Saudi Arabia: Suppression in the country – Hillary Clinton willfully blind

Posted: March 31, 2012 in International
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In Saudi Arabia, there’s a growing unrest, and that also for over a year. Although the Saudi king had then issued a decree, which forbade demonstrations, because demonstrations against the ruling house of Saud are not in line with the way of Islam (Wahhabism) in Saudi Arabia.

Parallel to the ban of demonstrations in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi king has also tried to buy his subjects, so that he is able to “lead them away” from the movements in Tunisia and Egypt. Carrots and sticks, at least, seem to have been a good method for the majority of Sunni Saudis.

Among the Sunnis in Saudi Arabia, it seems, no one of them has really joined the “movement” against the leadership in this kingdom, just some demands were published and shared in the Internet.

Nevertheless, the Wahhabi royal family has not everything under control in Saudi Arabia, because in the east of the kingdom, where there the largest oil reserves are,  the people are no more willing to get suppressed and have already started to demand their rights. They see themselves as oppressed and second class people in Saudi Arabia.

They are second class citizens in Saudi Arabia, because they are Shiites. Sometimes it’s so easy to explain. A year ago, on the so-called “Day of Wrath”, the people of the eastern city of Qatif went on the streets to demand their rights.

The Saudi king responded promptly and sent armored vehicles to this area. The demonstration was dispersed, about 500 demonstrators were arrested and many participants of this demonstration were kicked from the University, have lost their jobs and received a travel ban. That`s Saudi Arabia, one of the allies of the West, and a special ally of the United States. The country which demands democracy and reforms from Syria. Wow.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said at this time, that the demonstrators are criminals and funded by foreign powers; believe it or not. Even after a year, the situation in the east of Saudi Arabia has not appeased, the originally peaceful Shiites which have taken part in the demonstrations, have now partly moved to violence.

They set fire to gas stations and they blow up oil pipelines. Through these acts of violence, they increase the unrest in Saudi Arabia and they still demand their rights. These protests don`t convince the Saudi royal family to do something for them, to counteract the frustration of the population. The Saudi royal family describes all this as a new kind of terrorism, which has to be fought, of course.

By the way, where is the so-called “international community”, which raises the warning finger for Saudi Arabia?

It seems, the “international community” does not exist when it`s about Saudi Arabia and not about Syria. Hypocritically? Yes, indeed. On the contrary, Germany and the United States are involved in arms deals with Saudi Arabia, so that the Saudis and the Wahhabi kingdom is more armed and even more dangerous.

These arms trade for Germany and the United States are, at least, good for the economy of these Western countries and Saudi Arabia is an ally, although both Western governments know for sure how hypocritically they act. Also good for the Saudis, they were soon able to realized, that they armed tanks were not really suitable for the use against the “peaceful demonstrators” in Bahrain.

Apparently, this was a lucky moment for the German government. Germany was the lucky country, who was able to send the appropriate tanks to Saudi Arabia. The justification for this arms deal with Saudi Arabia by the German chancellor Mrs. Merkel was a “speech” for the new books of history. The Saudi town of Qatif is now sealed off by roadblocks, of course.

As usually, Hillary Clinton was willfully blind at her visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss the topic Syria. Even Americans should be shocked and scared about such “good” allies and the “willfully blindness” of Hillary Clinton. While her visit to Saudi Arabia, the people of Qatif are still fighting for their rights, even for their lives.

Who thinks that he will be informed about the situation there by Al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya, is completely wrong. The Saudi propaganda channel and the Qatari propaganda channel stay silent.

The political and geostrategic interests of the Saudi ruling family are sick and dangerous. While no Western government is willing to criticize the Saudi royal family, these Western governments have nothing against the fact, that this Wahhabi Kingdom gets involved in politics and events of other sovereign, even secular, countries. Even Hillary Clinton seems to agree that Saudi Arabia is a good mentor for Syria. Maybe Hillary Clinton, the AIPAC-darling, is not only willfully blind, but also a willfully liar.

