Bahrain: Bahrain GP – Formula 1 Grand Prix of Bahrain discussed

Posted: April 10, 2012 in International
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Last year, encouraged by the known events in Tunisia and Egypt, protests have also begun in Bahrain. These anti-government protests are mainly focused in the capital of Bahrain, al-Manama. The Shiite majority of the Bahraini population is calling for an improvement in living conditions and demands the abolition of the absolute, violent monarchy within Bahrain.

The Bahraini monarch responded to the peaceful demonstrations of Shiites by force and again and again justified the brutal crackdowns of protests with the action to counteract the influence of Iran in Bahrain, which is allegedly behind these demonstrations. Of course, a very interesting justification by the Bahraini leadership.

Since the Bahraini head of state was not able to bring the situation under control, the leadership, some would also call it a regime, asked the neighboring state of Saudi Arabia for help to surpress peaceful protests in Bahrain and to care about the “stability” of the country.

The Saudi ruling family, not known for democratic senses, responded promptly and they have sent Saudi tanks and some troops to Bahrain to stop the demonstrations against the Bahraini leadership. What a nice neighboring state.

Of course, Saudi Arabia has certainly no interest in seeing that the Shiites gain more and more influence in the neighboring state Bahrain, because that would also automatically spill over to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Not to mention that there are already some news here and there about the East of Saudi Arabia and the growing “problem” for the Saudi ruling family.

Although both, the leadership of Bahrain and the leadership of Saudi Arabia, brutally suppress and brutally treat these demonstrators since a longer time now, they are not condemned internationally. It seems that a brutally suppression of peaceful protesters is something different in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia than in Syria, at least, for the United States, the United Nations, the Arab League and some other Gulf States.

On the contrary, Saudi Arabia is meddling intensively in Syria and is celebrated in Western media to demand democracy in Syria. Wow. When Saudi Arabia is able to bring democracy to another country, then nothing more is to say than “good night to this planet”. Who wants the Saudi democracy? Sure nobody wants this, outside Saudi Arabia.

The situation in Bahrain is kept small in Western media, but the situation in this country has not really changed until now. There are almost daily demonstrations by the Shiite majority against the Bahraini leadership, but the mainstream media, the state media, keep silent – at least, these editorial offices are not really interested to dig deeper in details.

Just when it comes to the Bahrain GP – the Grand Prix of Bahrain, some media publish reports about the discussions of the Formula 1 race in this country.  It seems that no one wants you to get too focused on Bahrain; which could threaten the “stability” of the state system there.

Only now, when the Formula 1 is again talking about the Bahrain Grand Prix, some messages come through to Europe, which means, some articles about the situation within Bahrain are published, at least, now. What a hypocritical world.

The majority of Bahrain’s opposition are in prison. It always comes back to arrests and assaults by the police and the Saudi soldiers are sure not very friendly to the protesters. In the prisons in Bahrain, torture is a daily thing, but no one intervenes in the situation in Bahrain.

There`s also no official, international condemnation of the brutal crackdowns and the torture of political prisoners within Bahrain. Why?

Now, while the discussions about the implementation of the Grand Prix of Bahrain (Bahrain GP / Formula 1) have again begun, the protesters in Bahrain want to use this to finally draw attention to themselves and their protests against a brutal leadership and suppression. Of course, it`s a chance for the Bahraini people, because the Formula 1 Race in Bahrain has the attention by the Western media.

They demonstrate against the implementation of the Formula 1 race in Bahrain and want to set an example against the torture in the prisons and against the arrests of activists and peaceful demonstrators.

The International Automobile Federation is still checking these conditions about the Bahrain GP. So it`s still questionable whether these protests make a difference – or not. Last year, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Bahrain has been canceled after heated discussions. Whether the Bahrain Grand Prix will be canceled also this year is not yet known.

In front of us, there are a lot of days with hot debates; especially money will play a huge role, of course. As usually. Some have already expressed their intentions to disrupt the Grand Prix (Formular 1) of Bahrain enormously, when it should be implemented this year and as long as the majority in Bahrain is still fighting for their rights.

The opposition figure Abdelhadi al-Chawadscha in Bahrain, who was known as a leader of the demonstrations last year, has been sentenced for his commitment to a life imprisonment. Because he wanted to defend himself against the arbitrary rule of the Sunni majority in Bahrain and also because he wanted to implement a sign, he went on a hunger strike 58 days ago.

Meanwhile, the activist was transferred to a military hospital in Bahrain. However, the Bahraini authorities have refused, that he can travel to Denmark to be treated in this country. Al-Chawadscha has not only the Bahraini nationality, but also the Danish nationality, which doesn`t help him very much.

The Bahraini government has announced that the prisoners has lost 10 pounds and having signs of anemia now, but that it is no life-threatening situation for him. Whether that is to believe, is questionable. It is not known how the conditions of this activist are actually.

But it`s a fact that already last week, there were some demonstrations in Bahrain which have demanded the release of this prisoner. Sad but true, it cannot really be considered, that these demands will help the prisoner in Bahrain and it`s also the tip of an ice berg in Bahrain.

Why should the Bahraini leadership react positive on such demands of protests? No international authority is meddling in the situation in Bahrain and demands the stop of violence of the Bahraini leadership.

The international policy has a two pronged. America (as an example for this hypocritically policy) keeps silent about Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, because both Gulf States are “important allies” (for the moment and because of the oil). One should not forget that America expanded its military base in Bahrain before not too long ago and has also increased the presence of U.S. soldiers at this military base.

In addition, also the United States are not interested to risk, that Iran gains more influence in Bahrain when the Bahraini leadership accepts the demands of the Shiite majority in this country.

To keep the Iran outside the Gulf region seems to be a very important goal. Also for this goal, they are fighting – in order to achieve this; the royal families are supported in the Gulf States by the willfully blind West.

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  1. Souri says:

    Bahraini regime thugs attack anti-government villages

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