Syria: Saudi Arabia delivers weapons to Syrian rebels

Posted: March 18, 2012 in International
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Yesterday, the bomb attacks, acts of terrorism, within the Syrian capital Damascus have violently terminated the lives of over 30 Syrians, over 100 were injured. The Western “community” (Britain, France, Germany, Italy, USA…) and some Gulf States like Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia still stays at their “strategy” on Syria and fuels the situation and chaos within Syria by all means.

Real democratic states should try to negotiate which could end such a situation peacefully, but it seems, all these Western governments are not interested it. Maybe they already have a “plan” for Syria and the entire Middle East since a long time and are not interested to delete these dubious intentions and questionable goals from their roadmap for the Arab world.

Of course, these Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia have also different interests in Syria than some Western governments, no question. Again and again, false information, fakes and lies are published in the Western media. Dubious “activists” are the new media stars, even if their lack of credibility was already proved or when other governments openly question the credibility of those people.

Western media seems to not care about and just publish (mainly) the “information” which is in line with their stance – or to say it better, with the stance of their governments. Investigative journalism is a fairy tale.

Western media concentrates on individuals who renounce of the Syrian government, fearing for their own personal future if they don`t leave the sinking ship in time. Not to mention that some Western journalists also fail in investigating the real backgrounds of these people. They just copy & paste or translate the propaganda of the Qatari channel Al-Jazeera or the Saudi propaganda station, al-Arabiya.

These journalists are also so smart to disregard further real information about such persons, so they don`t have to publish articles with the truth about these persons and further events. In addition to the so-called “famous writer” Samar Yazbek, which is a wrong, there is also the allegedly Syrian deputy oil minister, who turned out to be just an employee in a higher post who wants to leave the ship in time.

Not to mention that he also could have other reasons (or offers) to leave his office this way. As we know, and this is a fact and proven, e.g. the German Foreign Ministry offered so-called “care packages” to Syrian people if they flee out Syria to Germany. These “care packages” include monthly money, insurances, flats and other things. In addition, these “flee packages” are offered to Syrians and German-Syrian persons within Syria which are already wealthy – and this is an understatement, considering these people.

However, the Western population has no clue about this all, because there is a lack of independent journalism in the editorial offices of BBC, CNN, Fox News, ARD, ZDF, SkyNews and a lot of other offices – just like it`s the same with al Jazeera and al Arabiya. In the recent weeks, more and more workers and known people have left al Jazeera because of its biased and faked coverage of the situation within Syria.

The so-called Syrian opposition calls for weapons to fight against the regular Syrian government and the soldiers. At the day of the “anniversary of the uprising” in Syria, the questionable opposition outside the country used slogans like “to the last drop of blood”.

These slogans were also used to support their violent actions against the Syrian government, soldiers and also civilians. While democratically governments should condemn the violence of all sides, the NATO countries still threaten only one side – the Syrian government, again and again, even when these Western states really know it better.

It`s not only hypocritically and false, it is also against the dogmas of democracy and peace. Not to mention that the support of dubious groups of radical people in a other sovereign state to fight the government there is totally against international laws.

Western governments, Western media and also the Gulf States like Qatar and Bahrain criticize Russia and China again and again for their stance on Syria. But the stance of Russia and China seem to be more democratically than the stance of the United Nations (UN) and its members. Interestingly enough.

The propaganda is also extremely well against these states since some weeks. Although Russia has repeatedly emphasized that they are no friend of Syria, but are interested to defend international law – especially after the events around the war on Libya. The UN Security Council (UNSC) is doing a lot but sure nothing to protect international law. At the UN Security Council, interests are pursued which don`t care about the welfare of people, and these interests extend beyond any humanitarian thought.

In recent weeks, better, shortly after the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) was forced to leave Baba Amr (Baba Amro / Homs), the calls for a military intervention and the demands to arm the opposition forces within Syria are again getting louder. Of course, mainly Saudi Arabia (and Qatar) has open ears and huge interests to arm the Syrian rebels.

The Saudi kingdom demands the arming of the radical forces and religious fanatics within Syria since a long time. Of course, these armed groups are already receiving arms and money from foreign powers. No question. But it seems this arming of radicals, Libyan mercenaries and Iraqi jihadists in Syria are still not sufficient enough.

As long as the opposition forces are supplied with weapons, no laws seem to be violated and no human lives are risk by this arming. An interesting stance and sure totally far away from the truth. Laws and human lives are just in danger, considering the definitions of the West, when the Syrian government receives weapons. A double-edged Western policy, which is only to condemn and to abhor.

After the car bombs within the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday, some articles were published that Saudi Arabia provides weapons to Jordan to arm the Syrian “rebels” within Syria. Of course, it does not surprise anyone. Also the support of Jordan for the arming of rebels would not really surprise, considering the Jordanian king, a puppet of Western interests.

The news agency AFP received this information regarding the support of Syrian rebels with weapons by Saudi Arabia from an Arab diplomat. The confirmation of this information was published shortly later. Saudi Arabia sends weapons to the Syrian rebels, and probably not the first time.

