Syrian National Council wants an international intervention

Posted: March 14, 2012 in International
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At the last weekend, Kofi Annan traveled to Syria as a representative of the United Nations (UN) and the Arab League (AL). In the Syrian capital Damascus, Kofi Annan met with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and discussed with him several ways to end the fighting and violence in Syria.

After the end of the talks with President al-Assad, Kofi Annan traveled to Turkey. Meanwhile, not much was mentioned about the contents of the conversations between Kofi Annan and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Of course, one was able to read the typical questionable stories in Western media, although not much was published about the proposals for resolving the violence. Not to mention that Western media seems to hide the fact that the Syrian government was always interested in talks to solve this chaos and violence peacefully.

In contrast to the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey, which always has rejected any peaceful negotiations and solutions. It`s not really clear what was the full content of the discussions between Kofi Annan and the Syrian President al-Assad. At least, Kofi Annan told only that he is waiting for a response from the Syrian government in the capital Damascus.

Finally it looks like there has been a response from Damascus to Kofi Annan in the evening hours, yesterday. As the UN and Arab League representative, Kofi Annan, told, the answer from Damascus is “under consideration” at the moment. More on this topic was not mentioned. But maybe it is an advantage that Kofi Annan doesn`t talk very much about his steps and the full content in public.

That would at least prevent premature judgments and analyses at the moment – when we forget about some so-called “journalists” in the West and some Gulf States, which do not care about the dogmas of journalism anymore. While Kofi Annan was waiting for a response from Damascus, he met in Turkey with representatives of the so-called Syrian National Council (SNC), to discuss with them some ways of resolving the conflict in Syria on Tuesday.

The “Syrian National Council” has one huge problem at the moment, in addition to its lack of credibility; it also shows huge signs of disintegration.

Considering the headlines about the meeting between the UN representative Kofi Annan and the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul, Turkey, it looks like the dubious representatives of this non-legitimate “council” lied to the representative of the United States and the Arab League, Kofi Annan. The real opinion of the heads (Ghalioun, Muslim Brotherhood) is clear: A political and diplomatic way to resolve the crisis peacefully is not on the table for them.

They still reject any dialogues with the Syrian government and President al-Assad. Considering the behavior of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) since its founding, it`s clear and easy to say that this “council” is responsible for the increasing level of violence within Syria.

More and more should be convinced that the members of this dubious council have never really cared about the Syrian population. The opposition forces, in Syria and abroad, rely on weapons and support from foreign forces to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad by violence – since the beginning of the conflict about Syria. In addition, al-Assad’s opponents are completely at odds with each other and are fragmented, and each has different ideas on how to proceed in Syria.

Not to mention that there`s still no real serious agenda – since a year. A credible and good opposition, outside Syria? Come on!

Even in the West nobody would trust such a “opposition” without any agenda, which also is based outside the country and seems to rely on weapons, violence and the demands for an international intervention, bombing, of the country. Even if we forget about the fact that this “opposition” demands the bombing of Syrian ground by NATO forces or Arab forces, there is still no agenda for Syria by them.

A democratically and peaceful opposition is something different. Nevertheless, the head of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), and the guy which represents the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ghalioun, demands so-called “protected areas” in Syria. Although, the reports about the situation in the West are based on false facts or vice versa when it comes to the true events.

Ghalioun, of course, knows about that but he misuses the media and lack of journalism (perhaps there are even willfully journalists) to achieve his dubious goals). Ghalioun also called for the establishment of a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria- similar to the Libyan “No-Fly Zone” by NATO and al-Qaeda forces.

So Ghalioun demands in public to bomb the Syrian civilians just as it happened within Libya. Also Western media already confirmed that at least 50,000 people died in Libya because of this “No-Fly Zone”. About 40,000 Libyans are also dead or missing. Ghalioun wants a similar bloodshed by NATO and Arab forces within Syria? Not to mention that the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria is much more radical than their “brothers” in Cairo, Egyptian.

The dubious head of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Ghalioun, seems to be so fascinated by the Libyan war, that he wants the same with Syria. And if there will be no military / international intervention in Syria, Ghalioun wants to increase the arming of the Syrian opposition forces within Syria and at the borders to Syria, so that these armed radicals, criminals, Libyan mercenaries and Iraqi jihadists (also al-Qaeda thugs) can more effectively fight against the regular Syrian army.

