Syria: Syrian opposition forces commit serious human rights abuses

Posted: March 20, 2012 in International
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According to the latest report of Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Syrian opposition forces within Syria commit serious human rights violations. Human Rights Watch (HRW) denounced this in an open letter to the questionable Syrian National Council (SNC), based in Istanbul, and other leading opposition groups outside Syria.

At least, it`s clear that the leading members of the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) are also responsible for the crimes of the armed “rebels” within Syria. These armed “rebels” include not only some opposition supporters and armed criminals, but also Libyan fighters, foreign mercenaries and Iraqi jihadists – also al-Qaeda is involved in the fighting against the regular Syrian army and the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad.

Sure not because the main parts of these armed groups have democracy, peace and freedom for Syria in their minds. The crimes consist of kidnapping, imprisonment and torture of members of the Syrian security forces, government supporters and members of the militias which are for the government.

But to be honest, it`s a bit scary that Human Rights Watch (HWR) doesn`t really mention all the crimes of opposition forces against Syrian civilians. After the recent 10 months and all the information which was delivered to the hands of such organizations like HWR, it`s to question why they did not have condemned all this earlier.

Maybe it`s similar to the editorial offices of mainstream media like BBC, CNN, The Guardian, ARD, FoxNews, ABC, ZDF and so on – the information reached this editorial offices, but they have never listened to people who told them about the real situation on Syrian ground and the crimes of the so-called “opposition forces” within Syria.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has also received reports of killings of persons from the Syrian army and allegedly supporters of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Of course, already 10 months ago, the leading heads of Human Rights Watch (HWR) should have known this.

Not to mention that this release of this open letter doesn`t mean that HWR is now more (or less) credible than e.g. Amnesty International (AI). Both organizations are to put into questions – already before the war in Libya.

The open letter of Human Rights Watch (HWR) demands from the leadership of the Syrian opposition outside Syria, e.g. the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul, Turkey, that they should condemn these crimes and that they prohibit their members such crimes. Interesting.

There`s not only one question but a good question is sure: How could the “SNC” in Turkey really prohibit the armed opposition forces, religious fanatics and criminals within Syria all this? Would they listen to this order by the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) – e.g. by Ghalioun? A good question but we guess a lot are able to answer this question without any hesitation.

Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director for the Middle East at Human Rights Watch (HWR) said, “The opposition leaders should make it “clear” to their followers that they are not allowed to carry torture, abductions or killings any circumstances.” Ah, really?

Each of the Syrian army in the custody of the Free (FSA) and other opposition forces come, including members of the Syrian security forces, must be treated humanely, in accordance with international human rights, says Human Rights Watch.

“It is imperative for the armed elements of the Syrian opposition, to protect human rights,” said Whitson, too. “You have to bring it clearly expressed, that they imagine a Syrian, without injuries like in the Assad era, and that they welcome all welcome – no matter what religion or background belong to them. Without discrimination”

In its report, Human Rights Watch (HRW) then listed a number of examples of kidnappings, torture and executions, including some YouTube videos that show the crimes of the opposition forces in Syria. As if Human Rights Watch (HRW) would know about all this just right now and would have not known it already months ago. The statements are also a bit hypocritically, aren`t they?

As if this would change something and as if there would be no visible sectarian trend. Not to mention the harassments of these armed groups against Christians, Alawites, Armenians and others. Also, what`s about the rape, torture and killing of Syrian civilians by these groups? Oh yes, there`s evidence for this – a lot.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) shows this video for example. Three prisoners are on their knees and “confess” what they did – while their hands are bound to their backs and a gunpoint is clearly visible in this clip. A person shows signs of heavy abuse in his face.

Another video, captured on 4th of February (YouTube), shows a man with a rope around his head. He was hanged by a angry, armed mob. Just because he allegedly was a “Shabeha” (Shabiha) fighter – a fighter for the Syrian President al-Assad?

While this guy was hanged, the armed fighters cheered and chanted for more killed supporters of the Syrian government. To be honest, the claim that this person was a “Shabiha” is a joke. A sad joke considering this horrible act. These crimes by “armed supporters of the Syrian opposition outside Syria” have already reached normal Syrian civilians. Since months.

(We were informed that the person who was hanged in this video was also the person who informed the observers of the Arab League (AL) some days before about the violence of opposition forces.)

Crimes are crimes, no matter who commits them. Nevertheless, it is surprising that Human Rights Watch (HWR) show these criminal acts of the Syrian opposition now and demands an immediate end. This organization, sponsored with about 100 million dollars per year by the George Open Society Foundation, has not really said something about the massive human rights violations of the terrorist gangs (al-Qaeda thugs, so called “rebels”) in Libya.

Perhaps the perpetration of tortures and executions by the armed opposition forces in Syria are so massive and obvious, Human Rights Watch (HRW) cannot ignore them anymore and they must get denounced by HRW so that this organization “remains credible”.

But as stated before, already at the beginning, HWR was informed about these human rights violations of the so-called “rebel forces” (armed criminals, religious extremists, al-Qaeda, Libyan fighters, Iraqi jihadists…) in Syria.

Because after their non-honorable conduct on the events in Libya, this organization, which is supposed to protect human rights, has massive retracted criticisms that they were blind in one eye – willfully blind – and just see and condemn the violations of the former Libyan government and the (later murdered) former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Of course, the same counts for Amnesty International (AI).

As stated, both have lost a lot of credibility in recent years and are to put into questions.

Based on: Syrische Opposition begeht schwere Menschenrechtsverletzungen

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  1. A lot of these new reports about the human rights violations of the armed radicals and mercenaries within Syria are just hypocritical.

    A lot of people have already told these Media institutions and Organizations about that – since months. Not to say, already since a year.

    This is no journalism and this no way how a so-called Human Rights Organization as HRW should act. Despite the fact that it is true and good that more mainstream organizations and massmedia report about these crimes and violations, this (time, behaviour) also raises a lot of questions.

    After these reports, it`s only to condemn that these Organizations have willfully ignored all this since months.

    We say willfully, because people who reported about these violations against humanity, were blamed to be “just Assad supporters” or even “Liars” by the same massmedia / institutions and even by HRW / AI.

  2. Under pressure from Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood agreed to form a committee of ten to restructure the 350-member Syrian National Council, around 270 of whose members are Islamists, opposition sources said.

  3. Syria Breaking News 4-2-2012 – Terrorists Hang Civilian for Supporting Assad in Presence of Children

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