This makes it the second time within a year that the Saudi Arabian Kingdom (regime) is interfering in affairs of a sovereign neighboring state. Last year, Saudi Arabia sent tanks to Bahrain to crackdown the majority Shiite population, which took to the streets to demand changes in Saudi Arabia – crackdown means to disperse and shoot them.

Now, Saudi Arabia sends weapons to the already armed extremists, mercenaries and religious fanatics in Syria, where also more and more fighters of the terror network al-Qaeda try to bring down the Shiite head of Syria.

But instead of criticizing the delivering of arms, ammo and money to armed radicals, the Western governments and media pray again and again the same old farce, also the same what the aforementioned Arab diplomat said: they want to “ensure that the “massacres in Syria” stop”; by delivering more and more arms? Crazy world.

These statements and the weapons smuggling into Syria boost the situation further and ensures only, that the violence will spread. To follow and investigate Western newspapers and their coverage about the situation in Syria is truly interesting. Often, there are several articles in Western newspapers which contradict each other.

For example, one journalist wrote an article (sure copied or just translated) that the members of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) harass Syrian civilians. But that does not prevent that the same “journalist” even seems to “celebrate” the arms delivery to unknown, radical elements within Syria.

In, addition, there are indeed articles about the facts that members of this questionable and violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are torturing and kidnapping normal Syrian civilians. But such reports are forgotten already one minute after they were published. Also, the known mainstream media willfully do not use the information of some foreign journalists who are in Syria since months. The Western mainstream media just uses the information which helps to increase the false propaganda against a secular Syria.

For example, Mrs. Leukefeld, a journalist in Syria – but she gets no attention by the mainstream media and the German state media. Why? Because Mrs. Leukefeld reports the truth. Other examples? Jürgen Todenhöfer, Webster Tarpley, Lizzie Phelan, Thierry Meyssan and (at the moment also in Syria), the German publicist Christoph Hörstel.

On the contrary, the Western mass media still rely on their own lies and cite them repeatedly – “an independent reporting is impossible because of the Syrian government” – “Syrian government does not allow journalists into the country”.

These sentences are already proven to be wrong – but useful for Western newspaper and state media; which also know that they should not really trust the Gulf channels al Jazeera and al Arabiya, but do not care.

The arrival of journalists in Syria is not prohibited, Syria is not sealed off. An objective reporting would be easily possible, but is not useful for the lie machine of NATO. A good example of the many lies of the media and the media war is the dismissal of several Al-Jazeera journalists because of the fakery, biased coverage and lies, the orders of the heads of al Jazeera.

But these developments do not belong into the news of the Western mainstream media and certainly not the state media. They do not really report about this and an investigation won`t happen.

Meanwhile, a German journalist has arrived is Syria, who was former one of the important journalists of the German state media office ARD: Christoph Hörstel (Christoph Horstel). The first report by Christoph Hörstel from Syria was focused on his first impressions of Syria and the huge Pro-President and Pro-Reforms demonstrations on Thursday, 03.15.2012.

All the demonstrations, belonging to the “Global March For Syria”, were not really reported in Western media – or just sold as propaganda. Of course, over 8 million Syrians, protesting for the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and against a military intervention, do not count. A really great journalism (Irony).

The German journalist and publicist, Christoph Hörstel (Christoph Horstel), told in the first telephone call from Damascus that he is able to move freely; despite he has entered Syria as journalist.

In another short video sequence, Christoph Hörstel stood in front of the allegedly closed French embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus. Although the French Embassy in Damascus is closed, the French ambassador is currently in Damascus to negotiate about the release of the arrested 19 French agents.

Information which are often omitted, because it could jeopardize the Western project of a “regime change” in Syria. Of course, there are new reports from the German journalist Christoph Hörstel today and we are thankful for his independent coverage of the events in Syria, although we know that the mainstream media in the West are going to willfully ignore it. Maybe, Christoph Hörstel is already in danger.

If the West won`t follow the Russian suggestions about a political solution for Syria soon, Syria will be the next country which is destroyed by the United States – based on false information, propaganda and dubious intentions.

Would the armed men in Syria not be supported from abroad, the Syrian government had the situation under control long ago and would be finally already able to totally take care of the reform process. But as long as there are armed, violent groups within Syria, the duty of the Syrian government is the protection of the Syrian population and the fight against such violent radicals and religious fanatics.

Russia condemns the violence on both sides and calls for negotiations which could lead to a final solution to end the violence in Syria. Unfortunately, neither the West nor the Gulf States, or the dubious and divided “Syrian National Council”, interested in negotiations.

Only through diplomatic action, the worst can be avoided in Syria. The foreign interference must come to an end; the Syrians have to decide their own future.

Certainly, the majority of Syrians are for reforms, which are needed, but also the majority of Syrians are in support of their Government or, at least, behind their Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and also against a foreign intervention in Syria.

The violence and the arming of the deserters, fanatics, mercenaries and criminals, and the al-Qaeda, isn`t helpful to initiate a peaceful future for Syria. It’s not humanitarian, helpful, peaceful, democratic and also against international law.

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