Syria: UN Security Council has unanimously adopted Resolution

Posted: April 15, 2012 in International
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On Saturday, the UN Security Council (UNSC) has agreed on a new resolution to Syria. After tough negotiations, which ultimately have led to the fact, that Russia changed its original stance a bit and thus, Moscow has also agreed to the deployment of a further observer team to Syria.

After Russia and China have rejected all introduced one-sided resolutions against Syria so far, the decision at the UN Security Council (UNSC) was decided unanimously this time. All member states of the UN Security Council (UNSC) agreed to the new resolution about Syria and the deployment of observers, who should control the ceasefire.

This decision at the UN Security Council (UNSC) has now paved the way for “phase two” of the implementation of the “six-point plan”, which was proposed by Kofi Annan. Syria has agreed to its implementation.

Already today, Sunday, it is said that the first of the thirty unarmed observers from the United Nations (UN) are sent to Syria. The so-called “advance team” should first ensure that the ceasefire in Syria is respected; hopefully they care about all sides in this conflict. This “advance team” to Syria should also observe that all heavy weapons and armor are really deducted from Syrian cities.

The appeal from the UN Security Council, to assure the free movement of observers, was a clear and unambiguous call to the Syrian government in the capital Damascus. However, the armed opposition forces were also taken in account and are called to lay down their weapons and let them rest finally.

Should the weapons not rest in Syria, the UN Security Council (UNSC) has reserved to debate about further measures which could ensure the implementation of the ceasefire in a way, that all sides have to really respect it. One might suspect that this vague formulation, as in Libya, includes a so-called loophole which would allow the United Nations to debate and to agree on a NATO operation or the use of Arab-Turkish troops in and against Syria.

Although the weapons on all sides should rest since the implementation of truce in Syria on the 12th of April, the ceasefire was violated in some areas of Syria. Like the kindergarten is known, both sides are accusing each other of who is actually responsible for the violations of the truce in Syria.

It´s hardly verifiable which side is really responsible for the violations of the ceasefire in Syria, but when you ask inhabitants in some Syrian cities near the targets in the last days, they blame the violations of the truce on the armed opposition forces – the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Not to mention that the sense of so-called “false-flag actions” is known and this method was already used in Syria a lot of times by the armed groups, which are still celebrated in Western media – because of propaganda purposes, good headlines and the easy way to blame another Arab dictator.

In addition, the West has a clear aim for Syria. The protection of Israel, the destruction of the “Axis of Evil” and the paving of the path to Iran. It was in advance easy to predict, that there will be violations of the ceasefire in Syria and that the armed groups of criminals, foreign mercenaries, deserters and religious fanatics will rely on “false-flag actions”, as they have always done it since the beginning of this misused and partly faked “revolution”.

The external opponents of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have an interest to sell a bad image of the Syrian government and this image is really easy to sell to the Western people. But one should not forget the fact that the „Syrian National Council“ (SNC), based in Istanbul has always rejected negotiations which could have led to a diplomatic and peaceful solution for this chaos in Syria.

Of course, they did, because negotiations to solve the “Syrian unrest” finally are not in the interests of this Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which is willfully supported by the Turkish government. This dubious council in Istanbul has no serious agenda for Syria, was never elected democratically and more and more people name the head of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Ghalioun, a dictator, who is not better or democratic than the Syrian government / regime.

Not to mention the fact that the dubious head of this council in Istanbul was “elected” by the Muslim Brotherhood for this job. Says all. According to reports from Syria, especially the armed gangs of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) have taken advantage of the existing ceasefire and they have, for example, kidnapped an officer of the regular Syrian army. In the Syrian city of Aleppo, which is still mainly behind the Syrian President al-Assad, the armed rebels mixed with a group of mourners, to cause trouble and fear.

The deployment of the observers to Syria is a good way to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire, when these observers are in fact objectively and do not work in favor of the external opposition and the questionable intentions of the West and some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In addition, the report should be buried by Qatar, like the last report of observers from the Arab League (AL) about Syria. The final report of the Arab League (AL) observers was buried by Qatar last year, because it had included too much truth.

One must not forget the interest of America and its vassals, and the dubious interests of the Gulf States. When the so-called UN “advance team” was able to secure the truce in Syria, a team of about 250 observers should be deployed to Syria, as it is said. It`s a bit reminiscent of the last observer mission to Syria, which was in the end pointless, because the truth and even the bit of truth in the final report was hidden and quickly buried (thx to Qatar), as already mentioned.

