is often not even traceable or verifiable, and how much truth is in all the YouTube videos? For example, the German journalist Mr. Todenhöfer has already stated that half the news about Syria are false and he is not the only independent journalist and author who shares this opinion.

The West willfully offers a huge platform for the external Syrian opposition and only to this side of the story. It seems to not matter if the information is true or not, as long as it can be used for another emotional story with an “attractive” headline for Google News. Journalism? Perhaps, but just for the trash can. Journalism is a business.

In Western mainstream news, the news about dead soldiers, the killings of Syrian civilians by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), pro-demonstrations (such in Damascus on last Saturday) and the release of prisoners are not to be found.In general, the picture of the situation in Syria is painted so black that the Western people have to think that the whole country slips into chaos and bloodshed; of course, for propaganda purposes.

The situation within Syria is not black or white. The situation in Syria is tense and the most Syrian people live in fear and hope to be able to return to a normal life soon. There is no civil war all over Syria. The most people live in fear because of the terrorist attacks of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other violent or even radical religious groups.

The majority in Syria still supports the reform process of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The majority in Syria does not support a dubious Muslim Brotherhood / Salafi council like the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey. In many Syrian cities and areas, life goes on normally. The people, who are not already jobless, still work in their jobs.

One moves from A to B by bus. There are even some German tourists who are traveling in Syria at the moment. One of them gave us a report about the situation in the capital Damascus and also about other areas which he has already visited in the last days. We cannot publish further details because the Syrian (external) opposition and / or the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) would try to “remove” this person from Syria. Just like they have already tried it with other independent tourists in the last months.

Perhaps the traffic has become less, perhaps you wonder even more if you really should go on a trip, but in most areas of Syria, life goes on. Perhaps, one is able to hear gunshots here and there, but it is not that everyone is afraid of the Syrian soldiers – on the contrary.

So you have to be careful with the messages about Syria which are sold in the West. When one says that the Syrian state media are propaganda, this also counts for so-called mainstream media in the West.  We do not favor the Syrian side, but the truth is just different from what Western people read and see in their news.

For example, the German state media channel NDR has reported about a Pro-Syria and Pro-Assad protest in the German city of Hamburg at the last weekend. NDR has said to its viewers that the “about 400 protesters” in Hamburg were paid by the Syrian regime to protest there. Our friends and contacts in Germany, which were part of this protest in Hamburg, did not receive any money from the Syrian government.

Should they sue the Syrian government now? Or should they sue the German state media-channel NDR – because of libel and slander? This is just a small example like the propaganda works in Germany.

  1. Souri says:

    What some countries are saying or doing with regard to arming the FSA in Syria is tantamount to a declaration of war – Lavrov

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