And all (others) are looking away, stay silent about this all. Although, Western governments aren`t stupid, they sure know about this all, sure better than we. How is it, that you’re (e.g. Hillary Clinton) negotiating with Saudi Arabia on the situation in Syria, while Saudi Arabia oppresses his own people, and kicks all rights with feet?

In Saudi Arabia there is no constitution. In Saudi Arabia, the Islam and the Islamic sources as well as the royal family determine the live. Although we should perhaps make a difference between Islam and Wahhabism. It`s very interesting that Saudi Arabia is one of the best allies of Western governments and these Western governments accept everything what happens within the Saudi land.

While Western governments want to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government in the capital Damascus. These Western governments cover up the truth in Syria. Media was mainly brought in line with the state propaganda.

Only few Western people know, that already at the first demonstrations in Syria, there were violence and shots, not by the Syrian security forces, but by the weapons of unknown criminals with (at that time) unknown intentions. Already at this time, Syrian policemen were killed.

It was a good opportunity for some Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar to discredit the Syrian Alawite leadership and to begin a “campaign” against them. To understand this better, it`s important to call the Syrian leadership a Shiite leadership, which is also correct and indicates why Qatar and Saudi Arabia want to overthrow it finally. All these dubious intentions and questionable goals were enthusiastically received and accepted by the West. To pave the path to Iran, to break the so-called “Axis of Evil”.

Target achieved: The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was quickly sold as murderous Arab dictator, who had forfeited his right to power by the views of foreign countries and the ominous (external) opposition, which was also formed very quickly. (Ghalioun was elected by the Muslim Brotherhood, also about 250-280 people of the 350 members of this (external) opposition are so-called Islamists, confirmed by opposition members and e.g. Reuters)

Saudi Arabia fights against Syria on the forefront and supports the dubious opposition. Of course, Saudi Arabia especially wants to arm the anti-government fighters within Syria.

After all, the Saudi royal family sees his chance to replace the Shiite leadership in Syria by a Sunni leadership and thus to suppress the influence of Iran. Those are the “main interests” of Saudi Arabia with regard to Syria. All other claims, e.g. about human rights and the introduction of democracy as well as the right to freedom of the people in Syria, are merely feigned, empty phrases of the Saudi leadership, to please the West and to misuse such demands for dubious intentions.

The provisional summit of audacity was on reached last Friday (30th of March, 2012), when Hillary Clinton arrived in Saudi Arabia to meet with King Abdullah and her Saudi counterpart Saud al-Faisal. Hillary Clinton was in Saudi Arabia to discuss the topic Syria and how to proceed further in this situation, to achieve the Saudi-US interests in Syria (which are not totally the same).

The U.S. administration officially rejects the arming of the opposition forces within Syria, at least, in front of cameras, but their real stance behind the curtains is questionable. Saudi Arabia not only wants to arm the anti-government “forces” in Syria, Saudi Arabia is already arming these criminals, fighters and Libyan mercenaries in Syria, but apparently, the Saudi regime, in addition, wants to get the OK from the West

While Hillary Clinton and King Abdullah have met in Saudi Arabia and made some arrangements for the second meeting of the false friends of Syria on Sunday, there was no word of warning from Hillary Clinton against the harsh and brutal government crackdown against Shiites in the east of Saudi Arabia. On Sunday, the second “Friends of Syria” meeting will take place and we just can repeat it, when Syria has such friends, Syria needs no enemies.

Of course, the meeting between Hillary Clinton and the Saudi leadership raises a very good “picture” about Mrs. Clinton, who admits as the representative of her U.S. government, the support to the sectarian strife between Sunnis and Shiites in Saudi Arabia and is willfully blind, again and again. At the same time, the United States confesses the support of Islamism by this visit of Hillary Clinton to Saudi Arabia and the manner of agreements between the United States and its ally, Saudi Arabia.

The double standards in the policy of the United States are obvious. This two-track policy of supporting Islamists, while combating it somewhere else, depending on dubious interests, is just to condemn.

The European governments play their roles, in favor of America and the intentions of Lobbies and Economy. Of course, it`s another dangerous game of (foreign) policy which could strike back some day.

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