Syria: Christoph Hörstel is able to report independently

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Sideviews
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The German journalist and publicist Christoph Hörstel (Horstel) is in the Syrian capital Damascus since some days. This former Special Correspondent of the German state television channel ARD is very well-known in Germany, but also seen as controversial.

Just like everybody who are trying to deliver information to the people who are not in line with the mainstream opinion / media. For example, Lizzie Phelan, Webster Tarpley, Thierry Meyssan and a new name, Jürgen Todenhöfer (Todenhoefer).

Christoph Hörstel has been a coach for the German ISAF-leaders and also a guest lecturer at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Studies in the city of Hamburg. Christoph Hörstel (Horstel / Hoerstel) became famous when he was the only Western journalist in Kabul in 2001, during the “overthrow of the Taliban” in Afghanistan.

He received his visa through his contacts to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Christoph Hörstel was also behind the talks between the Hamas Minister of Refugee Affairs and some parliamentarians of the German parties SPD and FDP.

Afterwards, Christoph Hörsten (Christoph Horstel) lost his position as board member of the German-Arab Society (DAG). As the German journalist Hörstel told in an interview with “Muslim-Markt”, he might has lost his status as board member of the German-Arab Society (DAG) because of his statements, that he will support to bring down the Palestine-Policy of the German government, which was never really helpful (behind the doors) to solve the situation in the Middle East. So because of his stance for Palestine, Hörstel has lost his position (maybe).

Christoph Hörstel informed some Websites by email out of the Syrian capital Damascus today. He reports directly from Damascus, especially for the German blog “Alles Schall und Rauch“.

The reports and information from Christoph Hörstel (Horstel) in Damascus, Syria, is very important and even more important considering the bomb attacks in the Syrian capital today morning.

The day and the information by Christoph Hörstel showed us until now: First, journalists can enter Syria normally and an independent reporting is possible. Christoph Hörstel traveled as journalist to Syria and has no restrictions at his stay.

Second, the claims that Syria is sealed off and that “al-Assad” rejects any visit of journalists are false. The usually sentence that “information cannot get verified” is a protective claim of psychological warfare and a lie, nothing more, nothing less.

The observer mission of the non-independent Arab League (AL) has listed, in detail, the most western journalists within Syria. So this is a fact and no “propaganda” by another Arabic regime. The report of the observer mission of the Arab League (AL) was buried by, of course, Qatar.

Third, when the German journalist and publicist Christopher Hörstel is able to send clear images from Syria, also the Western media and the so-called “opposition” should be easily able to – but maybe allegedly “mobile videos” are more useful for propaganda purpose and the sentence of protection for Western journalists – “information cannot be verified because journalists are not allowed within Syria”. Blurred images of allegedly mobile videos out of Syria are more useful for propaganda purposes and emotionally hit Western viewers more.

Another example of non-journalism: The German state TV channel ARD still cites the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London.

The “office of the Muslim Brotherhood” within London, a two-man show of basic students. Only absolute idiots are still convinced that the information of this “snack shop” in Britain is credible. Of course, the articles at the blog of this German state (propaganda) TV channel, ARD, is supported by the usually and maybe automatically trolls with nicks like “tagtest” and “german-canadian”. This says all. ARD is not credible and far away from the dogmas of real journalism.

This “Syrian (Fake) Observatory for Human Rights“, based in London, is led by Rami. Rami is a multiple personality and not a real credible person with independent information and no own “goals”. This guy, Rami, from the useful “Observatory for Lies” in London, announced that the acts of terrorism in Damascus hit the state criminal police and a building of the Syrian Intelligence Service in the capital.

Rami already announced this even before any real agency on this planet was able to announce this information. How could he know this? Maybe he was previously informed. As an interesting image at the social network site Facebook shows, some opposition members were warned already at the beginning of this week to enter these targeted districts within Damascus at this weekend – because there could happen suicide bombings at this weekend.

Bericht von Christoph Hörstel aus Syrien (1) from Freeman on Vimeo.

5th – the German journalist Christoph Hörstel reported first-hand about today’s terrorist attacks in Damascus. The whole world considers car bomb attacks as acts of terrorism – what else? But Western television channels not even dare to report about terrorism as “terror” when it comes to Syria. These Western television channels only report indirectly about it – and do not name terrorism as terrorism.

“Syrian State media called the explosions “terrorist attacks “. (e.g. German state TV)

Oh, good morning, ARD. What are car bombs if they are no acts of terrorism?

While more and more so-called journalists leave the Qatari propaganda station Al-Jazeera, because they are no more interested to be part of all the fakery and lies, it seems that some Western channels, like ZDF and ARD (both German), do not care about such a bad habits (propaganda, fakes and false information) within their editorial offices. The journalistic ethics is pushed with feet.

By the way, Christopher Hörstel was once one of the major journalists of the German state TV, ARD. He jumped out the propaganda train and stayed true to morals and ethics of a journalist.

Dear Christopher,

We wish you – a true and upright journalist – much success in Syria and look forward to your information about the real situation within the secular Syria.

Source: Syrien – Hörstel kann unabhängig berichten / Terror ist “Terror”

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