Syria: Peace plan by Kofi Annan – The chances?

Posted: April 24, 2012 in International
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At the weekend, the UN Security Council (UNSC) has decided to send an observation mission of 300 (still unarmed) experts to Syria. In Syria, these experts have to observe the compliance of the ceasefire in this country of the Middle East.

Considering the last observer mission by the Arab League (AL) to Syria, it is questionable if this mission will deliver more efforts to bring the truth to daylight. The final report of the last observer mission by the Arab League (AL) to Syria was finally buried by Qatar, because it had included too much truth and was not one-sided.

Apart from the 30 men of the so-called “advance team”, none of the other observers has arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus until now. It`s hard to say what are the specific organizational problems. All one can always hear from the UN (United Nations) side is, in particular by Ban Ki-Moon and Kofi Annan, that the stability of the ceasefire in Syria must be granted, before the mission will be sent to Syria.

But there are many forces in Syria which are not really interested in the truce. These forces will do everything and already do it, that the ceasefire is not really implemented. To violate this truce in Syria seems easy nowadays because the only side which gets blamed for violations of the ceasefire in the West will be the Syrian government. Nothing new, of course.

The one-sided coverage of the events in Syria is a farce since the beginning of this situation. There is a huge lack of journalism in Western editorial offices, which seem to benefit from this propaganda. It`s no more about journalism, it`s just about economic interests. It is questionable whether Kofi Annan’s peace plan for Syria has any chance of success and the question is: Who is really serious about the six-point plan and the ceasefire?

The West maintains its propaganda war against Syria, constantly uplifting the minority that wants to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while ignoring the majority in Syria, which is still behind Assad and seems to be convinced that only the Syrian President al-Assad is able to pave the way to a better future for Syria.

All sides are to blame and use their respective propaganda channels. However, not only the Syrian government is responsible for the unstable security situation in Syria. The tanks are partly still deployed in certain cities of Syria, but for really good reasons. The regular Syrian army has the duty to protect the Syrian civilians, just like every regular army has.

What is hardly reported outside of Syria is, that the armed “rebels”, which are still celebrated in the West, violate the ceasefire daily, and that a part of the Syrian population has begun to arm themselves to protect themselves, their families and their villages against the armed groups, because the regular Syrian army is not there and the armed groups of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are a huge threat for every Syrian civilian.

For Assad’s opponents, who have the support of foreign countries and thus the corresponding platforms, it is easy to break the ceasefire because the Syrian government will be blamed in the West.

Which of these warring sides have the greater interest to disrupt and violate the peace plan by Kofi Annan? The armed groups in Syria, consisting of armed criminals, religious fanatics, Libyan fighters and foreign mercenaries; not to mention the al-Qaeda thugs and Iraqi jihadists. These groups know that a real ceasefire in Syria will not help them to achieve their one and only “goal”.

It has to be clearly stated that the external opponents of the Syrian government and the Syrian President al-Assad have no real interest in the ceasefire and never cared about the Syrian population. These dubious people and questionable sides are better of if the peace plan by Kofi Annan will fail in Syria, because then they get further massive support from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and also by the West, of course.

The Syrian government in Damascus, which is supported by Iran, has been largely isolated and the aim of the external oppositions is to not only to weaken it further, but also to expel it. The plan of a so-called “regime change” is still on the table, of course. The destabilization of Syria is in the interest of some foreign powers. Two aims of these foreign powers are the weakening of Iran and the dissolving of Bush`s “Axis of Evil”.

The concrete steps to reach this are not yet finally clear but it is clear that these aims are still on the table. The Western population, however, is attuned to war and not just since yesterday. Not to mention that Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia have also other motivations to overthrow the Syrian government and the President Bashar al-Assad.  The truce in Syria is broken again and again, although the first observers, led by the Morroccan colonel Himmiche, are already in the country.

Some say that these observers make secret agreements with the armed groups in Syria, but to be honest, the “familiar gathering” of the observers and known human rights violators, who are responsible for the torture, rape and murder of Christians, is hard to explain. For example, the “familiar gathering” of the observers and the local battalion of the violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in the Syrian city of Homs raises the presumption that these observers are not as independent as they should be.

This local battalion of the questionable “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Homs, under the lead of Tlas, is responsible for the deaths of many Syrian civilians and also for the expulsion of Christians from several districts in this region.

