Syria: Global March for a Syria with reforms under al-Assad

Posted: March 16, 2012 in International
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On March 15, 2011, the demonstrations within Syria have begun in Damascus, exactly about one year ago. A demonstration against the Syrian government, as published by media, has been dispersed. Just two days later, the people of Dara`a (Daraa) went on the streets to protest against the brutality of the Syrian government.

The Syrian government’s response was wrong at the first demonstrations. There have been shots and also dead. In addition to the dead Syrian civilians, also policemen and security forces were killed. The also Syrian policemen were killed at this demonstration was forgotten or ignored in the Western media – maybe because their sources, e.g. al Jazeera, has willfully ignored this fact.

The Intelligence Service of Russia stated about a month ago, that the uprising within Syria was violent and armed from the beginning. Of course, this doesn`t excuse the false respond of the Syrian government, but considering the response of the British, French, Italian, American (…) governments at protests in recent months and considering that people were also armed at the protests in Syria, it`s nothing unusually for governments, even in the Western states. Both sides are to condemn for this violence.

The demonstrations in Daraa (Dara`a) have increased afterwards. The Syrian area of Daraa is a place very near the Jordanian border. The region of southern Syria is a home to many farmers, simple people. Some of them have taken part for political demands, but the most have likely participated because they were promised to receive money. A good promise that gives hope of a brighter future, considering the missing rain (decreasing level of rains in this area), the poor harvests and the feeling that they are neglected by the Syrian government.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad welcomed the families of children who were previously abused by the local governor; he has met with the leaders of the demonstrations and promised changes. Nothing changed; the demands and behavior of the protesters were getting more and more aggressive. The beginning of the uprising within Syria was not only violent but these “peaceful demonstrations” were also already boosted from the outside.

A year after the outbreak of the demonstrations, Syria is in the grip of various forces. A year after the riots, there is a media war against Syria and the country is almost completely isolated since then. The Syrian population suffers from the economic crisis; the prices are rising dramatically and costs jobs.

However, a large part of the Syrian population is still behind the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This was again expressed by the so-called “Global March For Syria” on Thursday (3/15/2012). Millions of Syrians across the country expressed their support for the reforms, for the Syrian president al-Assad and their rejection of any foreign intervention within Syria.

When Western media have reported about this “Global March For Syria”, they reported with a bitter aftertaste, as usually. Of course, there’s no day without any new propaganda against Syria since a year. The news from Syria are known, the numbers of death are published on a daily base now; the truth of the information still cannot be confirmed.

Nobody seems to ask for sources or verifications as long as the information can be used to condemn the acts of the Syrian government. A totally one-sided coverage about the events in Syria, with has nothing to do with journalism anymore. Journalism means objectivity, critical analysis and coverage of all events of a situation.

Some editorial offices of Western agencies have forgotten about this. Economic reasons, pressure and the easy way to process such information further, without verifying it. They don`t have to – who should accuse them for false reports against another horrible Arab dictator? Press councils? Come on! They are just there for the show. As long as there is no clear evidence, real journalists should be skeptically.

Not to mention that they also should be skeptically about their sources, e.g. like the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London. A two-man show of the Muslim Brotherhood. The only truth is guaranteed that people die in Syria. Too many people already died in fighting between the regular Syrian army and the armed radicals, religious extremists and foreign mercenaries, not to mention the Libyan “rebels”, Iraqi jihadists and thugs of al-Qaeda.

If Western governments and Gulf States like Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia would really care about freedom, peace and democracy within Syria, they would stop the arming of the radial and violent insurgents (e.g. “Syrian Free Army / FSA”) immediately and try to implement an objective resolution at the UN Security Council – or, at least, try to solve the chaos and violence by negotiations and discussions.

One-sided, hypocritically resolutions, based on false information and (false) propaganda is nothing, which can be accepted. One year after the beginning of this uprising in Syria, which is still falsely sold to the Western citizens by their media, it`s clear that foreign powers are already meddling in Syria. For example, the (not only financially) support for Syrian opposition figures around the globe by the United States has already started in the times of George W. Bush as U.S. President.

So-called “Revolution” Pages and actions at Facebook and Twitter are supported by the United States. One of the first “Syrian Revolution” Page at Facebook is managed out of Sweden. Remember the last information about Sweden from WikiLeaks? Not to mention that such sites are able to publish death threats on their Facebook Pages without getting deleted by the workers of this Social Media network.

Even if Facebook offices around the globe are informed of these public life threats. Many Syrians feel protected and secure by the Syrian soldiers and government security forces. Other Syrians are angry because the Syrian soldiers still do not use all possible forces against the armed radicals and religious fanatics.

