Ceasefire in Syria – Another Friday for the Syrian people

Posted: April 13, 2012 in International
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The ceasefire in Syria became reality since yesterday morning, at least for now. Although this doesn`t mean that all armed opposition forces comply with the ceasefire in Syria. As already mentioned yesterday, this ceasefire in Syria also means that there are new false-flag actions by armed groups in Syria, because by the ceasefire, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) isn`t able to really achieve their one and only goal.

False-Flag actions are useful for these armed groups because by this they are easily able to accuse the regular Syrian army and the Syrian government. It happened before and it is still happening. Western media accept these staged videos, faked images and false information by dubious sources because of economic reasons, propaganda purposes and the simplicity to use good headlines for e.g. Google News.

No wonder that some journalists in the West already said that Google News has damaged real journalism. Considering the ceasefire in Syria, skepticism is entirely appropriate, but also hope is appropriate. The hope that the ceasefire in Syria is not only a breather for the people and above all, not the opportunity to arm the violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) again.

After all and even after the announcement of the six-point plan by Kofi Annan for Syria, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have made it clear at the last meeting of the so-called false “Friends of Syria” in Istanbul, what they really want: In addition to the funding for armed elements in Syria, both Gulf States are also interested to arm the fighters, so that the leadership in Syria can be really overthrown.

The Shiite leadership in Syria is a huge thorn in the eyes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Not to mention that the Saudi royal family and the Qatari regime are no real friends of Alawites and other minorities within Syria. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why the armed “rebels” have already shown their violent level of sectarian killings, especially against Christians and Alawites in Syria.

This was no new development in this so-called “Syrian uprising”, because it has already happened months ago. The point here is, that Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI) and e.g. the Vatican have known about this since months, too.

So the question remains why they have published the reports about the serious violations of human rights by the armed rebels in Syria so late and why it seems that these reports about these crimes of the rebels, which are still celebrated in the West, are already buried – just like the report of the observers from the Arab League (AL), which was buried by Qatar. Whether Qatar and Saudi Arabia will succeed to further support the groups of criminals, religious fanatics and foreign mercenaries with weapons and ammo remains to be seen.

In the meantime it was to expect that the false propaganda will continue in Western media and that the so-called journalists have still a blind eye when it comes to the truth and real connections behind this so-called “uprising” in Syria. One example was delivered by the German state media channel ARD yesterday.

The television channel ARD has reported about the ceasefire in Syria and also said, of course, that there are still some tanks in Syrian cities and that there are unconfirmed reports that the regular Syrian troops have already violated the ceasefire. Of course, based on false information and False-Flag actions in Syria – as usually. The ARD, known for their one-sided reports and the lack of real journalism, has ended the report about Syria and started with the report about the danger of Salafists (Salafis, Salafiyha) in Germany.

So, ARD supports the Salafist movement in Syria, but warns the German population about the danger of radical Salafists in Germany? Sounds like the hypocritical policy of Hillary Clinton. Not to mention that ARD has confirmed that a lot of Salafists are in the German city of Münster (Munster), while it is also known that a lot of Syrian opposition figures and supporters are also in this German city and we have even not mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood at this point. The German state media ARD is willfully blind like usually.

Of course, the German television channel ARD had also some useful interviews with so-called Middle East- and Syrian-experts. It`s interested how many experts on Syrian affairs surface emerge since months. One example is the interview with some EU politicians by the ARD, who are, of course, Middle East- and Syria-experts and absolutely know what has to follow after the ceasefire in Syria.

The interview with Elmar Brok, broadcasted by ARD (Tagesschau), is “informative” and takes its place in the usual propaganda against Syria. Elmar Brok wants to further isolate the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and is interested to bring China and Russia on board. It`s interesting how Elmar Brok concentrates on Assad, while the huge majority in Syria still supports the stability, which was and is promised by the Syrian president.

Sometimes it looks like those people willfully concentrate on the Syrian President to distract from the truth, because it`s easy in the West to accuse another bad “Arab dictator” of violence and terror.

In the end it would be only fair to let the Syrian people decide themselves what they really want, but this principle is also forgotten and covered by the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey.

No wonder, that in contrary to the statements of this Islamist council in Turkey, the majority of the Syrian people totally reject this “Syrian National Council” (SNC). Why Islamist Council? It`s easy to answer, because not only members of this “opposition council” (is it really a serious opposition?), but also e.g. Reuters have already confirmed that about 280 members of the 350 members in this “Syrian National Council” (SNC) are Islamists.

Not to mention that the head of this council, the upcoming dictator, Ghalioun, was “elected” by the Muslim Brotherhood for this job and is just a puppet of the United States and the mentioned Gulf States, Qatar and Saudi Arabia – also because of “religious interests” with Syria.

Far too often it is spoken in the West about the poor Syrian population which has to be protected against the Syrian President al-Assad. What a lie, considering that the majority supports this president and makes a huge difference between the Syrian government and the Syrian president. But when some independent journalists and publicists publish the truth about the situation, they are being silenced and have increasing problems to sell their real stories. In contrast to the careerists and willfully journalists in Western editorial offices.

