Syria: A further Friends-of-Syria meeting – the dubious Contact Group

Posted: March 27, 2012 in International
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The doubts about the external Syrian opposition and “their forces” within Syria emerge more and more openly and not only by those who represented already from the beginning of the so-called “uprising” in Syria, that the mainstream media is far too one-sided and misses critical questions and verifications; those who said from the beginning, that the Western newspapers pass all questionable information from the Syrian opposition without checking them.

This coming weekend, there will be another meeting of the so-called “Syrian Contact Group” – a meeting of the “Friends of Syria”, which are finally no real friends of the country. With those friends, you truly need no enemies.

The date was set for April 01, and even the first meeting of these “Friends of Syria” some time ago looked like a joke to many who know about the real situation within Syria and also about the lack of credibility and democratic minds within the external Syrian opposition – e.g. the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, whose marionette, Ghalioun, was chosen by the Muslim Brotherhood.

You shouldn`t expect really helpful suggestions, approaches and true decisions to solve the situation in Syria peacefully from this next meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria”. Similar to the last meeting of this “Syria Contact Group”, you cannot assume anything good from this meeting for the people in Syria.

The external Syrian opposition gets more and more under pressure and to counteract these pressures, they will meet behind closed doors in Istanbul, Turkey, today. This meeting in Istanbul should have the goal that the exile Syrians of several external opposition movements will occur as one voice at the meeting on this weekend.

One united voice against the Syrian President al-Assad, but the voices of these exile Syrians outside Syria have already lied so often, nobody is anymore able to trust them. Except the mass media, as it seems, even when they know better. Whether these opposition figures will succeed to unite in “one voice” remains to be seen, of course.

The fact is that the calls are getting louder for arming the violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) from the ranks of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC). They want to overthrow the Syrian President al-Assad in order to build a Syria afterwards, like they imagine it – without any serious agenda and published goals, it`s quite unclear which real plans they have. It should be noted, considering the recent developments and statements, that they seem to have the goals to create a Syria that corresponds to the ideas of the United States, Turkey and Israel.

In addition to the negotiations of the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), the Arab League (AL) will also meet again to discuss the topic Syria. Venue of this Arab League meeting is Baghdad. Iraq has already announced that they won`t sign a resolution on Syria which demands the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The United States has a long score to settle with the Syrian al-Assad clan.

Accordingly, the words of the American President Barack Obama seem not to be really plausible when he says, that they don`t want to arm the “rebels” within Syria. Considering that the United States already has started the financially support for Syrian opposition figures in and outside Syria in the times of the Bush administration. At least since the mid-nineties, the United States have funded anti-Assad groups and persons.

In Washington, there are vehement debates within the American government, since the senile warmonger, McCain, openly calls for a real war against Syria. Barack Obama, at least, in the year of the presidential elections, seems to still want to prevent (at least a open) war against Syria.

It is clear that an unstable Syria is an attack on Iran and this seems to be the ultimate goal. It can be regarded as fairly certain, that Obama and his administration in Washington, against all expressions by these persons, have no real interest in resolving the conflict in Syria.

Israel is pleased, because the current situation not only weakens Iran, but also the Middle East conflict is pushed to the brink. Israel must not deal currently with the demands to finally return the annexed Golan Heights. Syria and Israel are formally at war, and Syria demands the Golan Heights back, which are illegally occupied to this day. Israel, however, is not willing to voluntarily cede back its “vein of water” to Syria.

For this reason, and the aforementioned weakening of Iran, Israel is currently pleased; not to mention that Israel still believes they can put pressure on the United Nations (UN), just by using the typical threats and phrases. To be honest, however, it still seems to work. The United States of America and the UN Security Council (UNSC) are likely not really interested in the welfare of the Syrian people, but rather for its political and geopolitical interests.

The reports about human rights violations by the opposition in Syria are growing. Nevertheless, one must recognize that even in these horrible reports, the responsible “journalists” are still searching for excuses for these human rights violations.

It seems that they again and again want “to apologize” the violence and the killing by the opponents of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

In some reports, Syrian rebels report about their actions – the torture and abuse of Syrian soldiers and supporters of the Syrian government and president al-Assad. Of course, these Syrian rebels in these reports also speak about the executions of these people and even seem to be proud about these horrible acts.

Vigilante justice without fair negotiations is inexcusable. The empty phrases that it`s a defense to the alleged violence of the Syrian soldiers doesn`t excuse anything. Not to mention the new information of the United Nations (UN) that the Syrian rebels seem to use and misuse child soldiers within their armed groups. Many crimes which are blamed on the Syrian army are accused, were carried out by the Syrian rebels. These accusations were exposed as false or are still not substantiated.