Similar to the advance team in Syria, the same rules count for the huge group of observers. They should not be restricted by the Syrian government and should have access to all places in Syria. They are also allowed to talk with all people in Syria. As we said it already, it is reminiscent of the last observer mission.

After all attempts to remove the Syrian government in the last thirteen months, which were all unsuccessful, the six-point plan from Kofi Annan and its implementation in Syria seems to be the only thing, to which all cling. Some with real interests in a ceasefire and the decrease of chaos within Syria, some because they have to, even this six-point plan by Kofi Annan is contrary to their actual goal. It would be desirable for the Syrian people that this situation will quiet down and that all those, who are responsible for the violence and terror, are held accountable.

This means in plain language, that not only the Syrian government should be scrutinized, but also the armed groups of different people and the members of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which are already responsible for more than the half of dead in Syria.

The armed groups of different people means in plain language the groups of Libyan mercenaries, Turkish fighters, Iraqi jihadists, al-Qaeda thugs and European Special Forces. As long as foreign powers support one side in Syria with money, weapons and ammo, a ceasefire seems to be a hypocritically word and just a way to achieve the original aim of some countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, France, America and Britain. Since when are revolutionaries paid by foreign powers for their “revolution” for democracy and peace in a sovereign state? Sounds like a real revolution, does it? (Irony)

The director of the Goethe Institute, Mr. Nowack, but also all others, who hold this view and have accordingly spoken about this view and the situation in recent days and weeks, are right. The tenor of the moderators and interviewers in Western media is harsh, one-sided, biased and is meant to provoke an opinion already.

Considering the latest interviews and the behavior of these moderators and interviewers in Western media, it is really hard to accept the statement that these people are journalists. Journalists, real journalists, would not act like this. Of course, this obvious behavior of these moderators and interviewers when it is about talks on Syria with so-called experts, orientalists and others is used for propaganda purposes and to implement a special opinion at the viewers, listeners’ side.

The decision on the future of Syria is in the hands of the Syrians and that’s something the West should finally accept. When the Syrian population voted for the President Bashar al-Assad and his party, the so-called “international community” has to accept this. Not to mention that the word “international community” is always misleading, but used for propaganda purposes by Western governments and representatives of the United Nations (UN).

Compare this “community” to China, Russia, India, and South America and so on. What`s the real “international community”? It does not matter what the West wants when the majority of the Syrian people are supporting the Syrian President al-Assad and even the Syrian regime / government – in this situation, the West has no rights to overthrow a president of a sovereign state just to implement a “puppet government” and to destroy the “Axis of Evil” for the often used phrase of the “protection of Israel” and to pave the path to Iran.

If the West would be really democratic, the situation would be completely different than the situation is. The majority of the Syrian population is still in support of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and it looks like the Syrian president is able to keep them behind him – but to be honest, perhaps only when the Syrian President al-Assad remodels the current corrupt and internally rotting government.

But before these issues can be debated at all, there is a long way to go. It still requires a lot of preparatory work and force. The totally implementation of the six-point plan of Kofi Annan is not that easy when the opposition side is not really interested in a truce which does not help them to achieve their one and only goal.

Not to mention that it will be hard work to bring the warring parties together; considering that the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), under the dictator and Brotherhood-puppet Ghalioun, is not really interested in negotiations and would rather rely on the violent regime change to gain power and influence afterwards.

It is still a very good question if this dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which was never really investigated by Western media, will come to a table for negotiations. This “Council” has no real interests in a peaceful and diplomatic solution for Syria. Take it like it is, this “Council” is no solution for a better Syria. The majority in Syria rejects this “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and more and more Syrians accuse this “Council” in Istanbul of boosting violence, rape, torture and killing in Syria.

Not really to sweep from the table after the reports of Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Vatican and a lot of other organizations and people. Even independent Western journalists deliver a different image about the situation within Syria than the known main stream media in the West, and there is a reason for this.

One has to wait for the next days and weeks to see what will happen in and about Syria, always hoping that the situation will get better and that the Syrian people can slowly and gradually come back to a normal life in the hot spots of this misused and partly faked revolution, without being overrun by Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical elements.


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