Syria: Armed rebels use Christians as human shields

Posted: March 26, 2012 in International
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The situation in some parts of Syria is devastating, particularly in the Syrian districts of Homs, Idlib (Idleb) and Daraa (Dara`a), and also at the border areas with Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. In the Syrian border area with Jordan, the so-called riots have begun over a year ago. This uprising became quickly violent and was never only worn by peaceful demonstrations.

The Western and Gulf State media have quickly chosen to not to tell the real tale about the uprising in Syria. These media agencies and editorial offices in the West and in some Gulf States pushed all violence solely to the Syrian government and blamed the government and Syrian President al-Assad for everything, although this behavior was never in line with the dogmas of journalism.

Since the outbreak of riots in Syria in March 2011, the media used this strategy of one-sided reporting without any objectivity and neutrality. Of course, these Western media stand on the side of the so-called revolutionaries and published all their accusations and “information” without any verification. Even without any critical question.

This so-called “uprising” in Syria has already proven that Western editorial offices need a restructure to get back to the real dogmas of journalism. It`s also crystal clear that this chaos in Syria has proven the lack of credibility and independence in the editorial offices and lead structures of Al-Jazeera (Qatar) and al-Arabiya (Saudi Arabia).

Based on this, the quickly impression was spread over Western citizens like a dangerous influenza, that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was the butcher, who has lost his legitimacy because he kills his Syrian people.

Only a few Western journalists and newspapers have rejected to blindly participate in this smear campaign / propaganda campaign against Syria, but the most mainstream media was already brought into line, from the beginning. And the longer the conflict in Syria lasts, the more people receive the confirmation, that their skeptical stance and critical view was correct from the beginning of this so-called “uprising” in Syria.

The people who demanded a non-one-sided coverage, asked critical questions and rejected to engage in the propaganda campaign against Syria receive more and more confirmation that their rejection was the best decision.

Clearly, the Syrian authorities in some areas reacted violent against the insurgents at the beginning and also Syrian civilians have lost their lives in the struggle between the regular Syrian army and the radical fighters of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other questionable groups (e.g. Libyan mercenaries, Iraqi jihadists, al-Qaeda thugs…).

Slowly but surely, more and more sins and atrocities of these “revolutionists” seep to the public, so that even the big mainstream media which have profiled themselves as a mouthpiece for the Assad’s opponents are no more able to overlook all the crimes by “opposition forces” in Syria.

Particularly hard hit are the minorities in Syria, especially Christians and Alawites. As the Vatican in Rome has stated already, the situation of the Christians in Syria is very bad now, they are on the hit list of the enemies of the Syrian government and the Syrian President, because the most Syrian

Christians support this current government; sure mainly because of fears what might happen to them after this Syrian President would really be overthrown. Of course, in the views of radical Sunnis, which sure participate in the fighting against the Alawite leadership in Syria, these Christians have simply the wrong religion.

In the Syrian city and region of Homs, the situation is really bad, the misery of the population is high, and a humanitarian assistance is certainly needed. The misery was caused not by the army alone, on the contrary. What becomes more and more clearly is the fact that the fewest Syrian civilians in Homs were killed by the regular Syrian army.

The radical and violent fighters of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are responsible for the majority of victims among the Syrian civilians. Many videos (e.g. YouTube) which show the atrocities in Syria, and which blame the Syrian army and government for this violence and bloodshed, sell the wrong imagination.

The truth is turned vice versa by the supporters of these armed opposition forces and the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey. Some parts of these radical groups (e.g. of the Free Syrian Army / FSA) record their own atrocities already with the plan to blame this killing and violence on the regular Syrian army and the Syrian government. These victims were and are abused for the purposes of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Other videos are staged and faked, for the same questionable purposes.

It is easy to blame the Syrian government, because it always had a bad image in the West. Not to mention that the West wants to overthrow the Syrian President al-Assad and the Syrian government, to implement a new, pro-American government and to pave the path to Iran while they break the so-called “Axis of Evil”.

But in America, they have already discovered, at least in the ranks of the US Intelligence, that some al-Qaeda thugs are involved with the armed rebels in Syria. The four major bomb attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus and Aleppo clearly bear the signature of this terrorist group, al-Qaeda – some already call it al-CIAda.

It`s no wonder then that the Syrian population, in some parts of this country in the Middle East, have to suffer.

