Syria: UN Security Council (UNSC) increases number of observers

Posted: April 22, 2012 in International
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At the UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting yesterday, it was unanimously approved that a 300-strong observer mission will be send to Syria.

Just a week ago, the UN Security Council (UNSC) addressed the deployment of an so-called “advance team” to Syria, that should care about the enforcement and maintenance of the ceasefire before the actual observers will arrive in Damascus, Syria.

The current members of the “advance team” had teething problems in Syria to enforce against the Syrian government in the capital Damascus and to move freely, like the observers would like it, of course.

While the source calls the observers war-dogs of the United Nations (UN), it seems clear after the recent days that these observers are to put into question. The visit to the Syrian city of Homs and the meeting with the terrorist leader Abdel Razzaq Tlass, who is responsible for the killing, torture and rape of Christians, raise questions.

It was therefore not surprising that the wartime propaganda against Syria became again stronger in the Western media. With the real aims of the West, it seems very easy for the armed opposition forces and the dubious external opposition, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, to deceive the people and to sabotage the six-point plan (“peace plan”) by Kofi Annan.

It`s also easy for them to blame the Syrian government for all the violence within Syria, because there is a huge lack of journalism in Western editorial offices and some Western governments, together with Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, want to achieve their goals in the Middle East, while it does not matter what`s true or not.

Of course, the reports and statements about Syria, that the observers are not able to move freely, and that the fighting continues despite the ceasefire, show fast action in the West. Mrs. Hillary “AIPAC-Darling” Clinton was at the next meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” in France and talked about the working towards a resolution against Syria under the Chapter VII of the UN Charter. As mentioned before, when you have such friends, you do not need enemies.

The Chapter VII of the UN Charter (United Nations) is actually a declaration of war against Syria and Hillary Clinton knows this, of course. This Chapter of the UN Charter is a declaration of war against a foreign country because this Chapter implements that resolutions can be enforced with violence when they are unregarded. Who decides about this? The responsible people behind the first resolution against a country.

So this Chapter VII of the UN Charter opens all doors.  Of course, also the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has joined in the gun and demanded the increase of the observer team to, at least, a number of 300. Somehow this reminds to the Libyan model. This means that the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has announced, to simply convert a monitoring mission to an intervention mission, to pave the way for the following foreign soldiers.

No surprise, the German government is on the side of Hillary Clinton and the French government. Germany only covers the war statements until now. Nevertheless, Germany, like France and other Western governments, support armed gangs of strangers and the so-called opponents of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This means the Western democratic governments support a horde of war that will certainly not implement freedom and democracy in Syria.

The U.S. administration is interested in a so-called known “puppet government” and to pave the path to Iran. The Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have their partly own motivations behind their activities against the Syrian people. The Alawite leadership in Syria is a huge thorn in the eyes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

This could also be said about other minorities in Syria like the Christians (for example). The armed opposition forces in Syria are not under the full control of the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul, Turkey. There are also armed gangs of Libyan fighters, Iraqi jihadists, foreign mercenaries and al-Qaeda thugs in Syria. Every logical-thinking guy should get to the conclusion that these armed radicals and religious fanatics are no option for a better Syria.

Considering the majority of Islamists in the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which is confirmed by e.g. Reuters and members of this external opposition, one can be sure that these people just use nice phrases to cover their real intentions. Not to mention that the head of this dubious council in Istanbul, Ghalioun, has to ask Hillary Clinton and Qatar about every step he wants to make.

The deployment of 300 observers to Syria was decided in the UN Security Council (UNSC) yesterday, without including the Chapter VII of the UN Charta and without the demand of the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé to equip the observers better. In this resolution against Syria, the question about the manner of the use of helicopters in support of the monitoring mission in Syria was also left open.

While the Syrian government intends to provide its own helicopters for the observer, the members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) prefer helicopters of the European Union (EU). The question remains: Why?

Are there strategic reasons behind it? Namely to equip the EU helicopters with stuff they would not be able to equip when they are just allowed to use the helicopters of the Syrian government / army? What are the real intentions of this demand?

Are they really interested to implement the Six-Point plan by Kofi Annan in Syria, or do they want to undermine this peace plan with the help of the opponents? It`s no question that the current ceasefire will not help the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the armed forces, the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), to really achieve their one and only goal.

That`s the reason why it is no surprise that there are violations of the truce in Syria, mostly by the side of the armed rebels, which are still celebrated in the West, although they have committed huge violations against human rights on a daily base. For example the torture, rape and murder of Christians in Syria.

Not to mention that a part or even the huge majority of the armed strangers are motivated by a sectarian background. No surprise when one takes a look at the so-called strongholds (districts) of this partly misused and faked “uprising” in Syria. Although the voices against a military intervention in Syria outweigh at the moment, some do already prepare for the other case and others are mainly interested in an intervention and not in a truce in Syria.

The Syrian government can be lucky that the West has implemented the “No-Fly Zone” in Libya before these dubious intentions and questionable interests have finally reached Syria. But although the Western governments have decimated their depots in Libya before, that doesn`t mean that these governments are not willing to implement an intervention at any cost. Comparing Syria with Libya, there are a lot of differences, of course.