The Syrian revolution has lost its innocence already months ago. It`s sure a good question, at which time this Syrian revolution has lost its innocence. Certainly not this year and not only a half year ago, like Western newspapers want to sell it to their readers.

The Syrian revolution lost their innocence already at the beginning, as innocent protesters and security forces were killed in the Syrian city of Daraa (Dara`a) – and only the Syrian government was blamed for this; but there´s no black and white in Syria.

Although it seems nobody was willing to accept blindly, in contrast to Libya, that this “Syrian opposition” (external…) creates “democracy” within Syria, one can sure say, that another “monster” was created, brought up and nursed. This “monster” gets more unruly and violent, so that all the violations of human rights and all the violence cannot be hidden any longer, even not by the propaganda machine against Syria.

The Syrian rebels kill, kidnap, rape and use people as shields, since months, and Human Rights Watch (HRW) like the United Nations (UN), the Vatican and BBC, CNN, Fox, SkyNews, ARD and so on were informed about – already months ago, too. These Syrian rebels film their atrocities and publish them later on e.g. YouTube – all in the intentions to sell it as the actions of a brutal Syrian government.

After Human Rights Watch (HRW) was finally “willing” to publish a statement about the Human Rights violations of the Syrian opposition, especially of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), more and more crimes of these armed groups seem to be uncovered, although the “big scream” in Western media is still missing, somehow (…).

As stated already, the fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are also said to use child soldiers in their fights against the regular Syrian army. Consider this and think about the last false statements of the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London.

The dubious two-man show, which is responsible for endless false information, which is, sadly enough, still used as source for Western media reports. That´s indeed a lot but no journalism at all. Remembering about all the killed children till now seems to underline the accusation against the rebels of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

Of course, it`s also to assume, that these dead bodies of children (e.g. YouTube) were again used to accuse the Syrian soldiers. All this makes it abstruse to even assume that these armed gangs are interested in peace, democracy and freedom in and for Syria. It´s barely comprehensible, after the revelations of recent weeks, that so many seem to still stand on the side of these armed rebels. Not to mention the upcoming questions about the CNN coverage in Syria and the connection between some CNN correspondents and crimes in Homs.

Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri, Egyptian physician, Islamic theologian and current leader of al-Qaeda, has announced the war against the Syrian government and the recent car bombs are evidence of terrorist activity within Syria, not to say, evidence for al-Qaeda thugs in this country of the Middle East. Of course, these horrible actions of terrorists do harm the reputation of the Syrian opposition.

Therefore, the external Syrian opposition has never hesitated to put the blame on the Syrian government side. But as many have learned from previous examples, the West fights its fight against terrorism, but also supports terrorism in parallel, again and again. Thus you make sure that you will never lose an enemy and a reason for war.

Syria needs help in solving the problem. Reforms must be implemented urgently and comprehensively. But how can reforms get implemented in the current situation in Syria?

Certainly, there will be no negotiations between the Syrian government in Damascus and the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, because this external “opposition” (it`s still to doubt if they really can be named as opposition) has always rejected any offers for discussions and thus they are also responsible for the increasing violence within Syria.

If the Syrian government will agree to a ceasefire, as it is demanded in the “peace plan” by Kofi Annan, it remains doubtful that the armed fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other armed groups will stick to this ceasefire. Whether Kofi Annan will be really successful with his “peace plan”… is a good question. Kofi Annan is currently investigating a further response of the Syrian government in the capital Damascus. In the next few days, Annan will then participate in talks in Beijing.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Parliament has demanded from the Syrian President al-Assad, to postpone the parliamentary elections (07.05), because some reforms have to be carried out before the election can take place.

In fact, the Syrian people have to decide about the future of the Syrian president al-Assad, as it was also mentioned by Kofi Annan.

Although the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has already lost adherents, the huge majority of Syrians and the minorities within Syria is still behind him, because of different reasons, even all seem to share the fear that the overthrow of the Syrian president and government (they make differences between both) also means to throw the country into real chaos and an entire civil war.

It`s to mention that it really seems like the President al-Assad is a guarantor for stability within Syria and he has, at least, gained some power in the old “squad” of his father.

This majority behind the Syrian President al-Assad must be convinced about the reforms and a brighter future for Syria. This requires reforms. But the demands for reforms in the desperate situation and with the increasing, hypocritically sanctions, are hardly to fulfill. It looks like Syria is maneuvered into a vicious cycle, and to break out will be no picnic next to the streets.

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