The Libyan Revolution: NATO, rebels and a threatening civil war

Posted: April 3, 2012 in International
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In October 2011, the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi) was “literally” executed (murdered) by armed rebels in his hometown of Sirte. The Pictures of cheering Libyans went around the world.

The images, which have shown all the Libyans who were against this so-called revolution, were restrained / blocked in the international mass media. The aim of the West was reached in Libya. The dangerous Arab dictator in power was eliminated, Muammar Gaddafi wasn’t controllable and he might have some dangerous ideas for the West. Now, the run on the oil fields of Libya begun.

In fact, many European and Western companies tried to profit from this Libyan revolution. Just like it also happening in Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt. There are just some differences between the situation in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia.

While some are discussing about contracts, others are still fighting against each other in Libya. A positive revolution is hardly to feel. The “Libyan National Transitional Council” (NTC) is powerless.  Six months after the assassination of the former Libyan leader Gaddafi, the so-called Libyan “National Transitional Council” (NTC) was still not able to disarm the militias and to care for peace and unity between the tribes in Libya.

In South Libya, for example, there is an armed confrontation between several Arab tribes, which were former supporters of Muammar Gaddafi, and the Tubu, a nomadic tribe, who have fought against Gaddafi. This struggle demanded over 140 dead and over 350 injured in recent days and it seems that Western mass media are ignoring this, also.

While nobody seems to have a clue about the cause for the fighting in South-Libya, however, it`s clear that the so-called current Libyan government wasn`t able to negotiate between the different tribes and militias in Libya.

The Libyan Prime Minister al-Kaib is a wannabe with arrogant statements, and claims that he will be able to implement a ceasefire all over Libya. Of course, it`s more than just questionable if the Libyan Prime Minister al-Kaib will be successful.

Already in February, there were clashes between rival tribes in Libya. Whether the 3,000 regular Libyan soldiers, who were sent by the government in Tripoli, will be able to enforce a cease-fire, is sure to doubt.

Not only in South Libya are fights, the whole country is in turmoil. They fight for their tribal region, for the increase of influence and power in Libya. Others fight as the resistance against the new Libyan “National Transitional Council”. Libya is still on the brink of civil war. The quiet phase under Muammar Gaddafi, who was able to held together the Libyan tribes by clever, perhaps even very corrupt manner, or at least, he kept them quiet, is over.

The so-called Libyan “National Transitional Council” (NTC), the current Libyan government, has neither the influence nor the power nor the consent of all sides, to become politically active and to get things done in Libya.

The questionable “National Transitional Council” is in the eyes of many just like Gaddafi or a new enemy in Libya, but this should, actually, surprise nobody, anymore. The tribal conflict, which always has been smoldering in Libya, broke out to a racial conflict after the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi).

So while in the South of Libya, there´s a racial conflict or a tribal conflict rages openly, armed assaults have also been reported from the Libyan city of Benghazi.

There were demonstrating advocates of autonomy, mid-March, when they were attacked by armed men. The population in Benghazi argues strongly in favor of autonomy for the region to finally overcome the decades of neglect. But against the desire for autonomy of Benghazi, there are significant objections, including from the so-called central government in Tripoli.

On the one hand, the people in Tripoli fear about the revenue from the oil sales, considering the most oil reserves of Libya are in Benghazi; on the other hand, such autonomy of Benghazi could be the beginning of the disintegration of Libya. The Western news continues to remain silent about Libya, of course. It`s just to condemn in every manner of journalism. Not a headline about Libya can be found in the several Western state media.

Western media cover the situation in Libya after the NATO bombing; they left their Western population in the dark about Libya. Meanwhile, Western media broadcast questionable reports about Libya, to justify the overthrow and the brutal end of Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi). Journalism? Propaganda.

Of course, one is able to see the questionable correspondent Antonia Rados on the top of the further NATO propaganda. In addition, Antonia Rados justifies the NATO attack on Libya and the arming of unknown “rebels” and al-Qaeda thugs. We know that Antonia Rados has lost her credibility already years ago and that she´s a careerist like the German correspondent Joerg Armbruster (Jörg Armbruster), who isn`t shy be a Liar for the duty.

Western mass media justify the end of Gaddafi and the support of the so-called “Libyan revolution” with reportages and documentaries. Questionable movies and statements. So the rapist Gaddafi had to die? Some Western channels seem to have no connection to the reality anymore. Just broadcast the stuff, which brings money. Press Codex? Worthless. Objectivity, honesty and a opposing point of view? Nowhere to find in Western media.

These Western documentations are based on unconfirmed information, propaganda and the typical accusations, without being checked. They do this because there`s no one who openly acts against such broadcasts. Nobody`s able to. The storm of propaganda, brought in line, runs down everybody.

After all, there is a sense behind the current documentaries and reportages about Libya. The refurbishment of the image of NATO and the fame for questionable correspondents like Antonia Rados and Joerg Armbruster (Jörg Armbruster). In addition, these dubious documentaries move the war against the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi) in the best perspective for upcoming history books. What a farce. Shame on you, so-called journalists.

Image By Elizabeth Arrott [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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