Syria: Bomb attacks in the capital Damascus

Posted: March 17, 2012 in International
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Again, another Saturday in Syria has begun violently. Another act of terrorism in the Syrian capital Damascus. Today morning, at least two bombs detonated in the Syrian capital.

At least, two bombs but some report of two further bomb explosions in Damascus. This time, these acts of terrorism have arrived in Bab Musala (Bab Musalla) and the Baghdad Street. Whether there were further explosions in Damascus, is currently unclear.

The images, which are broadcasted by many Arab TV channels, show the enormity of the explosions in the Syrian capital Damascus (ash-Sham), which again caused many deaths and injuries. A year after the outbreak of protests in Syria, the violence escalated so that hardly a Syrian is able to really feel secure.

Everything that the Western and Gulf States media is interested in, is useful information for their campaign of incitement and the spreading of (false) propaganda, or at least, spreading unconfirmed information about what is happening within Syria, although these Western journalists should really know the huge lack of credibility within their sources – e.g. the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London.

Like Voltaire Network has stated, this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is just an office of the Muslim Brotherhood within London. Also Russia has explained in recent weeks, why this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is a huge farce and no credible source.

Even the Saudi propaganda channel al-Arabiya has addressed the explosions in the Syrian capital Damascus today morning. But instead, however, initially be limited to facts and the truth, the Saudi propaganda channel al-Arabiya showed an interview with a allegedly activist from the Syrian city of Hama.

Of course, this activist had already the knowledge that this bomb in Damascus was placed by the Syrian government and that the Syrian government is responsible for this bombing in the Syrian capital. But also if they didn`t do this, so the activist, they are responsible for all the dead and injured.

We doubt that this guy was really from Hama. Not to mention that he was just interviewed for propaganda purposes of al-Arabiya, the Saudi tool for brainwashing. The targets of these bomb attacks were again criminal investigation and a building of the national security within Damascus. Who is actually behind the new terrorist attacks in Syria is still unclear.

But people in the streets of Damascus have made specific allegations against Gulf States like Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The anger and the sadness of the Syrians are understandably very large.

After these messages, it is increasingly difficult to understand how foreign countries can continue to cheer the dubious opposition outside Syria (e.g. Syrian National Council / SNC, Istanbul) and published their slogans and false information, again and again.

For example, some Western newspapers published the slogans just yesterday, that the so-called opposition has announced to fight against the Syrian President and Government till the last drop of blood. Maybe these acts of terrorism in Damascus today are another sign of their fighting. This would fit.

These statements of the Syrian opposition outside Syria (Syrian National Council – a partly radical wing of the Muslim Brotherhood) are a declaration of war, a declaration of war against the Syrian government, the Syrian President al-Assad and also against the huge majority of Syrians within this country of the Middle East.

Whenever the Syrian government responds accordingly on this terrorism and violence, the Syrian government is portrayed as brutal and inhumane. Meanwhile the armed insurgents, al-Qaeda thugs, foreign mercenaries and Iraqi jihadists are almost celebrated by Western media.

The same that has already happened in and about Libya. No government on the entire planet would accept armed radicals, religious fanatics and criminals within their cities. No government would respond differently. Just recall London, Greece, Spain, United States, Portugal, and Italy and so on. These double standards are a threat for the safety of this planet.

It`s like some independent journalists and experts of affairs within the Middle East have already explained. People like Scholl-Latour, Todenhoefer (Todenhöfer), Christoph Hoerstel (Hörstel), Lizzie Phelan, Webster Tarpley and more, who want to prevent a major conflagration within the Middle East and are committed to the truth.

All these people (and many more) have already stated that at least half of the “news” about Syria is just lies and fakes and that the so-called uprising within Syria is financed and supported by foreign powers. Such bomb attacks like today in the Syrian capital Damascus are not on the account of the Syrian government, for sure.

These bomb explosions and horrible acts of terrorism are connected to other attacks which were implemented by the armed insurgents and religious fanatics, also by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Not to mention the al-Qaeda signs within Syria. If the Western governments still demand the renunciation of violence one-sided, only from the Syrian government, this would clearly encourage the chaos in this country of the Middle East.

Kofi Annan, who spoke behind closed doors before the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Friday, called for the increase of efforts by all sides to solve the conflict in Syria politically. Kofi Annan has also announced that he will send a team to Damascus on Sunday, which shall prepare another mission of UN observers to Syria.

Even though the response so far from Damascus seems not to match all ideas from Kofi Annan, he remains committed to a diplomatic solution. The Syrian government in Damascus has already promised to support this idea from Kofi Annan and to help.

The Syrian government also said, that its duties will continue, to protect the Syrian population, to disarm the violent terrorists and to sentence the offenders. As long as the armed insurgents, Iraqi jihadists, Libyan thugs and foreign fighters are killing Syrian soldiers, policemen and civilians, the Government can`t stop their protection.

Not to mention that more and more Syrian people are angry about the Syrian government because they not feel very well protected by them. They even call for more army and more forces against the armed and violent “opposition forces”. Everything else you can read within Western media is a lie for propaganda purposes. It`s sad but true.

The Arab Gulf states, which are likely influenced in their actions by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, have closed their embassies in Damascus and withdrawn their ambassadors from Syria on Friday. Out of Ankara, Turkey, there were again further threats against Syria yesterday.

The Turkish government has announced the final withdrawal of the Turkish ambassador and the establishment of a so-called “protection zone” at the Turkish-Syrian border area.

The isolation of the Syrian government and President in Damascus continues, the armed terrorists and criminals are still supported. The fire within Syria is boosted by abroad. It`s a part of a so-called “regime change” to destabilize a country. This fire in some parts of Syria is able to spread around the whole Middle East.

The Western governments have done nothing until now to decrease the level of chaos and violence within Syria. The Western media and the propaganda channels from Qatar and Saudi Arabia are to blame for the increasing false propaganda, false information and perhaps also for the violence. Not to mention that the support with weapons and money of armed radicals and religious fanatics by foreign powers is against international laws.

Hypocritically sanctions are no way to contribute to the de-escalation of the situation within Syria. The delivery of weapons and ammo to support armed fighters, which Western governments cannot really even rate (Libya e.g.) are no way to decrease the level of violence within Syria. Western media should condemn the stance of the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul.

Until now, there`s no real agenda by them; just radical statements and false information. Western media should condemn the stance to not taking part in negotiations which could lead to a political and peaceful solution for Syria.

These negotiations, which are always rejected by the members of this dubious “council” within Turkey, would also be an option to decrease the level of violence in Syria. Western people should start to think about this stance of this questionable “council”, which was never elected democratically and has a huge influence by the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

The story about moderate Islamists is a fairy tale. Just like the story about investigative journalism – also a fairy tale. Nevertheless, the West supports this radical and violent opposition outside Syria blind and deaf. This stirs up the mess and violence in Syria.

So blood is also on the hands of these governments. Interestingly enough that United States, AIPAC, Israel and some rich Gulf regimes have so much influence that international laws, real journalism and real democracy are worth nothing anymore.

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