Mohamed ElBaradei wants an Arab peacekeeping force in Syria

Posted: March 25, 2012 in International
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It seems that there’s a new definition of the word Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, which seems inexplicable to more and more people. Whoever was honored with this Prize (Nobel Peace Prize) in the recent years seems to support a war.

The best example is Barack Obama with his war against Libya, to cite just one example. Now, the Egyptian Nobel Prize Winner Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei seems to follow the bad example of Barack Obama; as a hypocritical warmonger.

The Egyptian law scholar and diplomat, ElBaradei, calls, at least according to statements by several European magazines, the deployment of “Arab peacekeeper” troops to Syria; under the mandate of the United Nations (UN).

These Arab troops should be fixated between the fighting sides in Syria to thus protect the Syrian civilians.  So far, there is no response to the new demands of the Egyptian Peace Noble Prize Winner, ElBaradei (el-Baradei), while it`s not even clear whether these quotes in European newspapers are correct.

But if we assume that the Egyptian law scholar and diplomat and former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed ElBaradei, really demands the implementation of Arab peacekeeping troops in Syria for his searching for a solution of the situation within this country of the Middle East, then it’s just astonishing. Arab soldiers are hardly the right step to mediate and promote peace in Syria.

Among Arab countries, conflicts and hostilities prevail for decades. Some of these conflicts and discrepancies might break out openly if Arab “peacekeeping” forces are send to Syria, under the mandate of the United Nations (UN).

With the intense interest of Qatar and Saudi Arabia (to name some Gulf States), to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Alawite leadership within Syria, so that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are able to transform another country in the direction of the “correct religious-political course”, one should assume that, at least, these both Gulf States (Qatar & Saudi Arabia) will not fail to send some of their troops to Syria.

Then, there`s not much remaining in a so-called “peacekeeping force”. Then the mercenaries and armed religious fanatics of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) will get more support, so that they defeat the Syrian regular army and all of them are able to deliver their questionable ideology and dubious intentions to Syria.

If a Sunni-Islamist(ic) leadership comes to power in Syria, the persecution of Christians, Alawites and other minority groups will continue. This persecution of minorities, especially Christians and Alawites, was one of the “gifts” of these armed criminals, Iraqi jihadists and Libyan mercenaries and the so-called FSA, Free Syrian Army.

The persecution of Christians ought to be already alarming. In Homs, it was already an ethnic cleansing of Christians by the armed “insurgents”, but it seems that all these new reports seem to fizzle in the Christian-dominated West, why ever.

The Western media and reports still care more about the support of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) – a movement, which one could also call the creation of another enemy from oneself. Russia and China, which are currently trying to defend international law, are condemned by the hypocritically Western governments and put under such a pressure so that they change their stances about Syria.

Kofi Annan is only a representative of the West who tries his luck, but he won`t come even further, as others before him.

Russia agreed to the Presidential declaration (UN) of last Thursday, a fact that motivated the West to try another one-sided Resolution against Syria. A bit later, on the same day, the next draft resolution, again based on false information and propaganda, has been delivered to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHC).

The West was sure, that they were able to convince Moscow about a change of their position to Syria. But the fact is that Russia was deeply shocked by this “move” of the United Nations (UN)  and the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed himself accordingly to this. It is true that Russia has condemned the violence in Syria and that is something, all right-thinking persons should do.

But Russia doesn`t agree to the non-democratically stance of the West, which solely to condemn the Syrian government for the violence within Syria.

There is ample evidence to show that the armed “rebels”, criminals and fanatics of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) violated a lot of human rights and are to condemn for a lot of violence, killings and bloodshed in Syria. Also rape, torture and kidnapping of Syrian soldiers, policemen and civilians. In a better world, all the sectarian commits murders would shock Western governments.

As long as the West won`t condemn the violence and bloodshed of the armed “insurgents” within Syria and starts to stop their support for these radical elements, Russia will remain at its position about Syria.

Even Human Rights Watch (HRW) showed, much too late, how brutal these armed “rebels” in Syria are and that these Western-backed terrorists and religious fanatics don`t care about the protection of Syrian civilians; but again, it seems like these reports did not arrive in the West, have been not at all perceived.

Russia is demanding, rightly so, that the arming of these unknown elements in Syria will end and that all sides must favor a political solution of the situation in Syria. Russia also calls for a cease-fire of both sides and Moscow would support a resolution on Syria which is not one-sided, hypocritical and based on willfully false information.

Russia isn`t interested in the withdrawal of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as only he can really initiate a policy change without the fears of chaos and civil war. Especially, the Syrian President al-Assad has the huge majority of Syrians behind his back.

At the same time, Moscow has also criticized the Syrian President al-Assad and his excessively violent actions at the beginning; al-Assad condemned all this and the responsible persons at the government and local area were not only blamed for this, but also arrested.  Unless both sides are brought from outside to lay down their weapons, neither one side will make the first move, of course.

The regular Syrian army isn`t able to as long as there are still armed radicals, criminals, Libyan thugs and Iraqi jihadists. The regular Syrian army has to protect the civilians and even the Syrian civilians’ call for more forces of the army to take care about the armed, imponderable groups of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The West prefers to keep firmly on one side and supports this with all might, even if  it`s just false, also in the sense of democracy. The NATO countries are openly oppose the arming of the opposition forces inside Syria, but behind the curtains, these governments have already cared about, since a long time. Weapons are also sent by the Arab Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In order to coordinate the funding and arms supplies more effectively, a so-called dubious military office was established by the questionable Syrian opposition outside Syria at the end of February  But not enough, there is also another military council which should unite all armed opposition groups within Syria.

We`ll see if Libyan thugs, Iraqi jihadists, foreign mercenaries and other criminal elements will really unite and can be coordinated from Turkey – under one commander. Sorry to say, but that the West supports all this is to condemn in all areas. This commander of this hopeless military council is General al-Sheikh.

This second military council shall control all attacks on the Syrian army by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and is said to increase the professional (violence?) of the armed united groups within Syria.  The West looks on and applauds these developments, while the West implements more and more hypocritically sanctions against Syria and against the family of the president al-Assad.

With each upgrade of the “Free Syrian Army”, the West contributes to the increase of violence and bloodshed within Syria and that the whole situation gets worse. Every logical-thinking guy should understand this. This “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) doesn`t care about the lives of Syrian civilians or peace, democracy and freedom.

The interference from the outside destroys Syria. The West seems to only have the desire, to create another Islamist / “Islamistic” government. Although the stories about “moderate Islamists” is really a fairy tale, nothing more, nothing less.

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