Syria: Withdrawal of troops only after written guarantees by FSA

Posted: April 9, 2012 in International
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“Free Syrian Army” (FSA) rejects demands from the Syrian government, which means, that the Free Syrian Army and the forward deployed “Syrian National Council” (SNC) are still blocking any developments in solving the situation.

After the spokesman for the Syrian Foreign Minister has demanded such guarantees from the armed rebels within Syria on Sunday, the news come thick and fast, again and again. And again, the published articles of Western media are all the same judgmental towards the Syrian government, although the demand of guarantees is understandable.

Considering that the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, has no full control about all armed groups within Syria and also considering that any violation of the cease-fire will induce a recrimination on the Syrian government, even when the armed “opposition forces” are responsible for it, it`s really no big deal to demand guarantees.

Some also say, it is already planned by the external Syrian opposition to violate the cease-fire and to blame it on the Syrian government. No wonder, such acts like these false flag actions, are nothing new at the situation about Syria. At least, it`s very clear that a truce / ceasefire must be implemented so that the Syrian civilians in the embattled regions of Syria come to rest and that upcoming political reforms and negotiations get initiated and will help to resolve the situation peacefully.

Of course, considering the steady rejections of negotiations to resolve the “Syrian revolution” peacefully by the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), it`s questionable whether these dubious and partly Islamist heads really want a peaceful solution for Syria. Not to mention that a lot of Syrians, the huge majority, have doubts that this “Council” in Turkey really cares about their welfare.

The actions and stances of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) since it`s fast founding and the election of Ghalioun as head (was “elected” by the Muslim Brotherhood), have already proven the opposite. Only a dialogue and further negotiations can lead to a truly peaceful change in Syria, but as already stated, the members of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the questionable, violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are not interested in negotiations.

Also foreign governments in the Gulf region and in Europe seem to be very hypocritically and not very diplomatic. The delivery of weapons and money to armed rebels in a foreign sovereign state does not sound like the intention to solve a chaos peacefully.

Every logical-thinking person would think about such moves and intentions from European governments, Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and also by the U.S. administration, that they all have no real interested in peace and a ceasefire in Syria. Of course, the West has its plan and intentions for this region of the Middle East and the “Axis of Evil” is still a threat for them.

Iran is a threat for Israel and finally, some would easily say, it`s still all about the protection of Israel, nothing more, nothing less. Not to mention that the Alawite leadership in Syria is a huge thorn in the eyes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

At least, both Gulf States want to replace the Shiites at the top of Syria with some Sunnites. For Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the minorities in Syria are just chess figures and only tolerated there. In the minds of the Saudi ruling family, they already see a Syria without Christians and Alawites (and probably also without some other current minorities in Syria).  The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost his claim to the leadership of Syria, at least, according to the views of Americans, Turks, Saudis, Qataris, Frenchmen and Germans, as well as in the views of some other so-called democratic governments.

To finally bring the violence within Syria to an end, Kofi Annan was been sent as a special representative from the United Nations (UN) and the Qatari-led Arab League (AL) to Syria. Kofi Annan should negotiate about a ceasefire of all sides with the Syrian government and President al-Assad, and also about the implementation of the so-called “six-point peace plan” for Syria.

After the apparent insistence of Russia, the Syrian President al-Assad finally voted to take the first step and to withdraw the regular Syrian troops from the hotspots in Syria last week. The Syrian troops and tanks were not withdrawn in restlessness areas like Idleb (Idlib), of course.

Considering the threats for the Syrian civilians in these areas by the armed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which not only use child soldiers, but also have already tortured, kidnapped, raped and killed Syrian civilians, mainly Christians and Alawites, this is understandable and also the duty of a government, in every country on this beautiful planet.

In such areas like Idleb (Idlib), the Syrian troops went into an offensive against the armed radicals, religious fanatics and foreign mercenaries (e.g. against Libyan fighters and Iraqi jihadists, but also some al-Qaeda thugs). Of course, there was never a doubt that the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is really in the position to give a guarantee that “their” armed forces stick to a ceasefire when the regular Syrian army withdraws from the known areas.

The “Syrian National Council” has, as already mentioned, no full control about all armed fighters within Syria. And to say it again, there are legitimate thoughts which say that it is already planned that the armed rebels will continue their massacres and fights after the beginning of the ceasefire, just to blame all this violence again on the Syrian government and President al-Assad.

It´s not a thought, far away from the reality, after the last months and the evidence about the human rights violations, false flag-acts and lies of the opposition and their Western-backed, armed forces in Syria. It´s only the silence of Western media which makes a lot possible and which hides a lot of facts to the Western civilians.