After all, it´s an interesting development in recent months, that it seems that more and more Western people wake up and recognize this propaganda. Still too few, but a good sign, not only when it`s about Syria. By using the false statement that the poor Syrian population has to be protected against al-Assad, the false opinion is widespread willfully, that the majority of the Syrian people are against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As stated often and also confirmed by a Qatari company and independent journalists, this opinion is false and just used for propaganda purposes.

The truth is that the majority still supports al-Assad, even more and more Syrian people are getting angry about the fact that the Syrian army is still not using full forces against the armed terrorists. If the regular Syrian army would do this, this misused and partly faked “uprising” would be history – since months.

If journalists reports about the shelling of demonstrations and e.g. use the source “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London, which is a two-man office of the Muslim Brotherhood, and talk about one dead and two injured because of this shelling of protests by Syrian security forces or / and soldiers, people should start to think about it. When regular soldiers open the fire on a demonstration, a lot people would be killed and injured, not only one guy.

Not to mention that this method of false-flag action is already known by the CIA. Shooting at protesters and accusing the government troops. Nothing really new in the world of the CIA, just ask some South American states.

Looking at, however, outside the box of mainstream and state media, one cannot really overlook the many and huge Pro-Assad demonstrations in a lot of parts of Syria. The usually accusation that all these people are paid or related to the government, is nonsense. A view in their faces should be enough to reject such typical accusations, which are used for propaganda purposes.

Although officials are taken to these demonstrations, the people who are not interested to take part just leave the place and go to the next place to drink a coffee or just enjoy the rest of the day anywhere else. Albeit grudgingly, every now and then there were also some reports in Western media about these Pro-Assad demonstrations, which are also demonstrations for the reform process and against any foreign meddling in Syria.

As usually, these reports are underlined by a sonorous voice which talks a bit about how these people are forced to or paid to protest – or even, this nice voice suggests that these people are just the stupid society in Syria, which is brainwashed by Syrian state media. This doesn`t mean that Syrian state media is better or worse than Western media, but come on, one should already have realized that such sonorous voices are used to sell a wanted image, even when the images show something else.

It´s like correspondents. Considering the work of correspondents in recent years, they seem worthless, but they are not. Have you never asked yourself why there are so many correspondents in your media, although the most are not really near the actual situation and just speak the same like the evening news moderator has spoken before?

Correspondents are used to underline the level of believing for the report, so that the people in front of the televisions believe, that all must be true what is reported, because a correspondent reports directly near the situation or, at least, in a neighboring city or country.

The correspondent, which is upstream or downstream to the videos / report of the evening news about this situation, presses his “seal of approve” on this report and the used clips / images. That`s all but very important for state media around the world. It`s an easy way to sell a story, even if it`s more propaganda than the truth. The fact is that many Syrian people are supporting the Syrian President al-Assad or, at least, don`t want a uncertain future without the stability, which was and is promised by and with Bashar al-Assad.

Are BBC, ARD, Fox, Sky News, FOX, CNN, ZDF and SWR able, to promise that no Islamists will follow after the overthrow of the current Syrian President al-Assad, as it already happened in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya? Can these Western media channels guarantee that the religious minorities are not persecuted and killed after the overthrow of the Syrian President?

There is enough evidence that this opposition includes many Islamists and Sunni fundamentalists who want to spread the Saudi ideas (e.g. Wahhabism) to Syria and even further. That these people do not contribute to the process of democratization should be easy to recognize, even by Elmar Brok. An expert? Really? Shall we laugh or cry now?

Nobody can be really so blind to not realize the motivations behind some groups of these armed fighters in Syria, when even Human Rights Watch (HRW), related to the policy of the United States (just recall the sense behind the founding of Human Rights Watch (HRW)), reports about the violations of human rights and the kidnapping, tortures, rapes and murders of the armed rebels in Syria, especially against Christians and Alawites – or even against Sunnis who have still supported the Syrian President.

Even in the last days a mentally handicapped guy was hanged by the so-called peaceful protesters in Syria, because he was before interested in a picture together with some Syrian security guys. This violation of human rights, documented by a video from these “peaceful protesters”, is a further addition to the videos which were mentioned by Human Rights Watch (HRW)  and used for their “delayed” report on the crimes of the opposition forces in Syria. After all or at least, Mr. Elmar Brok is at least able to recognize, that Syria is not Libya, Syria is much more complicated and entangled.

Since the bases of the armed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are directly located in Syrian cities and residential areas, the shelling and bombing of these places would cause many civilian casualties, which is even recognized by Mr. Brok.

How often was the Syrian of Homs entirely destroyed by the Syrian army in Western media? Sure more than one time. It sometimes seems that journalists, writing in their Western editorial offices about Syria, have no real clue and are even not able to find a Syrian city on a map without Wikipedia and Google.

