Israel and its war threats against Iran – threats to world peace

Posted: April 9, 2012 in International
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On April 13, there are the next negotiations between the West and Iran on its controversial nuclear program. The venue of these negotiations between the West and Iran is still not known. Of course, at least among Western diplomats, it`s already clear, that the West wants Iran to answer the so-called outstanding questions on its nuclear program.

It would be nice to see when some of these Western diplomats would show the same energy when it`s about Israel and its enormous amount of nuclear weapons. Western governments, diplomats and the Israeli government impute Iran that the Iranian administrative has the most evil intentions and is working to build nuclear bombs.

In contrast to some Secret Agencies and information, which are not published by Western media, these mass media willfully publish all statements about the danger from Iran for the West and, of course, especially for Israel. The end of last week was a very good proof, especially in Germany, that these media agencies and editorial offices are in line and not so independent and free anymore.

At least, not only some so-called journalists acted like American presidential candidates before the elections, but also some German politicians acted on the same way. The support by Israel Lobbies seems to be important for some, although it is even clear for more and more people that Israel isn`t so democratic and peaceful like they always try to sell themselves.

The danger of nuclear bombs on our beautiful planet should be resolved. This means, the reduction of nuclear bombs in every country which owns such dangerous weapons, should be the main goal for everyone.

Of course, even the last week made it clear again, that Western diplomats make differences between countries, even when a country has not nuclear bombs and even when their intentions to build nuclear bombs is not even confirmed. Diplomatic diplomats? It`s sure a good start to put these statements from those Western diplomats and politicians into questions.

The sanctions against Iran were again raised by the United States and Europe. The West mentioned that these sanctions were increased because of the reason, to finally come to a peaceful solution. Sanctions and bombing for peace it`s like fucking for virginity. The questionable US President, Barack H. Obama, meanwhile seeks some dialogues and agreements with the spiritual Iranian leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the Supreme leader of Iran.

According to the Washington Post, U.S. President Barack Obama agreed on the point to accept a civilian nuclear program by the Iranian administration, if Iran submits evidence that their nuclear program is really only meant for civilian use. Wow. Not to mention that this statement by the American President Obama sounds nicer than it is.

The Iranian Ayatollah Seyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei shall prove that Iran doesn`t seek nuclear weapons. The Iranian government and also Ayatollah Seyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei should deliver credible evidence that the Iran doesn`t seek nuclear weapons, but how is this really possible for Iran when all statements and information by the Iranian government and leaders are always put into question by the West and when the Western media are in line and no more independent (e.g. also for economic reasons)? Even if Iran delivers evidence, some governments will still try to continue their propaganda against Iran.

After the new sanctions against Iran and the interesting statements by the West that Iran should prove that they just want to have civilian nuclear power, it is also reported that the West wants to use the upcoming negotiations with the Iranian administration to require the closure of the recently completed Iranian nuclear plant Fardo.

The current demand for the complete stop of the uranium enrichment in Iran and the relocation of the existing uranium stocks to foreign country are still on the table and continue to exist, which means, that it`s hard to believe that the upcoming negotiations between the hypocritically West and the Iranian administration will solve the known problems.

Not to mention that the policy of sanctions has never really worked and is just a threat for the civilians of a country, but these sanctions prove and prove that the West is rarely interested in the welfare of civilians when it`s about foreign policy and dubious intentions.

Iran isn`t interested to relocate its enrichment of uranium to a foreign country because the Iranian administration doesn`t want to give away this sector and to become dependent from another country.

It’s understandable and Western governments would act the same way, but it`s also always a contentious issue. It seems that the negotiations, which are scheduled for this week, won’t deliver a breakthrough.

In addition to the alleged efforts of the United States and Europe, to solve the problems with Iran diplomatically and in the attempts to change the Iranian stances by hypocritically sanctions, Israel still uses threats and even increases them. In recent weeks, the Israeli government repeatedly announced its readiness for a preemptive strike to prevent the hated enemy, this time Iran, in the construction of a nuclear bomb.

