Syria: Presidential declaration by UN and persecution of minorities

Posted: March 24, 2012 in International
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In the last week, a presidential declaration of all UN Security Council members was signed, which was also signed by Russia and China. Everybody is able to see that this Presidential declaration of the United Nations (UN) reflects the opinion of Russia. This opinion was already suggested in August last year, within a draft resolution by Moscow. This declaration as the weakest medium of the UN Security Council (UNSC) has, at least, some diplomatic effects.

The Presidential declaration of the UN demands that the Syrian government in Damascus supports the peace efforts of Kofi Annan fully and also agrees to an international “peace plan” for Syria. Kofi Annan had proposed a six-point plan, including a return of a UN-monitored ceasefire, access for aid workers, release of prisoners and the withdrawal of regular Syrian troops from the disputed territories within Syria.

This Presidential declaration of the UN misses the calls for the overthrow of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the demands for further sanctions against Syria, although there will be further sanctions – and not only the hypocritical sanctions against the family of the Syrian President, which are not to understand logically.

Also the new statements within Great Britain that Asma al-Assad should be stripped of her UK citizenship are very dubious ideas for “European” states, which always want to be role models; role models for freedom, democracy and free press.

Russia is still struggling for dialogue between the questionable Syrian opposition (e.g. Syrian National Council, SNC, based in Istanbul, which rejects all offers for negotiations) and the Syrian government, and that might probably be the only way to protect Syria from the absolute decay.

Kofi Annan is currently en route to Moscow, where he will meet the third President of the Russian Federation, Medvedev, and the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, to discuss with them about a solution for the conflict in Syria. Basis of the meeting is a confidential document of the expert group which was sent to the Syrian capital Damascus. This expert group returned to Geneva yesterday, after three days of intense talks with the Syrian government.

After his visit to Moscow, Russia, Kofi Annan will visit Beijing, China. Of course, for the same reasons and intentions. Also in China, Kofi Annan wants to lead discussions at the highest level of the government.

It is indeed a very positive sign of Moscow and China to support the plan of Kofi Annan for Syria, but it also runs the risk of aggravating the situation in Syria again. After many battles, the Syrian regular army was able to free the besieged cities of Homs, Idleb, Deir al-Zour and was able to repulse the armed criminals, foreign mercenaries, Iraqi jihadists and other religious fanatics in more and more known areas of Syria.

The regular Syrian army was able to ensured safety again. By the current situation and the Presidential Statement of the UN (United Nations) Security Council, these armed groups (e.g. Free Syrian Army / FSA), who want to destabilize Syria and have implemented a lot of chaos and violence in recent months, also against Syrian civilians, get the time to regroup and to receive new weapons from abroad.

Again and again we read and hear from the demands of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC); based in Istanbul, of arming the dubious “Free Syrian Army”, a bunch of armed radicals, religious fanatics, mercenaries and criminals – with less Syrian army-deserters than it is sold by Western media.

Of course, these requirements of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) are pursued since a long time, although these facts are not always mentioned in the international press; but it`s a fact that these armed “insurgents” have already received a lot of support with money and weapons from foreign powers and not only by some Gulf States like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Whether the so-called “peace plan” by Kofi Annan peace plan can really be regarded as a peace plan for Syria… this should be seen a bit critically.

Kofi Annan could also be another “instrument” of questionable Western intentions, who want to pursue the war somehow, even if the “Libyan strategy” doesn`t work in Syria. Of course, the final goal is Iran, but also the “protection of Israel” and other geo-politically interests; not to mention the questionable intentions of several governments for their own interests.

The Gulf States, well, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia not only support the West in this because of these reasons; the Alawite leadership in Syria is a huge thorn in the eyes of these Gulf States, since a long time. Although there were some good relationships between Syria and some Gulf States, it was never really a win-win situation or a relationship full of trust and respect for each other. Times changed and al Jazeera became one of the important weapons of the Qatari regime, which has not only buried the interesting report of the Arab League observers, but also tried to bribe several diplomats.

The strength of the Syrian army and defense cannot really be estimated by the West. It`s clear that the Syrian military options have increased in recent years, especially in recent months, and that some Western governments and Gulf States underestimated this. They also underestimated the support of the majority of the Syrian people for the president, Bashar al-Assad, and they have forgotten that the most Syrian people make a huge difference between the Syrian government (“regime”) and the Syrian President al-Assad.

Also, the foreign meddling in the situation in Syria and the support with weapons by abroad was counterproductive for the Western intentions of a so-called “regime change”. Syrians proved, that they are different than some other Arab citizens, although the known Lawrence-of-Arabia strategy still worked and works in some parts.

Also the time for a real military intervention within Syria seems to be bad, because some of these Western countries are in the middle or the beginning of their election campaign periods and it also seems that more and more Western citizens wake up and are able to see through the fog of Western foreign policy. Of course, they are still too less, but you cannot blame anyone, considering the high level of brainwashing and the bad role of mass media.

In Syria, it seems that some have specialized in sending foreign agents to the border areas, or even in infiltrating Syria to support the armed “insurgents” with weapons, but also with advice and fighting power. Already some months ago, it seemed clear that foreign Special Forces have trained several groups in acts of terrorism, fighting and act of sabotage (e.g. against the infrastructure). Such actions are already known from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Libya, just to name some.

