Syria: Second meeting of dubious Friends of Syria – Contact Group

Posted: April 1, 2012 in International
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Shortly before the start of the second meeting of the false friends of Syria today, the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has again sprayed hatred against the Syrian leadership.

Although, Turkey has pretended to be on good terms with Syria in the recent years, which had also boosted the economic relations between the two countries, the Turkish administration was one of the first governments which betrayed the Syrian government ice-cold. Turkey dropped the veil, and dropped the good relationships to Syria like a hot brick.

The Turkish government did this certainly not due their outrage over the human rights violations within Syria, but from absolute self-interests and the known Turkish hope of a return to earlier periods of the Turkish Empire with much wider influence.

The Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu expressed himself about Syria unambiguously. If the so-called “international community” does not find appropriate ways to end the violence and bloodshed in Syria, then it is only legitimate to arm the opposition forces in Syria, so the Turkish FM Davutoğlu.

Davutoglu words are clearly directed against Russia and Iran, as well as against China, which are still sending weapons to the Syrian government, and thereby equip the Syrian army. The Syrian army has to protect the Syrian population, like every other regular army on this planet. Thus armed men are fighting against a well-equipped and well-trained Syrian army in Syria, which is unacceptable for the Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu.

Of course, it´s a willfully false statement by Davutoglu, that these armed radicals, religious extremists and foreign mercenaries (Iraq, Libya e.g.) are not partly well-equipped. The recent months, images and reports show a different situation. These armed groups in Syria already received a lot of modern weapons and equipment from foreign powers.

The arms smuggling still seems to be too easy over the borders from Syria. The Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu also said in this latest interview, that today`s “Friends of Syria” meeting will discuss new ways to end the violence in Syria. It`s a hypocritical statement. The so-called external Syrian opposition, e.g. the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, never did anything to decrease the violence in Syria.

Considering their steady rejections of negotiations and talks and their steady demands to arm “their” forces in Syria, these people are also responsible for the increase of the violence in Syria. The so-called and questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), mainly occupied by Islamists (Confirmed by opposition members and e.g. Reuters), has never catered for the demands and safety of the Syrian people in Syria.

Considering the latest statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister, it seems that he wasn’t willing to say more until now. You can assume that you need no enemies when you have such friends like the persons who attend this second “Friends of Syria” / Syrian Contact-Group meeting.

They will not give up on the “international stage”, until the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was pushed out of his post. In Syria, you can see the increasing struggle between Sunnis and Shiites. Some already say that this fight between Sunnis and Shiites became quite excessive now. Not to mention the terror of these armed groups, radicals and religious fanatics against the minorities within Syria.

Tortures, Raping, Executions, Kidnappings, conducted by the groups of people, which the Turkish Foreign Minister wants to further support with more weapons. What a world. It seems like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States have found Syria as their playground for their “rage” and dubious interests; which also concerns Lebanon and Iran.

That Turkey plays a major role in this struggle is very clear and understandable. On the one hand, the Turkey of Erdogan is no longer a secular state, but a Sunni-dominated country, on the other hand, Turkey is destined to support the radical Sunni fighters within Syria because of their long land border with the neighboring country. The Alawite / Shiite leadership in Syria is a huge thorn in the eyes of some Gulf States, and as it seems, for Turkey, too.

This long land border between Turkey and Syria makes it possible to smuggle weapons and allows unknown fighters to move between two countries without huge problems or risks. Still. The Turkish Government supports terrorism. A fact. No wonder, that both, the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the “Council of the Free Syrian Army” were founded on Turkish land.

The Turkish “Ottoman-FM” Davutoglu uses every little opportunity to accuse the Syrian government and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for human rights violations and brutal acts against innocent Syrian people. Considering the last statements of the Vatican and e.g. Human Rights Watch (HRW), which came far too late, the people should start to use their brains instead of believing all what media and Davutoglu tells them.

The Vatican, Human Rights Watch (HRW) and a lot more were already informed by a lot of people in and outside Syria about the enormous human rights violations by these armed groups in Syria – already months ago. It`s clearly to put into questions why it lasts so long till they published these new statements about the human rights violations of the armed rebels within Syria. It`s also a good question whether all these people are really so innocent. Considering the mentioned reports, sure not.

Especially the Turkish administration, which excels as a helper of the Sunni fighters and armed radicals in Syria, don`t wash their hands in innocence. Looking at the Turkish state, it`s easy and quick to recognize, that human rights are trampled upon in Turkey, especially when it comes to the issues of minorities within the Turkish country.

As an example, we can name the Alevis and the Kurds. How many victims fall in the regularly suppression of the Kurds in the south of Turkey and in the fight against the PKK, which is declared as terrorist organization. How`s the situation of Christians in Turkey? Are the Christians treated as equal citizens in Turkey? Probably not. Christians are regarded in Turkey as second class citizens. The Turkish administration doesn`t really care about officially enshrined rights.