In addition, this battalion is also responsible for kidnapping, torture, rape and the killing of Christians, Alawites and even Sunnis in this area. This armed group has no tolerance for Syrian civilians who want to stay out of all or who still support the Syrian government. Not to mention that this local battalion under the lead of Tlas has no tolerance for other sects and religions.

Of course, the West does not really care about because all this is useful to blame it on the Syrian government and to put it into disrepute. This also helps to gain the support of the Western population for another war. Although a lot of this is based on staged events, false information, fakes and massacres which were turned upside down in the media reports; false-flag acts to blame it on the Syrian government.

Until now, the ceasefire is not really enforced, the freedom of assemblies is not guaranteed and freedom of the press is yet not there; that’s the resume which can be heard from the ranks of the United Nations (UN). Of course, the United States of America make its position more and more cleary:

After the AIPAC-Darling Hillary Clinton has made her demand that she wants to reach the implementation of actions by force against the Syrian government if the current Resolutions against Syria are not really implemented, Condoleezza Rice follows Hillary Clinton in no uncertain terms now. Both are AIPAC-Sisters at heart, of course. SO it is no real surprise.

Condi Rice is just another war voice of the known warmongering governments and organizations. The patience of the United States is at the end and the statements are hypocritical as usually. The United States has also made it clear, that from its side, the mission by Kofi Annan will not get extended. Of course, no surprise again, because the American administration had no real interest in the six-point plan by Kofi Annan from the beginning.

The U.S. administration wants to remove the Syrian President al-Assad so that a puppet government can be easily implemented in Syria. The six-point plan is a thorn in the “regime change” plans of the United States. Considering this, we already have two sides that are not really happy about the ceasefire in Syria because it will not help them with their aims. In addition, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also not happy with that truce in Syria, no question.

Syria is currently more than ever the venue for a proxy war. Even for more than just one proxy war. On the one hand, there is the imperialistic interest in Syria and the intentions to pave the way to Iran; on the other hand, there is the proxy war between Islamic religious beliefs and the great powers, Saudi Arabia and Iran. That the West takes the side of Saudi Arabia (and Qatar) is no secret at all.

Iran is a huge thorn in the eyes of the West, which also counts for all governments that want to please Israel, or which are depending on that state; this eyesore Iran needs to be removed. Again, a “regime change” and puppet government in Iran would be great for Israel and the West in general. Also Qatar and Saudi Arabia would be happy about this development.

To achieve this questionable goal, each means is right. Syria offers just the perfect opportunity at the moment. The West is not interested in the people and their hopes, but only interested in geo-political, power and questionable interests. In addition there is the „religious“ intention of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which can be easily called a threat.

Since the West is still not convinced about a military intervention in Syria, at least not officially, they try to achieve their dubious intentions with ever more sanctions against Syria. The more Syria gets destabilized, the easier is a regime change.

On Monday, EU foreign ministers agreed on new (hypocritical) sanctions against the Syrian government. Sanctions which have always hit the population first, but it is not the situation that the Foreign Ministers do not know about this. The Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) hope for the internal disintegration of the upper league in Syria.

By prohibiting the importation of luxury goods, which is a part of this new pack of sanctions against Syria, the EU (European Unions) wants to “convince” the Assad clan-affiliated people to rethink and to change their bearings. After all, Russia, India, China and also Iran are very well able to supply luxury goods to Syria. Not to mention the Lebanese border.

In addition to the luxury goods, chemical and biological products, which can be used to harm people, were as well added to that list of new sanctions against Syria. Unfortunately, the support for the armed gangs and the weapons smuggling is continued. The European Union (EU) does not condemn this, although the ceasefire should be supported by so-called democratically governments. It is a sad world and a hypocritical policy.

  1. UN resolution on Syria, step by West toward intervention – LizziePhelan

  2. Souri says:

    Interview with the leader of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), Ali Haidar, who`s son was killed just one day before.

    Radikal: The regime used weapons against the opposition. Didn’t this encourage the opposition to do the same?

    Haidar: No, never. The regime did not use heavy weapons or interfere with the peaceful demonstrations for months. What’s more, 30 opposition groups refused to take up arms.

    Radikal: What is basis of the division in the country?

    Haidar: Throughout history, all civil wars have ended with disintegration up with disintegration. However, Syria is not yet at this point. Now, we should acknowledge that a victory by one of the two sides will not bring about a solution. All Syrians should engage in dialogue. Conflict will only invite foreign intervention. According to intelligence gathered by my party, the armed groups have obtained their arms and money from foreign powers.

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