Syria: Russia criticizes Syria`s so-called friends – one-sided violence

Posted: April 3, 2012 in International
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On Monday, 02/04/2012, after the second meeting of the so-called Syrian contact group (or as it is often referred to the ranks of the West, the meeting of the “Friends of Syria”), Moscow published a statement about this questionable meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

Moscow and Beijing refused to participate in this meeting in Istanbul, because of good reasons. Similar to the first meeting of the strange “Friends of Syria” in Tunis, the leaders of Russia and China argued again absolutely understandable, namely, that the so-called Syrian contact group should not be described as “Friends of Syria”.

When you want to designate the organizations and countries, which took part in this second meeting in Istanbul last weekend, then surely only as “Friends of the Syrian National Council” (SNC), and not as “Friends of Syria”. When Syria has such friends, then Syria needs no enemies.

Considering the fact that, at least, 250 – 280 members of this dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC) are Islamists (e.g. confirmed by opposition members and Reuters), and considering that the head of this SNC, Ghalioun, was “pushed into office” by the Muslim Brotherhood, it really seems strange that the West support this dubious and partly radical “council”, which has no real democratic sense or real interests about the welfare of the Syrian people.

Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, has not only criticized the second meeting of the “Friends of Syria”, which more and more people label as “Enemies of Syria”, but also suggested to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, that Syria should take the first step.

According to the motto, the cleverer give in; Lavrov has suggested that the Syrian government should withdraw its troops and tanks out of the some Syrian cities. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has also stressed, that the so-called Syrian “opposition” should follow this immediately then and he urged the opposition, to do so after the Syrian troops are withdrawn.

Of course, the statements from Moscow were partly wrongly interpreted in Western media. You can say that they even were willfully misinterpreted in the Western articles about these new statements from the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. Nothing new, this happens since months.

In addition, the Syrian government is accused of empty promises so far, but this is also wrong. If you want to accuse some for the violence, bloodshed and empty phrases, then you should accuse the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Turkey (Istanbul), which has always rejected any offers for negotiations to solve this solution peacefully. Maybe they are not willing to solve the situation peacefully? To date, the so-called Syrian opposition, led by the mostly Islamistic Syrian National Council (SNC), has not shown any willingness to negotiate.

The dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and other exile-Syrians have deplorable conditions and refute to look for other solutions to finally end the suffering and violence in Syria. This so-called opposition is responsible for the increasing violence in Syria in the recent months.

In addition, the calls for the arming of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) by the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) get louder and louder, no surprise considering that there radicals and Islamists in the majority of this questionable council.

The Syrian government in Damascus responded to the “invitation” of his ally to take the first step. The Syrian President al-Assad has announced a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Syrian troops from the cities for the 10th April. Instead of taking this announcement from the Syrian President al-Assad as a positive development, the leaders in the UN (United States) and the governments in France, Britain, Germany and the United States have nothing better to do than to gain urge caution.

Maybe also these leaders and governments aren`t really interested in a peaceful solution for the Syrian people? Who really knows this after the last year and all the hypocritical movements and statements from these Western governments, based on false information and propaganda purposes.

The Western newspapers and governments warned against too much favor to this development at once, and rehashed their well-known sayings, that the Syrian government had not been keeping many promises before, but that`s false. They rather should accuse the external Syrian opposition with these statements.

Also Kofi Annan held back in his euphoria about it, because as Annan has stated, there is no real urgency emanating from the Syrian side to implement ceasefire, and according to his further words, the question of monitoring the cease-fire in Syria is not yet clear. Also Annan makes the mistake to concentrate on the Syrian side than to concentrate on both sides.

While the West wants to monitor the ceasefire by the UN (United Nations), which means a monitoring of the cease-fire by own groups, Syria stressed its sovereignty in the monitoring of the ceasefire, which is understandable and legitimated. It seems as if the West isn’t satisfied with the statement from Damascus, again. It seems almost as if they were concerned about the fact, that their targeted “regime change” isn’t able to be implemented in Syria as they planned have planned it. It seems almost as if they are sad now, that they have to deal with a peaceful solution for Syria.