A military intervention in Syria is more risky and such a intervention will force a situation which cannot get predicted. It`s a threat for the Syrian population, the whole Middle East and even for other countries. The Syrian army is not the Libyan army and the majority of the Syrian population is still behind the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

There could be a real “revolution” after the implementation of a “regime change” by foreign powers, thus a civil war is possible and maybe already on the near horizon. The West and their allies in the Gulf, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, want to abolish the Syrian President al-Assad and the Syrian government and to install a puppet government which is subservient to the U.S. administration.

If Syria is destabilized, the actual main goal, Iran, is getting a step closer. Whether they are going to attack Syria, like Hillary Clinton spat it out in her lust for power, is still questionable, because Syria and Iran have a defense pact, and the military power of both countries is not easy to estimate.

The observer mission to Syria, which is sold as such thing, is not only a observer mission, but also another tactical gambit by the West. Also, the Gulf monarchies have already offered to support the Syrian opponents, even with ammo and weapons. Of course, this support with weapons and ammo is already happening behind the curtains.

A view on the military equipment of the armed radicals in Syria is enough to confirm this. Some things cannot just be from deserters of the regular Syrian army. Not to mention that the amount of deserts is absolutely overrated by Western media – of course, for a reason, propaganda purposes.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to overthrow the Syrian government and to supply weapons to the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Money is already flowing to the dubious opposition and “their” armed forces in Syria, already officially after the conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Both, the financially support and the support with arms and ammo, is already happening since months, of course.

By the questionable non-democratic support of the external opposition and the armed fighters against the Syrian government and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, they establish a constant against al-Assad, which will violate the ceasefire again and again in Syria. This constant is only able to reach its goal by force. The truce in Syria is no help for its intentions. There is evidence enough.

On the one hand, the General al-Sheikh demands a foreign intervention. On the other hand, also the dubious chairman of the questionable Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Ghalioun, demands a interfering in Syria, even without a UN resolution.

This also confirms the opinion that Ghalioun is not really interested in the welfare of the Syrian people and that he is just a tool in the end. Not to mention that Ghalioun was “elected” by the Muslim Brotherhood for this “job” and that the phrase about “moderate Islamists” is just a useful fairytale.

The armed radicals and fighters of the violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) still occupy some parts of the so-called protest strongholds in Syria; they still attack Syrian soldiers, policemen and civilians and are also behind the explosions of oil pipelines.

The so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR) in London still has a large public area, so it is still able to spread falsehoods easily. This office of the Muslim Brotherhood in London, the useful two-man show, has no credibility at all, but that does not prevent Western editorial offices to use its information as source. Although the editorial offices know about this huge lack of credibility and other things.

It is just useful for propaganda purposes and also for economic reasons. A emotional harsh headline is a very “nice” title for and in Google News. The factor of copy and paste and the factor of missing journalism is so high than never before. So what`s with the cargo ship / freighter “Atlantic Cruiser”?

The Syrian opposition has allegedly written a threatening letter and has threatened to sink the cargo ship when it should arrive at the port of the Syrian city Tartus (Tartous). But all the published news about this German freighter, which has caused a stir at the last weekend, was nothing more than war propaganda.

The Western population should get attuned (keyed) to a war against Syria. But it seems not to work totally. The comments and debates in online editions of Western mass media suggest that more and more Western people wake up. Often, the published articles are rejected and unmasked by commentators. Of course, not everywhere. For example, the German state media ARD has a useful censorship at its  online edition and relies on useful trolls in comments. That’s the freedom of speech of German state media.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen what the future plans for Syria are. Meanwhile, the Syrian state television, which is also not free of propaganda (of course), has begun with its advertising for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Mai.

The external Syrian “opposition” rejects the elections in Mai, of course. The ceasefire is still fragile and is violated by both sides, but the regular Syrian army has the duty to protect the Syrian population and the armed forces of the so-called “opposition” know that a real truce is not in their sense to really reach their goal. Ban Ki-Moon, under whose chairmanship all international laws are now trampled and disregarded, wants to have the last word about the deployment of 300 observers to Syria.

Only when the truce is considered as stable, he will send the observers to Syria. Perhaps the hope is behind it that the violence will continue and that a war, military intervention, is the final step after the Western population was successfully brainwashed for another war crime by so-called democratic states?

Russia also agreed on the resolution in the UN Security Council (UNSC) yesterday, even Moscow has published the same warnings and demands as before when it comes to Syria. One has to condemn both sides equally sharp and to take a closer look on all, if one wants to actually demand a political dialogue.

Good statements by Russia, but the West will not follow these demands because the West still supports the opposition and has supported it since the beginning. Not to mention that this “revolution” was armed from the beginning by foreign powers and foreign countries helped to smuggle armed fighters into Syria and still do. For example, the Turkish government.

It is difficult to predict what will happen in the upcoming days and weeks. The new resolution on Syria from yesterday is another step, but the positive views about this resolution could be revised very quickly.

The West and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, together with the Turkish government and helping hands from Jordan and Lebanon, want to overthrow the headstrong government in Syria. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a thorn in their eyes and behind the curtains, all the democratic governments are relying on non-democratically steps to achieve their goals.

Another war crime by NATO, after Libya, is on the horizon and it is just to hope that more and more Western people wake up and start to scrutinize their media. It`s not about black or white in Syria. The situation in Syria is not black or white.

The situation in Syria is deliberately implemented by foreign powers and radical forces. The brainwashing by media has reached a level which is enormous and nothing seems to stop the pain, because the West is not interested in the welfare of the Syrian population, but just in their dubious intentions and questionable goals.


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