Although it seems not to understand, the West seems to still make a huge difference between Islamistic fighters and terrorist organizations – as long as they are within Europe, they are to precipitate, but when they fight in the dubious intentions of some governments abroad, e.g. in the Middle East, it`s OK as long as the West thinks it benefits from these fighting.

Of course, Western governments are not dumb, they already know what is really happening and which sides they support – or not. The same was in Libya and it just happened some time ago. Al-Qaeda in Tripoli (Libya), al-Qaeda and other Libyan mercenaries and radical religious fighters in Syria, by the support of Western powers.

It`s a fact that the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, and the violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are no democrats, who care about the welfare of the Syrian people. An example for this is their condemnations of all advances in international bodies which not clearly have the overthrow of the Syrian President al-Assad on its table. The continued rejections of negotiations and discussions to solve the situation within Syria has caused (and causes) more violence and death. Ghalioun, the dubious head of the Syrian National Council, was elected by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Too be honest, we know, it`s harsh, but the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. The Western fairy tale of moderate Islamists is a joke or just sad. And we even have not mentioned the Salafists (Salafis, Salafiyah) here. The Muslim Brotherhood organizations in e.g. France and Germany call for the death of the whole Syrian (Alawite) leadership and seem also to favor the death of all other Alawites and Christians (probably more minorities), which don’t share their radical religious believing. It´s a shame for every European country to host these people.

Not to mention that it`s also a shame for France and Britain that they host Rifat al-Assad, a mass murderer, and seem to even be proud of it, although they know his history. It`s a fact that the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, and the violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are no democrats, who care about the welfare of the Syrian people.

The only demand of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is the downfall of al-Assad. Several members of the “Syrian National Council” had already threatened, that the whole family of al-Assad will experience the same fate as the former leader of Libya, Muammar Qaddafi (Gaddafi), has experienced.

After the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, this dubious council in Istanbul wants to then represent the interests of the Syrian people. They won`t be able to, because the majority of the Syrian people already reject this “Syrian National Council” (SNC). It`s also totally unclear, which interests they mean or what they intend to do. Until now, there´s no serious agenda, there´s nothing to rely on.

While all sides seem to fight each other, only the Syrian government is sold as the cause of all evil, which should really let the alarm bells ring. There`s no black and white situation in Syria.

A report by Human Rights Watch (HWR) has already (and much too late) figured out that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is to blame for violations of human rights. Tortures, Kidnappings and other violations.

It was thus confirmed what the Syrian government in Damascus has announced already at the beginning of the unrest in Syria. Should we again mention that Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI), BBC, CNN, Fox, ARD, ZDF, SkyNews and much more received a lot of information about these violations in the recent months but decided to stay silent about this?

This behavior of international press and media (also of these human rights organizations) is to clearly put into questions. The only consequence of the “new” report by Human Rights Watch (HWR) was a call for the Syrian rebels to refrain from such criminal acts. That the appeal is more than ridiculous, must sure not get listed separately here.

The situation in Syria is troubling. Only now, the Vatican (Rome) has published a statement, that Christians are persecuted by the armed rebels and the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) within Syria. Of course, also the Vatican in Rome was already informed about this months ago and continuously while the recent months.

Thus, also the Vatican is to put into question. Already in Mai 2011, the Vatican was informed about the violent acts and threats by armed rebels and religious fanatics against Christians and other minorities within Syria. It`s a fact.

Now, the Vatican refers to the Orthodox Church in Syria, which reported that ethnic cleansing was carried out among Christians in Homs. Wow. Really? Come on. Also the bomb in Aleppo exploded in a district where mainly Christian families live on last Sunday.

The gunmen are specifically targeting the minorities in Syria, which were able to live free in Syria – until now. So if the West continues with its current setting about Syria, this increases the threats of an exodus of Christians in Syria, like it has happened in Iraq. But apparently, the West doesn’t care about this.

The fact that the coup in Syria does not work as easily as in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, has reached the Western governments.  But as long as the West supports and teaches (also funds and advises) these “Syrian rebels” (armed criminals, radicals, religious fanatics and also foreign mercenaries), or “subversives” (or whatever name you may find), the persecution of minorities in Syria increases – continuously.

As long as the insurgency in Syria is boosted from the outside, the government in Syria is incapable to implement real reforms and improvements. This also doesn`t decrease the violence, of course. Every logical-thinking person will understand this.

The dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC) rejects any offers of a dialogue and the internal opposition within Syria was driven into oblivion.

As long as the West follows its strategy, kidnappings in Syria will continue, but not from the government side. The persecution and murder of minorities will continue. Because of this, more people will have to flee from their homes continuously.

But you should ask at this point, why these people run away and from what they run away. Especially the internally displaced in Syria do not flee from the Syrian soldiers, but from the gunmen who invade and occupy houses and drive out the inhabitants, or do worse things with them – which are often sold vice versa by media, so it`s blamed falsely on the Syrian army. Another fact already.

The majority of Syrians see the soldiers in the regular Syrian army as a guarantee of safety. Too bad that this fact does not arrive in the West – blame it on your media and governments.

  1. Russia`s Foreign Ministry Lavrov has condemned the resolution on Syria adopted by UN Human Rights council on Friday calling it “biased” and “inadequate.”

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