Syria: Attacks in Damascus and Aleppo over the weekend

Posted: March 19, 2012 in International
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On Sunday morning there was an explosion in the Syrian city of Aleppo. So the weekend in Syria was marked by terrorist attacks on government institutions and civilian targets. So far, no group took the responsibility for the explosions in Aleppo.

Considering the acts of terrorism in Damascus, a previously unknown Islamistic group claimed that they are responsible for the bomb attacks in the Syrian capital. The Syrian Government announced that the armed terrorists and their foreign supporters are responsible for the acts of terrorism and car bombs within Syria, the so-called “Syrian Opposition”, e.g. based in Istanbul, Turkey, and accuses the Syrian government for these bombings.

But to be honest, that`s not only ridiculous, but also to condemn on every level. That the Syrian government staged the bombings in the Syrian capital Damascus and the city of Aleppo is not credible. The Syrian government, no matter how callousness and brutal they might could be, would never destroy their own pillars.

It`s also to mention that these false accusations are also responsible for the huge farce within the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and that this divided group of different interests and questionable backgrounds is sure not credible.

After the attacks on Saturday, there was some fighting between armed mercenaries and fighters of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the regular Syrian army in a district of the Syrian capital Damascus in the night between Sunday and Monday. These battles were reported from al-Mezzeh, a known district of Damascus.

Until now, there are a lot of rumors about this fighting in al-Mezzeh, but e.g. whether there were actually more explosions is not yet confirmed. The information about the night in al-Mezzeh, Damascus, differs.

The violence in Syria prevents the opening of talks to solve the situation. While the Syrian government has always shown readiness for negotiations, the so-called “opposition” outside Syria has always rejected offers for discussions to solve this situation within Syria. According to this, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov mentioned this even violently at the weekend.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov, on the one hand urged the Syrian government to support the efforts by Kofi Annan vigorously; on the other hand, Sergey Lavrov condemned the excessive violence on both sides again.

While Jordan rejects the information of an Arab diplomat that Saudi Arabia delivers weapons and ammo to Syrian rebels over Jordan, it seems clear that this rejection of Jordan is just a move of prevention. At least, who would really be surprised to read that the Jordan King supports the Syrian rebels and helps Saudi Arabia to deliver weapons, money and ammo to them?

The fact that Saudi Arabia stays silent about this until now is obvious. While the relationships between Damascus and Amman seem to be OK on the surface, it`s also clear that this is just for the show. The relationship between Jordan and Syria worsen over the recent months. Arms shipments from Saudi Arabia were already been announced, so no surprise about the statements of this Arab diplomat. In addition, the Gulf States Qatar and Saudi Arabia support the armed opposition since a long time.

After the events of the recent days, a UN (United Nations) expert group is said to arrive in the Syrian capital Damascus today. This UN expert group should explore the possibilities of a ceasefire and the chances of a next international observer group to Syria.

This was among other things, an agreement between Kofi Annan and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, during their talks in the past week. While the UN experts are expected in Damascus, the President of the International Red Cross will travel to Moscow, Russia, to negotiate over the relief supplies for the wounded in Syria. However, these delegations are not the only things that were announced today when it comes to Syria. One should also take a look at the New York Times (NY Times).

Accordingly to some information, the NY Times (US “newspaper”) will publish an article about the condemnation by Human Rights Watch (HRW) of acts of kidnapping, tortures and executions by the armed opposition forces within Syria. According to a Dutch source, the known Human Rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) came to this conclusion now.

Sure, it´s not really clear of these new findings are really published by Human Rights Watch (HRW) and one can find them within the NY Times. Not to mention that it`s a bit strange that something like that is now published – after 13 months and all the information such a Human Rights organization has also received about the violent acts of the armed “rebels” within Syria.

Not to mention that this Human Rights organization has also lost credibility in the recent years – just like Amnesty International (AI) (e.g. because of Libya). However, this could perhaps be a sign that the truth slowly comes to light.

Both sides are to condemn for the violence in Syria. But to be honest, how would a Western government react on armed insurgents within their country and the foreign support of such armed groups with weapons, money and advice?

One must as soon as possible to pave the way for negotiations between the Syrian Government and President Bashar al-Assad and the peaceful, secular part of the Syrian opposition.

That negotiations with the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), whose head Ghalioun was implemented by the Muslim Brotherhood, are impossible was proved several times in the past. This divided “council”, which is to put into a lot of questions, rejects any dialogue and doesn`t seem better than the Syrian government.

In fact, this “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, is even worse and more dangerous for the Syrian population. It always reminds of the “liberation of Libya”, which was not an exemption, but has only moved the Libyan people into misery. Similar or even worse could be on the table in and for Syria.

  1. So you believe Assad when he says the unrest is a foreign conspiracy?

    “Yes. Syria is the only secular state in the region and certain Arab nations want to destabilise it.

    “Look at Egypt, where Islamist regimes are trying to take over.

    “Sectarianism in the region is a sure fire way of dividing the Arabs and Muslims and weakening Syria.

    “If Syria falls its allies will disappear: Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon. These groups are considered enemies by Israel.

    “If they go the resistance against Israel will be shattered leaving her and the West free to reign in the region.

    “Every Syrian knows this, Assad knows this, which is why by staying in power he won’t allow it to happen.”

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