Iran: Istanbul confirmed as new location for further round of negotiations

Posted: April 11, 2012 in International
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Next Saturday, the Iran comes again to negotiations with the 5+1 group in Istanbul, Turkey, after 14 months. Of course, it`s interesting that Istanbul is the new location for these negotiations.

After the discussions and even clashes about the location for the next round of negotiations, all sides have finally agreed on Istanbul as new location for negotiations, just a week before the start of this new round.

However, the participating States warn against an excessive euphoria about this new round of negotiations, which they are actually spreading by themselves. As they say now, this upcoming meeting of the 5+1 group in Istanbul should serve to re-establish trust and to then negotiate a further meeting. Whether it will actually be that way, who knows?

The Western governments have made clear before the meeting in Turkey that especially the uranium enrichment in Iran will be back on the table at this new round of negotiations. As was observed from the West, Iran has tripled its uranium enrichment since November 2011. Not to mention that these stories are questionable, but the typical behavior of Western media and governments.

Now, the Iran has allegedly stock of enriched uranium, which will be enough for the next ten years. As mentioned already, nobody really knows but that doesn`t prevent those articles in Western media and the questionable statements of American politicians, maybe driven or pushed by AIPAC. Iran has to refrain from further uranium enrichment and also close the nuclear facility Fordo, near the holy city of Qom. In the eyes of Israel, this nuclear facility is a threat for them.

However, the Israeli nuclear bombs are also a threat for Iran. Sometimes, people seem to forget about the fact, that there are always two sides of a story. But Iran seems to not be willing to, because the Iranian leadership justifies the production of enriched uranium for the provision of material to the research reactor in Tehran.

The fact that “Fordo” is under ground and especially under rocks, irks Israel a lot, of course. And so, this fact also irks all those who have written the protection of Israel on their flags. Just the fact that Fordo is under ground, are causing the threats by the Israeli Defense Minister about the attack of Iran, before the (assumed) danger of an Iranian atomic bomb gets too large.

These games and accusations against Iran are there since decades, without the fact that Iran has actually has built the nuclear bomb. Iran appears willing to negotiate, but Iran is not to blackmail, even if, as it is reported, the sanctions against Iran are slowly showing some effects. These sanctions seem to particularly hard to affect the energy and oil sector of Iran. It may also be possible that Iran is able to maneuver out of this situation, when the Iran has some time.

Nobody should expect too much from the upcoming negotiations in Istanbul on next Saturday. Iran is willing to accept some compromises, but also demands negotiations without any preconditions. The West would like the situation that Iran is going to stop its uranium enrichment completely.

The West is also interested in that the Iran “gives away” its uranium enrichment to abroad. According to the Israeli Defense Minister, Iran should also “give away” their stocks to abroad. Of course, these demands are not really acceptable for the Iranian leadership. In this respect, one should expect that the negotiations will be again a grueling round; the prospect of success is probably very low.

14 months ago, it seems that there were the similar, if not even the same preconditions and also the same demands. Perhaps the only real difference between the upcoming and the past negotiations is the fact that the U.S. President Barack Obama has clearly threatened this time that this would be the last chance for Iran to settle the matter diplomatically.

Of course, these threats are motivated and supported by AIPAC. As it is well known for a long time, and as it is suggested again and again, all the plans for an attack on Iran are not only on the Israeli, but also on the American desk.

Barack H. Obama himself refuses to foment a new war meanwhile the election campaign, but it`s also clear that Obama has better chances for an election, when he has the full support by AIPAC. Not to mention that nobody has said, that the opening of new negotiations with Iran are no time delay until the time after the end of the elections in November; and then, there it is: a war, a preemptive strike against Iran. Another hypocritical war, based on false information, propaganda and dubious intentions, again partly caused by AIPAC and Israel.

Iran has been built up as enemy for decades and the image as enemy was also strengthened since years. The statements of the Iranian government, that Iran doesn`t build a nuclear bomb, and the reports by CIA, which confirms that Iran has no nuclear bomb, even the reports by Mossad, which confirm the same, seem absolutely not to matter in the anti-Iranian propaganda, which is operated primarily by Israel (and AIPAC).

It seems better for the West to stick to the myths of the evil, war-hungry Iran, than to be aware of the truth. Even if Iran builds a nuclear bomb, then the country still has much less nuclear bombs than Israel. Moreover, Iran was less aggressive and war-horny as America and Israel in recent decades.

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