But still, the cards are all open, and America is still diligently interested to overthrow the current Syrian government and President al-Assad. The U.S. State Department wants to call a documentation center into life, in which all human rights abuses and all the violence in Syria are documented, so that the responsible persons will be brought to justice. What a nice move if it wouldn`t be one-sided and hypocritical.

They want to create a way to protect witnesses and to train Syrian lawyers. Oh America, you peacekeeper and democratically role model. Hopefully, the United States don`t forget to also take a close look at the violations of human rights by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria and also report their crimes at this upcoming documentation-base. Some would already think this will only be founded to blame the Syrian government and President al-Assad.

If this American documentation center will cover the violence and the violations of human rights by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria, they would again offend international laws, human rights and honesty. The only question is whether some would protest so vociferously against a one-sided documentation then. This even doesn`t happen with all other violations of human rights while the American so-called fight against terrorism. Is the West hypocritically? For sure.

Besides Lavrov`s call on the Syrian President al-Assad, who has apparently arrived at the Syrian government, Russia also criticized the so-called meeting of the “Friends of Syria”, and rightly so. After all, this second meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” was again very one-sided and hypocritically. Finally, no solutions to resolve the unrest and violence, but solutions to increase the violence and dangers in Syria.

The support for the questionable “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) was promised, but this could also mean, that the West officially supports terrorism and violations of human rights now – also against Syrian civilians, as it is confirmed by the questionable report of e.g. Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Vatican.

Not to mention that the Vatican and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have known about this all since at least seven months, that`s the reason why their behavior is also to put into questions. In this framework, Russia has also correctly criticized the direct arming of “opposition forces” in Syria, which will further exacerbate the situation in this country of the Middle East. Logical, or?

Russia also has criticized that neither “influential” opposition groups such as the groups in Syria and the Syrian government were invited to these talks in Istanbul, Turkey. If you want to allegedly discuss a peaceful political solution for Syria, all parties must come together at one table.

Moreover, the financially support of armed groups and the support with weapons is a development which prevents political dialogues and increases the chaos in Syria. Of course, it`s questionable whether the criticism of Russia will arrive in the heads of the Western governments. After all, the Gulf States (e.g. Qatar and Saudi Arabia) have already declared, that they are going to support the armed radical groups within Syria with about 100 million dollars.

This should also implement the method that regular soldiers can be bribed so that they defect. Blood money for bloody murders. The Gulf States (Qatar, Saudi Arabia…) will not abandon their plan for Syria, because they want to replace the Shiite heads in Syria by their Sunni brothers.

The response of the Syrian government to the declaration of the Gulf States is understandable. The Syrian government in Damascus said that the payment of millions of dollars for the armed groups in Syria is a declaration of war. The relationship between Syria and the Gulf States should be destroyed so definitely, at least as long as the current government is not replaced by men from the ranks of the Gulf States.

How the situation in Syria will continue to develop, remains to be seen now. So far it is true that the armed radicals and mercenaries have little chance to gain a foothold somewhere, to again declare a Syrian town as liberated town and as a new Emirate, as they have tried this in the Syrian cities of Homs and Idleb (Idlib).

The smear campaign against the Syrian government and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will continue. The propaganda in Western media, based on false information and propaganda purposes, will continue. Journalism will go down more and more. Often, the killed ones by the “Free Syrian Army” are sold as civilian casualties, killed by the regular Syrian army. Also the killed Syrian soldiers are sold as civilian casualties, killed by the regular Syrian army. The dirty games of the dubious “Syrian Opposition” will continue and Western media still buys it willfully.

For the people in Syria can only be hoped that this tug of war and violence will come to an end soon. The time for reforms and the introduction of a policy change is more than ripe.  What is clear is that the majority of Syrians are convinced that stability and security should be only initiated with the current Syrian President al-Assad.

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  2. Former AlJazeera reporter ali hashem_tv says channel has a narrative to cover up on Bahrain democracy movement and to hide the truth about Syria.

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