Syria: Saudi Arabia and Qatar boost their revolutions in the Middle East

Posted: March 15, 2012 in International
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Ban Ki Moon has held a speech at the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Monday. In his speech, Ban Ki Moon demanded from the leaders of the Arab world, that these leaders should walk the path of sustainable reforms or that they should make room for those who want to go this path of sustainable reforms in the Arab world and who stand up against corruption and nepotism.

Of course, corruption and nepotism also happens in Western countries such as the United States, France, Britain and Germany. In his speech at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC / UN), Ban Ki Moon has also demanded the important words which are always working in the West, the key words for Western people: political pluralism, protection of minority rights, strengthening the rights of women and work opportunities for young people, also democracy, of course.

These are the key words for the West, how everything is justified and even sold, although considering the acts of some Western countries in recent years, they also justify non-democratically, non-peaceful acts with these words. Hypocritically, but to be honest, the speech of Ban Ki Moon in front of the UN Security Council (UNSC) sounded in all, very understandable and commendable. But which reality is behind this?

After the so-called “Arab spring”, the En-Nahda party has won in Tunisia. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist party an-Nour. In Libya, al-Qaeda has occupied the country with the victory of the rebels. In Yemen, the power went to the Vice-President Hadi, who might be the same guy (…) as the former president of Yemen.

Since then, the regime of the former rulers were overthrown, it became very quiet around these countries (Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt …) in the Western media. But all countries share one thing, the point that, with certainty, no democratic systems have been established within these countries, but systems which are connected to imperialism in solidarity.

In all previously mentioned countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Libya…), the Islamism has gathered speed. A radical Islamism is definitely contrary to the requirement to strengthen the rights of women. Equally questionable is whether the “new” leaders of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen are now in a position and really interested to abolish corruption in their governments and countries.

Corruption is not solely a problem of the “rulers” in these countries, but a problem and phenomenon that goes through the society in these countries.

Also striking is the enormous involvement of the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in the developments of these countries. Qatar and Saudi Arabia have supported each of the active forces, who are now in power in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya. Qatar and Saudi Arabia have supported and still support an-Nahda in Tunisia and the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists (Salafiyha, Salafis) in Egypt – not only with money, but the financially support was understandable good for these organizations, which were so able to strengthen their influence very easy.

In Libya, Qatar has even attacked with own fighter jets, and even has fought on the side of the so-called Libyan rebels. One could almost say, very evil, that the revolutions were initiated and paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, so that they can strengthen their Salafist influence in these countries.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two countries, in which you cannot talk about a political pluralism or any other issue mentioned by Ban Ki Moon in front of the UN Security Council (UN), are allies of the West and want to support other countries, in terms of democracy and pluralism. Wow.

So that the world is somehow in imbalance. The Gulf States are the winners of last year’s developments in the Arab world and they will do everything to keep it that way. The only really existing troublemaker for the absolute rulers of the Gulf States is the Syrian President and Alawite, Bashar al-Assad.

Syria should be the last Arab socialist nation-state, which has to be changed – has to be taken down. At this point, the Gulf States and the “NATO”-West have joined. The Arab countries where a coup has taken place, follow blindly, of course, because they know where the money comes from and how you have to integrate yourself into the political intrigue if one wants to save himself in these days.

The other Arab kingdoms have always been “on the side” of the other monarchies and won`t start to revolt against the plans and intentions from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is the formed front against Syria, but this Gulf front is still not strong enough as long as Russia and China hold to Syria and support this secular country in the Middle East.

No wonder then, that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is currently transformed into a monster that has to be tracked and to get eliminated. The headlines in the mainstream media are almost identical, the same keywords again and again – without any confirmations, verifications and based on very questionable sources like the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, which is a two-man show – Voltaire Network, e.g., just calls this “observatory” an office of the Muslim Brotherhood in the middle of London.   They also do not shy away from raising the same non-confirmed allegation repeatedly and sell it again and again as new and confirmed.

The Western people are manipulated by them again and again mentally by “selling” them the “opinion” that the gruesome photos and news about Syria were real. You must stop the “killing machine” in the Syrian capital Damascus.

The latest attempt is the agreement between Kofi Annan and the Syrian government. The UN representative, Kofi Annan, spoke with the Syrian president al-Assad. Kofi Annan has not commented on the content of his conversation with al-Assad.

Annan only told that he waits for a response from Damascus. Kofi Annan reduces the waiting time for the answer from Damascus with a visit to Turkey, to meet with the so-called Syrian opposition. An opposition (Syrian National Council / SNC), which is known apparently only for being divided and to still have no serious agenda for Syria.

Some Western media published reports yesterday, that Kofi Annan has received a reply from the Syrian government in Damascus and that Annan will examine this answer from Syria. Still, no information about the content. Just one day later, the headlines are different and say, that Damascus has refused to respond to Kofi Annan.

But that`s just wrong and bad propaganda by some so-called journalists. The answer from Damascus was verbally, as well as Kofi Annan presented “his ideas” for resolving the conflict in Syria verbally. As usually, all positive information about the Syrian government and all efforts by the government in Damascus are ignored or published “vice versa”.

