HRW: Syria – Syrian Opposition responsible for human rights violations

Posted: March 19, 2012 in International
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The armed insurgents and opposition forces, which are fighting against the regular Syrian army and the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad, are also responsible for human rights violations as Human Rights Watch (HRW) will probably announce today.

Considering the information of the Dutch journalist Bram Vermeulen, who works for the NOS Journaal after his job as correspondent in Africa for the NRC Handelsblad, this information will be published by Human Rights Watch (HRW) in the newspaper NY Times today. Bram Vermeulen, who was decorated as “Journalist of the Year” in 2008, explained this in a new video to the Dutch news-magazine NOS-News.

As far as we know and as the journalist Bram Vermeulen has said, Human Rights Watch (HRW) will publish a statement which condemns the violence by the Syrian opposition forces within Syria. This includes kidnapping, torture and executions, conducted by the Western-backed rebels in Syria.

This would also explain some or even more videos out of Syria, which are obvious fakes and in reality show acts of these opposition forces and not of the regular Syrian army.

Of course, at least after the NATO war in Libya, these Human Rights organizations like Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HWR) have lost credibility. So the information from the Dutch journalist Bram Vermeulen is interesting, although this doesn`t mean that Human Rights Watch (HWR) is again credible. Also information by these Human Rights organizations should always put into question; which is sad but true.

After the last 13 months it`s at least interesting and maybe a good sign that such a Human Rights organization like Human Rights Watch (HWR) seems to publish information about the violence by the armed radicals, religious fanatics and mercenaries within Syria.

Only some questions remain – why not earlier when a lot of people in Syria speak about the torture, kidnapping and executions by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other armed groups. Why was the truth also hidden by the workers of Human Rights Watch (HWR), which should have received a lot of information about these violent acts of opposition forces within Syria?

In addition, that Human Rights Watch (HWR) will publish such a statement about the violent acts of armed opposition forces within Syria doesn`t mean that they start to question the information of other so-called activists.

Source: Syrische oppositie zelf schuldig aan mensenrechtenschendingen

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