This all is perhaps the crux behind the statements of the spokesperson of the Syrian Foreign Ministry, Makdissi, on last Sunday. As a spokesman of the Syrian State Department, Makdissi has said, that the Syrian government will only withdraw its troops from the towns and villages (they are not everywhere in Syria…), when the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) guarantees in black and white, to lay down their weapons, too.

The Written statements of the several armed groups should be submitted to the competent authorities in the different Syrian provinces. If this will not happen, the Syrian government will not withdraw the regular troops from these areas to continue their duty of protection of Syrian civilians.

As also mentioned in the declaration from the Syrian State Department, they are not interested to make the same mistake again as they have made in last December, when it was about the observer group in Syria. In last December, the Syrian troops were withdrawn from the cities, which led to a re-arming and strengthening of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), interestingly. Some should start to think about all this.

Now the Syrian government attempts to prevent a similar mistake. This demand of written guarantees that the armed “opposition forces” will lay down their weapons is a step of precaution to prevent the rearmament of radicals by foreign powers, as it has already happened last year.

Of course, the hypocritically international outrage was to predict, already before the statement from Makdissi on last Sunday. Also the step of the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) to reject such written guarantees was predictable. They cannot promise and guarantee something which they are not willing to do, behind the curtains. The violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has declared that they do not recognize the Syrian President al-Assad and his government and therefore they do not engage in such demands.

Kofi Annan, which has no written guarantees of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and who has only acted very one-sided before, was equally hypocritical shocked by this  demand of the Syrian government. It`s like he would not have known about this, but he did know it. We are sorry Mr. Annan, but you have lost credibility now because we know that you have known this already. Actor, marionette or a tool? Get your backbone back, Kofi Annan. As mentioned, nobody is able to guarantee that the armed radicals, religious fanatics and mercenaries of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) rest their arms, while they are thirsting for power in Syria.

Besides the demands for written guarantees by the Syrian government for the external “Syrian opposition” and its armed forces within Syria, the Syrian government has also called on states like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to stop the delivery of weapons and money to armed terrorists within Syria. A support with weapons and money for armed radicals is contrary to any peace plan or willingness for peace.

This foreign meddling in Syria increases the violence and bloodshed and is far away from being a sign for willingness for peace by Western governments and Gulf States. In contrary, it shows that so-called democratically states and their Gulf allies are far away from being really democratically and peaceful. The lack of journalism within Western media proves that they are in line and that freedom of speech is misuses already by dubious intentions and questionable interests.

Not to mention that Günter Grass is completely right when he spoke about Israel within his latest poem and when he spoke about the Western media, which seems to be in line and to be a willfully marionette. Of course, the illegally delivery of arms to so-called “rebels” in a foreign sovereign state is no path to create a political dialogue and peace. This delivery of weapons and blood-money from the Gulf has to stop immediately to create paths to a political dialogue and to solve this crisis in Syria.

Of course, the demands of Western countries should not continue to be one-sided, hypocritically and just made for propaganda purposes by using false information; the demands of the West, so-called democratically states, should be objective and based on the real situation. The West has to demand from both sides the same. Everything else is no sign for true demands and democratically stances.

But on a closer inspection, these reasonable requests from the Syrian government in the capital Damascus only get rejections, anger and hate speech against the demands and Syrian government by Western governments and Western media. As if it`s so hard to understand; but assuming that the media is much more in line than even Gunter Grass (Guenter Grass / Günter Grass) thinks, it is the “normal” answer from “embedded” journalists. No surprise that more and more blogger around the globe start to raise their small voices, even when they are quickly put in the side of conspiracy theorists, which means, they are called crazy and stupid people.

It`s similar to the typical, predictable answer by the Israeli government and Israeli Lobbies against criticism – they stigmatize critics with the word “anti-Semite”. A good choice and a good way to silence critics, even when the critics were right.

After the announcement of the new demands by the Syrian government, some Western newspapers have headlines like “Syria: cease-fire before the off – Assad continues to fight”; these headlines, useful for Google News, make it clear, which emotions should be reached and that there is not only a copy & paste, called journalism nowadays, but also a target of editorial offices, the target that all Western civilians are indignant about the next awful Arabic dictator in Syria.

When all Western civilians are brought in line after Libya (Iraq, …) it`s easier for NATO and the United Nations (UN) to implement further steps to achieve …what goals? Pave the path to Iran, break the “Axis of Evil” and further dubious intentions and geo-political interests. Western media still refer to the “Syrian National Council” (SCNC) as “Syrian opposition”; but is this bunch of people, in which 280 of 350 members are known Islamists (confirmed by members of the SNC and e.g. by Reuters), really a serious opposition?