Of course, this preemptive strike is strongly supported by AIPAC and other questionable threats to world peace in this planet. In front of upcoming presidential elections, the current U.S. president Barack Obama is again dependent of AIPAC. Nothing new, but a threat for the welfare of the American people and the reason for the negative American foreign policy since years.

As it is announced from Israel, the Israeli government is already satisfied when the Iran will be bombed so that Iran is pushed a few years back in their quest to build a nuclear bomb. These new statements show clear that the Israel government relies on propaganda and false information, without mentioning the information and stances of their own Secret Agencies.

To surprise some readers, some Israeli heads of the known Secret Service have already stated that there is no evidence that the Iranian administration really seeks a nuclear bomb. Of course, the Israeli government doesn`t care about such statements, because they want to bomb the enemy. That`s it. The Israeli government was, in contrast to the sold imagination, never a really peaceful government.

These new statements by the Israeli government mean also, that they could bomb Iran again in some years, because of the same (not-confirmed) “reasons”. The question is whether Israel is really making the attack, as the Israeli government has announced some time ago. As long as Obama is the U.S. president, Israel seems to just rely on threats against Iran, but nobody knows what will happen after the upcoming American presidential elections in November.

If the American people want peace, they should go for Ron Paul and not for Barack Obama. Barack Obama is just George W. Bush in disguise, which has made everything even more badly. Another slave of Lobbies like AIPAC. For Israel, there is no time for negotiations with the enemy Iran anymore. The Israeli government wants to be upheld, even if it violates international laws and also international law. Nothing new, of course. Israel violates international laws since years.

Without the consent of the UN Security Council (UNSC), Israel could attack Iran only for reasons of self-defense, if an attack on Israel would be expected. Iran, despite all threats and statements and also despite all false translations by e.g. German state media, will never do the first step to attack Israel.

This means that the Israeli government which sells the image of the threat by Iran since years, would start a war of aggression against Iran, an illegal war, in which it`s not even sure if Israel would win it. Considering the threats of such an illegal war of aggression by Israel, perhaps all sides lose, also civilians, far away.

It is even to be expected that Israel won`t be able to really win the illegal war of aggression against Iran and thus it would fall back on the support of the United States, although all is against international laws, but both governments have never cared about laws, national and international laws.

Will Barack Obama accept such horse-trading or reject such a slave-behavior for AIPAC-support in the election year, is questionable. The most people say that Barack Obama is not really interested in getting involved in this horse-trading in the election year – but for sure after his election. Not to mention that there are many critical and cautionary voices against this war of aggression by Israel within Israel itself.

Considering the last days it is sad or even totally funny that Günter Grass was blamed for his true poem about the Israeli government, when there are a lot of Israeli citizens in Israel who believe the same which was mentioned and stated by the poem of Günter Grass (Guenter Grass) – but this also shows the lack of journalism in Western editorial offices, the stupidity of so-called journalists and the propaganda purposes of false information for Western civilians.

Israel continues with its hypocritically threats and announcements against Iran. As if the Israeli government would treat Arabs and Palestinians as humans, but Israel is allowed to because of the willfully blindness of Western politicians, governments and media. As the last week has clear shown, there are a lot of open questions, not only about Israel but also about Western diplomats and politicians and their willfully blindness. Israel will need support to win the illegal war of aggression against Iran.

Of course, the guarantee of the United States, by the oath of America to protect Israel, even when this never had benefits for the American people and considering that Israel has also no benefit in geo-political ambitions, the current Israeli government knows that they can easily risk the unstable world peace again and again. The oath of America to protect the not really democratically and peaceful Israel was never a single advantage for the American people. The dubious protection of the “apartheid regime” Israel by American governments is to put into question.

Despite all reassurances by the Israel Knesset, an attack on Iran will not only have politically consequences but also economically. Not to mention the possible far-reaching consequences for the whole world.

The German Nobel literature Günter Grass (Guenter Grass) was right with his poem to criticize the Israeli government. It was not the best poem, but it was about time. The reactions in Germany, Israel and other countries (by their politicians) made it clear, that something stinks. Not to mention the media fraud and hypocritically statements by so-called journalists.

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