Just like the Western media reports about the so-called “Syrian Blacklists”. Media reports in the West really stated that these blacklists are somehow positive and only “Syrian spies” are listed on these blacklists. Although, the Arabic on such websites unmask the truth – a horrible way of journalism. Such blacklists are to condemn. The call to beat and kill innocents just because of their religion, sect, ethnic background or stance is to condemn.

Turn the facts upside down shows the lack of credibility and journalism in these editorial offices. Of course, the Syrian government in Damascus is not innocent and sure not the best one. But considering some Gulf States and other dictatorships, the United Nations should primarily care about human rights in Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Syria is the only secular country in the Middle East and even if living there is not really easy when you are a normal guy, it`s still better than in some other countries on this planet.

Not to mention that Syria hosts a lot of refugees, but never received the financially support from the international community for these refugees – in contrast to all other countries which host such a high amount of refugees.

There were always sanctions against Syria and, of course, the new sanctions, which are based on false information and dubious intentions, harm the civilians – United States and Europe know about this, but they do not really care. These sanctions are implemented for propaganda purposes and to support the questionable plans of a so-called “regime change”.

What is currently happening within Syria has nothing to do with the implementation of democracy and a better future for the Syrian population. Even, it has nothing to do with freedom for the Syrian people. The so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is certainly not even an advocate of democracy and peace, they cannot even united and always reject the offers for negotiations which could lead to a peaceful solution.

The “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, never cared about the Syrian people. They are, at least, not better than the Syrian government; but after the last year, the heads of the “Syrian National Council” are responsible for more deaths than the Syrian government in the last ten years. The important members of the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based and hosted in Turkey, are only interested in power and try to enforce with a vengeance.

Not to mention the radical influence by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists within this “council”. To be honest, this “council” is nothing more than the next “Libyan National Transitional Council” and people who are interested in the real news about Libya, know what this means. That al-Qaeda terrorists are fighting in Syria for some time seems to be just as not deterred as it was in Libya.

Inimicus inimici mei amicus meus est; The enemy of my enemy is my friend. There`s an indication that this saying was implemented by some Western governments. These governments act like this. The demands for more weapons for the radical insurgents are getting louder.

The pressure on and the propaganda against the countries, which are still on Syria`s side, is increasing. The community of interests (different interests), intentions and governments try to reach their goal, the overthrow of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. Is it really the time to remove the Syrian President?

By these radical, violent and false methods, which are also against international laws? Depending on the position of the viewer, there are two possible answers. All NATO countries, which fight their imperialist war and want to implement more willfully puppets in the “new” Middle East, are going to say, it`s the time to remove him. Gulf States will agree – but sure not because of the entire same interests and plans for Syria. Others will disagree to such a demand.

These groups want to protect the minorities and their rights in this area and want to prevent a conflagration in the Middle East. They also see the real intentions of some Western governments and several Gulf States behind the curtains.

Until last year, Syria was one of the safest countries. Religion was a private matter, so the peaceful coexistence in Syria worked really well in the last years. Friendships between all religions, ethnical backgrounds and sects.

For this reason, even many Sunnis are on the side of the Syrian President al-Assad (e.g. in the Syrian city of Aleppo). They want to prevent chaos and anarchy in their country. They also want reforms, but they do not want to leave their country destroyed by outside forces and armed gangs. Even if they criticize the Syrian President al-Assad, he actually seems to be the only guarantee to lead Syria into a truly democratic future, or at least, to pave the secure way for it.

One year ago today, the demonstrations have started in Daraa (Dara`a), Syria. The allegedly trigger was the arrest of children, who were beaten after their arrest. This was seen as an opportunity to start real protests against the Syrian regime / government.

The local authorities responded at the protest totally incorrectly. But already at the first demonstrations, there were dead, while the Syrian police was ordered not to use their weapons. Although the most protesters were peacefully, they already were misused and murdered by radical elements within their protest movement.

The victims were consistently sold as civilians, but that was a lie and used for a propaganda purpose of the Syrian “opposition members” abroad. Thus the foundation was laid for more extreme expectant violence and brutality.

Also the foundation was laid for more lies and false flag-acts by violent elements. The Syrian government misjudged the situation and actually proved that they could not protect the population. A year later, the propaganda machine ran hot and war claims are at a really high level – but still, no real confirmations, just a lot of questions.

The mainstream media of NATO countries will probably not report about the Global March in Syria, which started today. This Syrian Global March and international Global March for Syria calls to condemn the propaganda and demands the incitement to another war, based on false information, propaganda and dubious interests.

The Syrian people who take part at this Global March in Syria will commit to the reforms and they confess to the President Bashar al-Assad. The people around the globe, who will take part at similar events in their cities tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, are going to do the same. The coverage of Western media about this Global March will be bad. Not to mention the Qatari and Saudi propaganda stations – al Jazeera and al Arabiya.

This Global March should not be confused with the “Global March” for propaganda purposes against Syria.

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    Please cease using the argument that the reason you are writing crap about Syria is because “media is not allowed there.”

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