Syria: UN Security Council struggles about agreements of new Resolution

Posted: April 14, 2012 in International
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The Friday in Syria is over. There were demonstrations in various cities of Syria, that much is sure. The numbers of participants of demonstrations cannot be said. Depending on the sources, the numbers of participants varies between some “thousands” protesters to up to 130,000 demonstrators in Syria yesterday.

The external Syrian opposition has called all in advance to join the demonstrations in Syria yesterday, in order to demonstrate for the overthrow of the Syrian government and, above all, to test the truce in Syria, or rather to strain the ceasefire.

As usually, the head of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Ghalioun, confirmed by his behavior, that he is not really willing to negotiate and that he`s not interested in diplomatic steps, because negotiations are not in his intentions. A ceasefire in Syria is also not the best way for this mostly Islamist “Council”, based in Istanbul, in which the head, Ghalioun, was “elected” for this job by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Not to mention that the usual false-flag acts will not only strain the truce in Syria, but also help foreign powers to increase the level of false propaganda and to perhaps achieve what they really want.

The calls from the external Syrian opposition wanted to move all the Syrians to join the anti-Assad demonstrations within Syria, but this plan did not succeed. At this point, one should again mention that the majority of the Syrian population is still behind the Syrian President al-Assad and the reform process; they also make huge differences between the Syrian regime / government and the Syrian President.

As before, the majority of the Syrians are not interested to overthrow al-Assad, even if Western media and the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey) always want to “mediate” a completely different image about the situation, because the truth is not useful for their questionable interests and dubious intentions in Syria.

The reports about the demonstrations of yesterday in Syria speak about 3 – 11 dead and several injured, but as usually, they simple mention numbers without actually having concrete evidence. At least, Western media, especially in Germany, still use the false phrase behind this information, that only the Syrian government is to blame for the situation that no information can be verified, because it permits no independent reporting about the situation.

Considering the last article by the German publicist and journalist, even former politician, Mr. Jürgen Todenhöfer (link), this empty phrase of Western journalists is easy to reject and was always easy to reject. But this phrase is still useful for the willfully propaganda and the willfully false image about the situation in Syria, which they still want to sell to Western citizens.

Not to mention that this still works, because the most Western citizens are not really interested and believe on their evening news. Although, more and more Western citizens wake up, but still too few to make a difference. It`s clear that the most editorial offices of state and main stream media on this wonderful planet are not independent and their reports are always to put into question. It doesn`t matter if it is a Russian, German, British French, Syrian, Jordanian or a media station or newspaper in Uzbekistan. Not to mention the questionable role of American media.

There were some shootings yesterday, but the ceasefire has held, even if it is fairly brittle, and “false-flag” actions by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) were already implemented, because the armed rebels, still celebrated in Western media, are not really interested in a real ceasefire because this is not in line with their one and only aim, the overthrow of the Syrian government and the Syrian president al-Assad.

In addition, one could also mention that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are not really interested in, because their demands to arm the opposition forces in Syria are in contrast to a ceasefire like it can be seen by every logical-thinking person. One must assume that the Syrian opposition, the armed, sectarian and radical part, will try anything to provoke the regular Syrian army to attack or that incidents are presented as they would have been done by the Syrian troops.

As already mentioned in articles, so-called “false-flag” actions are already known and were implemented by the armed opposition forces in Syria since a long time. Since the beginning of this “protest movement”, in which the peaceful part has already left the scene.

The external, even international opposition and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) have no interest in negotiating with the Syrian government because of their opinion; the government has lost its legitimacy. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC) has rejected offers for negotiations which could lead to a diplomatic solution for the situation in Syria since the beginning.

So why should the questionable Syrian opposition be interested in receiving the ceasefire upright. The only reason which one could suspect behind the ceasefire at the side of the so-called Syrian opposition in and outside Syria: the rearming of the armed fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria and the care of the injured fighter. Already while the situation about Baba Amr in Homs, the fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) have shown that they do not care about agreements. But to speak about these assumptions is nothing what is welcomed in the West.

The recent months already showed a different image than Western media is still using. Ghalioun, the Brotherhood-puppet, and other representatives of the opposition abroad and of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which are rejected by the majority of the Syrian people, have said it already many times, that they are not interested in negotiations for a diplomatic, peaceful solution for the situation in Syria, as long as al-Assad and the Syrian government are in power.

However, the West is probably deaf on one side. In addition to the one-sided willfully deafness, there is the one-sided blindness when it comes to their coverage of the situation within Syria, in which they only make the Syrian government responsible for all the violence, even after the latest reports of e.g. Human Rights Watch (HRW) and also by the Vatican.

At this point, the question also remains, why Human Right Watch (HRW) as example, has published this report so late, considering the fact that Human Rights Watch knows about the human rights violations, which has a much higher level than already stated by the HRW report on it, has known about it since months. It´s a (sad) fact that Human Rights Watch (HRW) has known about it since, at least, six months. Not to mention that this also counts for Amnesty International, the Vatican and others.

The violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the dubious Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), where 280 of the 350 members are known Islamists, confirmed by e.g. Reuters, and all other forces who are working on the situation in Syria, finally boosts the level of violence and chaos in the country and let the Syrian people suffer unnecessarily.

The policy of governments like Germany, Britain, France, Turkey and the United States is again hypocritically and not designed for decreasing the violence and chaos. After Iraq, Somalia, Libya and a lot of other “events” around the globe, Syria is the next target of false information, dubious intentions and geopolitically rubbish, which is very dangerous.

The Syrians have suffered by the fighting and violence, also by the hypocritical sanctions, but many do, however, not blame the Syrian army alone, but also the fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which still kidnap, rape and torture Syrian civilians, especially Christians and Alawites, but also Sunnis who support the Syrian President / Government.

There are many voices in Syria which demand again and again, that there should be tougher actions by the Syrian army against the gunmen, who already are responsible for more than the half of dead in Syria.

But the lies and willfully false information in Western reporting are maintained by the editorial offices, even if some know more. And why not, all have already agreed, sometimes because of different interests, that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must leave the field.

The fact that al-Assad is still able to stay until now, and that above all, Russia and China are always taking the side of a killjoy, were not seriously enough taken into account from some Gulf States (e.g. Qatar and Saudi Arabia), Turkey and Western governments.

The ceasefire holds, but the question is, how long. The next steps outside and in Syria must follow quickly, but even here it seems to fail again. The UN Security Council was not able to deliver a new resolution on Syria after a full day session and Russia is against the detailed and one-sided draft text. Again, it is about formulations and complexity, which make negotiations necessary, but there is actually no time for this.

Seven members of the UN Security Council (UNSC), led by the United States, brought a new paper with new demands to the Council. Among other things, the absolute freedom of movement of observers is demanded by this new draft resolution against Syria, which often includes the phrase of unarmed observers. In addition, these member states of the UN Security Council, led by the United States, try again to include the formulation which was already rejected in the recent months by Russia and China.

Russia and China are not happy about the formulation that “further measures” against Syria are reserved. China and Russia have rejected this special formulation, which reminds on Libya, since months. This single formulation sounds harmless, but is dangerous. This formulation opens a very wide field, because in a worst case scenario, it would allow (approve) the war against Syria.

An earlier team for the real observer team is already prepared to come to Syria. Now, one must agree at the UN Security Council and Syria has to agree, too. Again, no word of condemnation of the Syrian opposition and their responsibility to also renounce from violence and to move to negotiation, just another one-sided of the Syrian government by the UN Security Council (UNSC) and especially of the known member states.

Russia, therefore, has again mentioned its own design of a Resolution on Syria and is not interested in one-sided resolutions, based on false information and not confirmed reports, which would only increase the chaos and situation in Syria. Moscow is interested in an “easy text” and, above all, Russia wants a Resolution without formulations that can be misinterpreted, or which even increase the possibility of a military intervention in Syria.

They want to be able to act quickly and are not interested in long discussions. Time is short. Nevertheless, throughout the whole day, there was haggled about the wording at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Without any result until now. One expects a result or final report on the ongoing meeting at 17.00 o`clock, European Time.

If the text of the next draft resolution against Syria is not changed, Russia and China should again use their veto rights, and also valuable time was wasted. The West has to stop to defend and support the fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and should build on real mediation without hypocritically statements and lies.

While the UN Security Council tries to reach an agreement on another resolution on Syria, a spokesperson of Kofi Annan confirmed that the Syrian authorities have distributed 74 visas for press agencies.

This is another point of the six-point plan by Kofi Annan, which is now implemented by the Syrian government. No foreign journalists are allowed in Syria? Just a usual lie by Western media, already unmasked by the final report of the observers of the Arab League (AL) last year, which was buried by Qatar because of propaganda purposes. This report included too much truth for the Qatari and international interests in Syria.  It is not yet clear when these new journalists arrive in Damascus.

Until now it is another sign that the Syrian government is willing to negotiate and engages in the six-point plan from Kofi Annan, which is also called a “peace plan” for Syria. Although, there are still doubts and not all Western governments seem to be really interested in peace and the decrease of chaos in Syria. Not to mention the known Gulf States Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which still want to arm the opposition fighters. Behind the curtains, they have done this already and are still doing it.

Now it`s time for steps by the external Syrian opposition to show some willingness to really care about the Syrian people and a peaceful solution for the situation in Syria. Unfortunately, the external opposition abroad and the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are not interested in freedom and democracy, but at revenge and power.

Revenge not only for the youngest victims, but also for what happened in the eighties in Hama and we have to mention that Rifat al-Assad, who is willfully welcomed by France and Britain, is also responsible for this. France and Britain are hosts of a mass murderer and they know it.


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