Syria: Arab League without an uniform decision

Posted: March 30, 2012 in International
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The Arab League meeting about Syria in Baghdad is over. Yesterday, not even the half of the leaders have met in the Iraqi capital Baghdad to talk about the situation within Syria, but also about Yemen and other countries, which have been “restructured” by the so-called revolutions, by the so-called “Arab spring”.

Many leaders have rejected their participation at this Arab League meeting in Baghdad, either for security reasons or because of disputes with the Iraqi government. Of course, the Emir of Kuwait participated in this Arab League summit in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

The Emir of Kuwait entered Iraqi ground for the first time after the invasion of Iraqi in Kuwait and shared his usual stance, to support the opposition in Syria. The Emir of Kuwait demanded clear that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has to stop the violence against his own people.

The Arab League summit in Baghdad had no real results in the end. Since these partly hypocritically leaders were again not able to agree on uniform opinions, they only had one appeal in the end. Another one-sided and hypocritically appeal to the Syrian government and President al-Assad, which is also again based on false information and propaganda – and not e.g. on the final report of the observers of the Arab League, which was already buried by Qatar.

The Syrian President al-Assad has agreed to the six-point plan from Kofi Annan earlier this week. In a letter to the BRICS countries, which also have met in New Delhi yesterday, and also have discussed the situation in Syria, the Syrian President al-Assad wrote, that he will implement the six-point plan from Kofi Annan, if the support with weapons and ammunition for the armed terrorists in Syria by foreign powers will be stopped by them.

These claims from the Syrian President al-Assad are absolutely justified and have to be implemented quickly.

Although, many states emphasize, that they do not support the armed terrorists in Syria, a support of the questionable and partly radical “Syrian National Council” (SNC) by them is absolutely confirmed. For example, Britain. The British Government has supported the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, with £ 500,000 in the recent days, although the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Turkey consists of at least 80% of Islamists.

This amount of Islamists within this dubious council in Turkey is already confirmed by their own members and e.g. Reuters. Not to mention that Ghalioun, the “dictator” of the “Syrian National Council”, was elected by the Muslim Brotherhood.

If these Islamists, the huge majority within the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul, will continue to be supported, a political dialogue cannot be initiated, no matter what efforts will be made by the Syrian government – or were made. So the French, American, British, German and Turkish (just to name some) support Islamists with money, advice and perhaps also with weapons? Wow.

Furthermore, more and more people around the globe should notice, that the dubious, radical “Syrian National Council” (SNC) always blocks any offers for negotiations and discussions to solve the situation in Syria. Not to mention that this questionable council doesn`t represent the huge majority of people within Syria, no matter what Ghalioun, the questionable head of the SNC, wants to sell. Kofi Annan`s six-point plan demands, that all parties should come together to finally negotiate.

The “Syrian National Council” (SNC), however, remains with its demand, that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must resign first before they attend in negotiations. When even the so-called “international community” (at least for now) starts to forget about their demand, that President al-Assad has to be overthrown, the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul should then also start to use their brains, finally. Whoever rejects negotiations cannot act in the sense of the Syrian population and also doesn`t act in the sense of democracy and peace.

In fact, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), also some Western governments, are fueling the continuing violence in Syria and prevent the transition to a peaceful political dialogue, which is absolutely necessary.

However, without giving the so-called external Syrian opposition a going-over and to criticize them for their violent and hypocritically stances, there will be no rest, not as long as the armed radicals, religious fanatics, Iraqi jihadists, al-Qaeda thugs and other criminal elements are supported with weapons and money by foreign powers.

What else needs to happen, that people finally wake up and stop believing their “governments” and implicitly follow their questionable decisions, which are partly against democracy and also against international law?

Through their silence they make wars possible. Beside the usually propaganda and false information, based on false facts, lies and dubious intentions, in Western media, there are some published articles which should wake up any normal thinking person in the recent days. Questioning these articles by so-called journalists, which rely on copy & paste, translations from Al-Jazeera & al-Arabiya and are in line with the propaganda of their governments, should be the first step.

For example a published article in the German magazine “Spiegel” from the journalist Mrs. Putz. This journalist reports about the Lebanese fighters who support “their brethren in Syria” and therefore always go back over the border into Syria. These Lebanese fighters support the armed fighters in Syria with their jihad against the Alawite President al-Assad and his Syrian government.

The German “journalist”, Mrs. Putz, almost seems to support the calling for a holy war, a jihad, against the Alawite President of Syria – that`s the tenor of her article in the German magazine “Der Spiegel”.

In the eyes of radical Sunnis, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is an unbeliever, because he is Alawite, just the same what these radical people think about Christians and other sects. These radical elements, which have nothing in common with the real meanings of Islam, want to overthrow the Alawites within Syria, so that they are able to establish a theocracy in Syria and to remove not only Alawites but also Christians and other minorities from power and even from the country – because they are infidels. Sometimes it`s so easy.

Developments of this type, that radical Sunnis and Islamists gain more influence and power, even with the help of Western governments, have already been recognized in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya and partly in Yemen. Who then still thinks, that this radical “opposition” must be supported because they only “fight” against the “butcher” al-Assad, is completely wrong.

Those who repeatedly report of the atrocities of the Syrian government, don`t shy away from using force against Syrians and human rights (especially against religious minorities in Syria). These people trample on human rights and they don`t care about Syrian civilians.

Western governments currently support Islamist (even Islamistic) currents and comforted themselves with the fact, that these currents are moderate. The story about “moderate Islamists” (e.g. Muslim Brotherhood) in Western media and governments is a huge fairy tale and a dangerous new development to sell dubious intentions and interests.

At least 270 (of about 350) members of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, are clearly Islamists. Confirmed by “their own” members and e.g. Reuters, as already stated. They’re certainly not moderate and they are certainly not the voice of the Syrian people.

The Syrians are right to fear the future, of what will happen if the Syrian president al-Assad should be overthrown, just as the radical “Syrian National Council” (SNC) demands it. Not to mention that some radical Islamists within the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) have already called to kill the Syrian President and his entire family – like Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi). A look at Iraq and Libya is enough to anticipate what lies ahead for the Syrians then…

There is no doubt that there are also some opponents who want to actually bring reforms and have a democratic and peaceful stance. But unfortunately this is not the majority of what is known as Syrian opposition or activist.

These fighters are radicalized and Islamized in Syria; they are fighting to overthrow the “infidel” al-Assad and the “infidel” Alawites – meanwhile, they really do not care about Christians and other minorities within Syria, why should they? Again, the Western strategy for the “new” Middle East is a huge mistake like it always has been since centuries.

That Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other Gulf States support all this and cheer these developments in Syria is understandable from their point. However, those Western countries, which care so much about democracy and freedom, support this radicalization of this region, remains incomprehensible and not to understand.


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