All this seems to be perfectly acceptable, as long as one is against the Syrian government and the President al-Assad. Although, Turkey has absolutely no right to interfere in the operations in Syria, Turkey does it and is even hailed by the West for this. The same can also be observed in terms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The West will be grateful for those countries, which agree to the arming the so-called “Syrian opposition” and which support these “fighters” and questionable members of dubious “Councils” in every way. This would prevent a military intervention by Western powers and NATO warmongers. A destabilization with armed groups is just one face of a so-called “regime change”.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the plan of a “regime change” in Syria is abandoned; they are just trying different ways, which are also in line with their dubious interests and questionable intentions. Of course, the intentions between e.g. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France and the United States differ in some points but as long as they have one “goal”, they are allies and willfully blind about the violations of human rights, international laws and other offences of their current “allies”.

The six-point plan, proposed by Kofi Annan, is becoming less feasible. After the Syrian President al-Assad gave his consent to this six-point plan from Kofi Annan, the already expected responses came quickly.

The call for the withdrawal of tanks and heavy artillery from the Syrian cities was understandably not executed. This will only occur if the situation gets calmer and safer for the Syrian population. Of course, the argument in Western media is a bit different: Kofi Annan addressed to Bashar al-Assad, to show a “gesture as the stronger side” in this conflict. These Western media hide the fact, that the external Syrian opposition has rejected the six-point plan from Kofi Annan. No logical-thinking person would trust this “opposition” then.

It´s also a good question if the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is really able to control all “their” armed fighters and the foreign mercenaries (Libyan thugs, Iraqi jihadists) in Syria, so that these armed groups stick to a real ceasefire. More and more people should doubt this. Considering Western reports, the opposition forces will (supposedly) follow this withdraw of the regular Syrian troops.

These Western journalists really want to sell it to the Western citizens that the so-called Syrian (external) opposition is just waiting that the Syrian government fulfills its promise, and that the opposition will then respond on this. We always thought that you need some brain to become a journalist.

The external Syrian opposition, the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), has never recognized the six-point plan from Kofi Annan. Why should this “council” stick to its implementation? How can Western governments ask a sovereign government to withdraw its troops from territories, which are controlled by armed rebels? How should the Syrian government explain this to its population in these territories?

The entire Western policy, which is one-sided, hypocritically and based on willfully false information, only accuses the Syrian government by hiding facts, and thus, these Western governments promote violence and are also responsible for the increasing bloodshed in Syria.

Already a year ago, there should have been a dialogue, but this so-called Syrian opposition in exile rejected all offers for negotiations which could have led to a peaceful solution. This opposition, mainly occupied with Islamists (e.g. its dubious leader, Ghalioun, was “elected” by the Muslim Brotherhood), is also responsible for the increasing violence in Syria.

In addition, a basic requirement of the Western-backed “exiled opposition” is the downfall of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As long as this is not met, this opposition will not negotiate, which also means that the six-point plan can be thrown in the trash can. That´s it. A fakery from the beginning.

The so-called “international community” (not Brazil, Russia, China and some other huge states..), which is still hoping for a change of the stances of Russia and China, tries more and more to find ways for a “regime change” in Syria without having to seek the legitimacy of the UN Security Council (UNSC).

A green light to Saudi Arabia and Turkey to arm the forces in Syria, is the best way for this. This one would definitely stir up a real civil war in Syria and would boost the slaughter of the minorities within Syria. No question.

But this “collateral damage” (as civilian casualties are described so beautiful in the known U.S. jargon) is acceptable as long as you fight against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – because of dubious intentions, questionable interests as well as geopolitical and religious nonsense. The black and white representation of the situation in Syria must be ended in the West. All other moves of the West will plunge the Syrian people into an even much deeper hole of trouble.

The Syrian opposition in Syria has also distanced itself clearly from the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, earlier this week. No representative has attended a meeting or supported this in any manner. Unfortunately, the interal Syrian opposition is too weak to make a difference and the West and Gulf States only support the violent, radical and partly Islamistic opposition figures outside Syria.

Of course, the Syrian government in Damascus has to move and to initiate more reforms which increase the welfare of the Syrian population. It`s just questionable how these reforms can be really get implemented in these days of Western-backed terrorism within Syria.

The Syrian government cannot hope on help from outside. The Syrian government has to change, just as the level of corruption must disappear from the people`s minds. After the society has really changed, all other things will also change.

Also the question remains, how long Russia will resist the international pressure before it reveals its last partner. It remains to be seen what will happen at the meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” today. But you can assume, that nothing really positive will happen. Constructive proposals by these “Friends of Syria” are not on the table and very unlikely.

As already mentioned several times, if you want to improve the situation in Syria, you must take the so-called opposition (e.g. SNR and FSA) into responsibility, too. That this also won’t happen after this second meeting of the “Friends of Syria”, should be clear in advance.

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