What the Western media wants to sell to the population in the West is another truth – and much more propaganda as the statement of the Syrian government, that foreign powers already influence the situation within Syria. The truth of Western media is, that the regular Syrian army is violent, horrible and to condemn in every way.

But to be honest, slowly but surely, some articles in Western media report about the real truth and the actual situation on Syrian ground – considering all the false and questionable reports, which are not in line with the dogmas of journalism and the true situation, these few articles with their true content are still too less. At least, it`s a good sign, somehow.

Correctly, is that everything is getting more expensive within Syria. Correctly is that there have been power cuts / blackouts of up to eight hours a day and that these blackouts still happen. Correctly is that the Syrian people are desperate, because they feel the effect of hypocritically sanctions – of course, these sanctions mainly affect the middle and lower classes in Syria.

It is also correct that the Syrians demand reforms and political openness, but these demands must be handled in the country and not abroad. In Syria, you can save the people only when the West is open for negotiations and the armed terrorists, Libyan mercenaries, Iraqi jihadists, religious extremists and armed criminals are pushed back and receive no more support with money and weapons by foreign powers, which is also against international laws.

Only a real dialogue should be able to decrease the violence within Syria and to put real solutions on the table. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC, based in Istanbul, Turkey) still rejects any dialogue and lied to Kofi Annan. Those who walk the streets with guns are certainly no opposition. These armed insurgents and violent criminals don`t fight for freedom, democracy and a on-going secular Syria. They fight for influence, power, revenge and money.

The questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), led by the dubious Ghalioun, is an inevitably futile group. The active members of this “council” in Istanbul support the armed insurgents, incite more violence and call for a bombardment of Syria. That the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) itself has very little idea of democracy shows the way in which it was founded.

Not to mention that there`s a radical part of Salafists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood within this “democratic, peaceful and open-minded council”. Mostly, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is more radical and open for violence than the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Many of the “deputies” who were suddenly members of the Council knew nothing about that membership in advance. Ghalioun still decides above the opinions of members until today. No surprise, that this “council” is already divided and failed from the beginning. Ghalioun was “elected” by the Muslim Brotherhood. The hypocritically demands for military use in Syria are getting louder by Ghalioun and other radical people which do not care about what happened in Libya while the NATO war, with support of al-Qaeda thugs and criminals.

All members of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), who are asked about a military intervention within Syria, blatantly repeat words and sentences, which are reminiscent of Libya. This makes clear who actually founded the “Syrian National Council” and supports it. The midwives of this Council are the same as that of the Libyan National Council.

Everything that is currently running against Syria is not aimed on the liberation of the population and on a brighter future for the Syrian population. It serves to implement a regime change, so that the “anti-American” Syrian government can be replaced by US puppets.

Not to mention that Gulf States like Bahrain, Qatar and Saud Arabia also have their own, and partly “religious”, intentions in Syria. The Alawites in Syria are a thorn in the eyes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The Christian minority perhaps, too. Of course, that the announced elections for the upcoming 07. Mai, 2012, are condemned by the West, is not surprising.

Sure it’s a bad time for elections, in which people are afraid to leave their homes in some parts of Syria, because of the armed insurgents, but to demonize them, as it has been done by some Western media, is not correct. Behind the propaganda, the West knows that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has still the majority of the Syrian population behind him and thus he is still able win these elections. Therefore, it is better for those, who want to overthrow al-Assad, to do everything to prevent this election.

But until May 07 there is still a long time and how one has learned in recent weeks and months, a lot can happen in this time. One may be curious to today, when Kofi Annan presents his report on the talks with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his response to Annan’s proposals to the United Nations (UN).

So far, Kofi Annan said nothing about the content of talks with al-Assad. But today, he will report all this, however, to the UN behind closed doors. Why behind closed doors? Do they want to make sure that nothing “bad” (e.g. the truth) can penetrate to the outside – as it happened with the report of the Arab League (AL) observers, which was finally buried by Qatar because it wasn`t one-sided.

One thing is certain: it must come to a rest in Syria soon and the killing of innocent people has to stop an end immediately. The killing cannot be stopped, if weapons are still delivered to the armed radicals and mercenaries from abroad. The gunmen, but also the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), is not willing to negotiate.

The Syrian government itself stays a bit quiet at the moment, but is, at least, willing to negotiate – since the beginning.

The fact is that only in Syria, the problems can be solved. The “Syrian National Council” in Istanbul is certainly not the correct representation of the Syrian population, because the Council itself has no interest in democracy and a secular Syria. The actions of this “Council” never proved their interest in the Syrian people; their actions always proved that they do not care about normal Syrian citizens.


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