It goes on like usually: Western media and governments defend the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), entirely forgetting the facts that these armed fighters have seriously violated human rights. Not to mention that only one side is always blamed, doesn`t matter what happens; for propaganda purposes and other intentions. Of course, the Syrian government is not innocent.

The Syrian government has acted tactically and played on time, but reports from Syria, which may not come just from “Omar Homsi” and “Omar Idlibi” (…) or the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, make it clear that the peaceful demonstrations were abused and betrayed already from the beginning and that this “revolution” never was never peaceful.

The really peaceful protesters have already left the stage months ago because they are not interested in the violence and “new goals” of this so-called “revolution” in their home country Syria. The people who are still protesting and misusing the chaos in parts of Syria have mostly a radical religious background or other usually motivations, considering e.g. Baba Amr and some parts of Idleb (Idlib).

Not to mention that some are (e.g. students in Aleppo) are paid to protest. Since when are revolutionaries paid and why do we have Qatar and Saudi Arabia on our minds? Since the beginning of the demonstrations in Syria, which were smaller than Western media have reported, there were troublemakers between the protests, which have involved the innocents in their dirty willfully games to force chaos and violence – to  blame the Syrian government; what doesn`t mean that the Syrian government is innocent.

Currently, the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is cheered up everywhere in the West and also cited on a daily base by Western journalists to underline their emotional, misleading articles, which are not based on the real dogmas of journalism.

Of course, the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which was not willing to sign an agreement for the ceasefire, has announced that they would stick to the ceasefire to one hundred percent, but that`s misleading. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, has no full control about all armed fighters within Syria and the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has also no full control about all armed fighters.

Not to mention that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has already violated the ceasefire yesterday – for false-flag actions, which have always worked for them since months. Considering their statement about the ceasefire, one can only hope that they stay away from kidnapping, rapes and torture of Syrian civilians and also engage in a fair game now.

It is very important, that there is a political dialogue initiated with all sides, but this topic was not yet mentioned by the head of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Ghalioun. The exile-Syrian and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ghalioun, is not really interested in the positive steps of a real ceasefire because these upcoming steps won`t help him to achieve the one and only goal of this dubious council in Istanbul.

After over a year, there is still no serious agenda, plan and document which explains and shows the intentions, political developments and interests of this “Syrian National Council” (SNC) for Syria. While the Syrian government has already made several offers for negotiations and while the internal Syrian opposition waits for the kick off for talks, the questionable Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC) has always refused to start negotiations until now.

The aim of the external opposition and the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is the fall of Bashar al-Assad and as some members of this radical council have already mentioned, they would like to see the murder of Bashar al-Assad and his whole family. This goal is especially welcomed by America.

Whether they are really able to reach their only not-democratic goal after 13 months and with the current ceasefire remains to be seen and is questionable. This is also a reason why false-flag acts by opposition groups are to expect, because they know that a ceasefire will not really help them to achieve their only aim. One can only hope that Syria is spared of more chaos and gets protected.

The ceasefire since yesterday brings first of all time to breathe. But not in the way like the German magazine “Der Stern” has sold it to their readers yesterday. This journalist of the German magazine “Stern” (Link) reported about full cafes, playing children and smiling people everywhere in Syria now – because of the ceasefire, all Syrians are, in the opinion of this questionable journalist who seems to have no idea or to be a liar, able to breathe again and to enjoy life.

So the ceasefire is responsible for filled cafes and full streets in Syria? And before, all were empty and dead? Just like ARTE did some months ago with the “dead city of Hama”, which was not dead at all. Syrians in Germany and Syria, which have read this questionable article, do not know if they should cry or laugh. Is it propaganda or just a journalist without any idea of the situation?

While the answer doesn`t matter because nobody can go against these articles because of the strange German press codex, which is much more interesting considering the tolerance than you might think, this article online at the website of the German magazine “Stern” is just another example for false propaganda and the emotional trap which is willfully used by these journalists. In many areas of Syria, the normal life went on, already before the ceasefire.

Today is Friday again and there are still some hours to the usual prayers in Syria. Meanwhile the Western-backed head of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Ghalioun, has nothing better to do than to call for demonstrations to test whether the Syrian government actually keeps their word. Of course, behind the curtains it could be the fact that Ghalioun has already planned to use false-flag actions today.

Ghalioun is also responsible for the violence in Syria and the increasing level of chaos and bloodshed in recent months. In a better world, this dubious “council” would have no support by democratic states and journalism would report about the truth and not rely on YouTube and willfully false information as sources.

The number of participants in demonstrations decreased further in the past weeks and months in Syria and were never as high as Western media would have liked it.

Whether it looks different today, will soon be evident. But one can assume that there might be only a few thousand demonstrators in some regions, if at all. It is to predict that Al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya will use some archive images again today.

Of course, both channels, connected to Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are deeply interested to spread more lies about Syria and have still a too high amount of viewers, which are not able to remember to a video, which was already broadcasted by Al-Jazeera just one week back, at the last Friday.


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