So nowadays, we are able to form a “council” in e.g. Italy, to support some armed forces of our new “council” in France and we even get the support by NATO, UN and the United States, at least, when the French government and President is not willing to act like America wants them to act?

Not to mention that no European government would accept armed gangs, supported by weapons from foreign powers, in their own streets of their country. But this new method of a “regime change” is no problem when it`s about an Arab country? Wow.

Western media miss in their reports some interesting stories, Western media turns around some stories for propaganda purposes and because of economic interests, and Western media also financially supports dubious groups and people – in e.g. France, Britain and Germany. Such a financially support is a contradiction for independence and objectivity.

Not to mention that Western media has forgot about the internal Syrian opposition, the former members of the Islamistic “Syrian National Council” (SNC), who have left this radical “Council” of dubious people because of frustration and rejection of their radical movements and demands. Western media also plays down the fact, that al Jazeera and al Arabiya are no credible sources.

But that´s the same with the two-man Muslim Brotherhood office in London – the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), a huge farce, but so useful for Western propaganda purposes. It really gets funny in Western state media when they show pictures of armed, radical people and declare them as peaceful dissidents and civilians. This method of brainwashing seems to even work. It`s really time that more people wake up.

The questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which thirsts after the moment to get full control of Syria, is a puppet of the United States, confirmed by other opposition members. But not only a puppet from America, the SNC is also a puppet of other governments and organizations.

No wonder that the demands for an international intervention in Syria, mainly from the ranks of the Islamists in the SNC, which is the majority, are getting louder and louder. This also proves that they do not care about Syrian civilians. The questionable “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the “so-called” armed wing of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), is by no means an association of Syrian deserters, who have opposed the violence of the regular Syrian soldiers.

That´s just nonsense but easy to sell in the West. Islamist rebels, criminals, foreign mercenaries, jihadists and poor, very religious, thus radical but not well educated parts fight in the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). These armed parts do not shy away from kidnapping and rapes, torture and killing – of Syrian civilians, also. Of course, all atrocities get documented by photos and videos in order to sell it as atrocities, committed by the regular Syrian army.

Most states play this game because they are either sold to America or have no other choice on the floor of the international power struggle. The Turkish government pursues its own goals and they are certainly not averse to increase their control over Syria, at least, over the northern provinces of Syria.

No wonder then, that Erdogan and Davutoglu, since the crisis began in Syria, have changed sides and are acting against the neighbor now. The Turkish government, which now threatens the Syrian government with measures of any kind whatsoever, is looking for profits and recognition (Europe, America) for their “fight” against the Syrian President al-Assad and the Syrian government. Turkey, which now threatens with measures of any kind whatsoever, expects profits and recognition in the fight against Assad and his government.

The implementation of the ceasefire in Syria is questionable. The battle lines are clear, the so-called “Syrian opposition” e.g. in Istanbul, is not to trust, and they have no control about the armed fighters (e.g. Syrian Free Army) in Syria. One can be sure about the fact, that, at least, parts of these armed groups will continue to fight, they do not care about a ceasefire. Doesn`t matter what will happen, Western governments and Western media will blame the Syrian government and President al-Assad. Maybe that´s just the plan, like already stated above.

The failure of the ceasefire-project means, that the so-called “Friends of Syria” and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will again call for further measures to further sanctions and harassment against Syria. Maybe after armed radicals and religious fanatics have violated the possible ceasefire, the way to a military intervention comes nearer.

There are several scenarios already discussed in the West. The deployment of international troops seems to be the very last option. Prior to that, there is the idea of an intensive armament of the “Free Syrian Army” in Syria and the delivery of better equipment to them.

So that these armed radicals and fanatics are able to infiltrate the regular Syrian army and are able to better fight back; to be honest, these armed gangs also attack Syrian soldiers, policemen and civilians. There is also the idea of an Arab-Turkish group to Syria or the simple smuggling of additional Secret Service agents, rebels and Special Forces to Syria; also mercenaries from Libya and Iraq, for example.

The crisis in Syria is not over by far, and will not be overcome if one wants to call only one side, the government, to account. The so-called “Syrian opposition”, which means the “opposition” outside Syria, is not really peaceful and a good option for a better Syria tomorrow.

As long as this is not understood and the unilateral, affecting coverage continues, there will be no peace in Syria. As long as the ominous Muslim Brotherhood-office in London, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR) is able to spread their fake numbers and staged stories, nothing will change. As long as there is the huge lack of journalism in Western editorial offices, nothing will really change. As long as Syria is considered as “resistance” by the United States, Syria will always be the target for a “regime change”.

The outside interference, coverage and the dubious Western games destabilize the situation in Syria and also increase the chaos, violence and mess again and again.


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