No wonder then that the UN (United Nations) reports about tens of thousands of refugees. No wonder that everyone is calling for a speedy resolution of the conflict. But the Syrian government in Damascus and the regular Syrian army are not alone guilty, on the contrary!

Many of the refugees in Syria are likely to be Christians and parts of other religious minorities in the country. These people don`t flee from the Syrian government and the regular Syrian soldiers, but from the black banners of al-Qaeda, from the Libyan mercenaries and Iraqi jihadists – some would also say they flee from the radical Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

In some districts in Syria, the black banner of al-Qaeda was already shown and blows in the wind. These people flee because of the violence by these armed radicals, religious fanatics and unknown criminals, because of an uncertain future in which they could suffer persecutions. Just recall Iraq and the situation of Christians there.

Horror stories from Homs become public; an ethnic cleansing was carried out against Christians by the fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), in combination with other armed groups.

We know, that Syrian Christians were prevented from escaping the district of the Syrian city of Homs, so that they were misused as human shields by the rebels (against the regular Syrian soldiers).

You can read that the armed rebels, which are still partly celebrated by Western media and governments, have barricaded and stashed themselves in the quarters of the Christians because these neighborhoods were partly safer for these armed radicals.

And all these facts about the violence and bloodshed, caused by the Syrian “rebels” are now published by some Western newspapers, which have otherwise (always) railed the loudest against the Syrian government, the Syrian President and the Syrian regular army. Unfortunately, these articles about the real situation in Syria are still only exceptions.

One stays with its unprofessional journalism without asking critical questions. They are still the mouthpiece of the armed rebels and the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul. They still rely on the information of the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR) in London; even they know that this two-man show has no credibility at all. They still present the false situation to the Western population.

For this reason, it also not surprising that once again the Government troops are blamed for new violence and bloodshed in Syria. Of course, also the truth about the rebels how they used Christians and other Syrian people as human shields was even turned vice versa and published this way. Wow. What a journalism, which is only to condemn in all areas. These journalists should have a huge problem to look at themselves in mirrors. It`s not only a shame what they do, it´s to condemn and to investigate.

Of course, again the “totally credible source”, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), plays its part in this new false story. Journalists became willfully tools as long as they have a story to sell? Impressive trend in the Western media… Which doesn`t mean that other editorial offices on this planet are better.

The fact that people have to serve as human shields is sad truth, the perpetrators behind them, which are to blame, are the opponents of the Syrian government. Again, another truth was raped by Western journalists because of the useful “lies” of the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London.

Precisely for this reason, the brutality of the Syrian opposition and their armed “forces”, urges Russia to end the support of the Syrian opposition from abroad. When foreign powers do not stop to pay money to the Syrian opposition and permit, that unimpeded weapons reach Syrian grounds, there will be no truce and no decrease of the violence within Syria.

The Syrian government cannot withdraw the troops, because they then run the risk, that the armed rebels and religious fanatics overran whole Syrian cities and its inhabitants – and terrorize them in all kinds.

The fact that so far, no dialogue was reached between the parties is certainly not the mistake of the Syrian government all alone. The so-called Syrian “opposition” outside the country has always rejected any negotiations and dialogue. So the plan by Barack Obama and Erdogan, to actively support the Syrian rebels, but not militarily, sounds more and more just insane.

The foreign-founded and completely estranged “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is externally controlled more or less, and receives commands from other countries / organizations. The violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has no interest to negotiate; they are only interested in a “regime change”, based on false interests and dubious intentions. This “regime change” in Syria would mean to drive the country back into the middle ages, at least, a dark future for the currently secular Syria and its population.

The external Syrian opposition, which in itself is totally fragmented and divided, is not even independent and democratically. The opposition in Syria, which was ready to negotiate with the Syrian leadership, was more or less been driven into oblivion by Western media and the external new “opposition”.

The opposition within Syria does not represent the external opposition, which is supported from abroad. The opposition within Syria rejects any violence against Syrian people. Clearly, one must distinguish between the gunmen and the peaceful demonstrators.

All problems in Syria cannot be solved by today to tomorrow. All these problems are difficult or impossible to solve, if sanctions against the country are always amplified. That corruption does not end with the overthrow of the government, is to be seen particularly well exemplified by Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya.

The elimination of corruption is a task which has to be carried by the entire society. When this insight doesn`t arrive in the heads of the society, the corruption will remain a huge problem but also a benefit for those hands, who know how to use this for their benefits.


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