The current arming of the opposition forces (e.g. the so-called Free Syrian Army) with weapons from foreign powers and the support with money seems to be still insufficient for Ghalioun. Whenever there is a meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) about Syria and a new draft resolution against Syria, there are also new massacres within Syria. Some say, for propaganda purposes against the Syrian government.

Also some say that the Syrian National Council (SNC) appoints such massacres with the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) to blame the regular Syrian soldiers and the government in Damascus for this violence. Of course, Ghalioun benefits from every massacre which is blamed on the Syrian government. There are also indicators at every “massacre” in Syria, which prove that these violent acts were not implemented by a regular army.

Western media reported that there is new fighting in whole Syria and that the Syrian army is responsible for the next massacre in the Syrian city of Homs. But this is false. Relying on our sources in this Syrian city and district, it`s totally far away from the truth, again. Western media fail – because of the lack of interest, journalism or just because they are willfully tools for dubious interests. The statements about fighting in whole Syria are also simply wrong.

There were fighting between the regular Syrian army and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in the known regions: Idleb (Idlib), Homs. Some Iraqi jihadists and al-Qaeda thugs forced some problems in Deir az-Zour, too.

Coming back to the next “massacre of Homs”. It`s said, that there were a lot of corpses were found in Homs and Idleb (Idlib). In contrast to Western media reports, our sources in Homs confirm under tears, that the armed radicals and religious extremist took the corpses to a “quieter neighborhood” of Homs to film them and to blame their death on the Syrian army.

Also more and more families in some districts of Homs are thrown out of their houses by armed militants and members of the violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). While some were only thrown out and threatened to leave their family homes, some Christian families were already murdered by the religious fanatics.

To use dead people, who were murdered by you, to film them and to blame others for their death, is really sick. But it`s useful considering Western media, which never investigates these information and videos. These armed extremists, Libyan mercenaries and all other armed criminals want to In document the brutality to blame the Syrian army and to emphasize that the “Assad regime” is totally brutal and to condemn every day.

Media is a willfully recipient of these staged videos. Many deaths in Syria are to bemoan because of the violence of the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, FSA. The armed opponents of the Syrian regime / government and the President Bashar al-Assad aim to discredit the Syrian army and government by filming and documenting these atrocities, which were done by them.

Western media and some Gulf channels (…) repeatedly report about the difficult situation of an independent reporting on Syria. On the one hand, there are many journalists within Syria, on the other hand, are these reports really independent? This is to question.

Western media still publishes number of deaths in Syria, based on e.g. the not-credible “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London. These numbers of deaths in Syria are not confirmed or investigated. It`s also clear that some of these allegedly dead people are still alive. It would be a step towards objectivity at the Western media, when they also name the number of fallen policemen, soldiers and civilians, murdered by armed opposition forces – which is a huge number within the “sold number of deaths” in Syria.

Currently, they speak about around 8000th people who were killed by the Syrian army and government. Are the more than 3,000 dead Syrian soldiers and policemen included in this allegedly number of deaths in Syria? Nobody really knows.

It`s just certain that the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London is not credible. Not to mention that Voltaire Network calls this two-man “Observatory” in London an office of the Muslim Brotherhood – so this “Syrian Observatory” is also not independent, considering the latest statements of the Muslim Brotherhood about Ghalioun (SNC).

What is also certain is that life continues normally in the most parts of the secular Syria. The majority of the Syrian population is still standing behind the President Bashar al-Assad and takes attempts by insurgents and troublemakers mostly in their own hands. Unfortunately, this Syrian majority is not recognized by the NATO countries.

The NATO countries hide the real situation within Syria and the real stance of the majority of Syrians in Syria. Not to mention that the known AIPAC-Darling, Hillary Clinton, doesn`t speak the truth. The NATO countries, with some allies like e.g. the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists (Salafis, Salafiyah) and Gulf State-allies, has adapted a so-called “regime change” for Syria and want to implement this in all its consequences.

Whether there will be a united military intervention by foreign forces in Syria or a intervention by US forces on their own, is questionable. But considering some interesting facts, it`s questionable if the United States will again act against international law and implement an intervention in Syria. Not to mention that they already meddling in Syria – weapons, money and advices for the Syrian opposition forces and Libyan mercenaries.

Maybe Hillary Clinton really fears the al-Qaeda signs in Syria, but who really knows? Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice are not credible. It is more likely that they will increase arming of radical forces in Syria and rely on further Special Forces (French, British, Turkish) within this country of the Middle East.

While the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has declared to the United Nations (UN) and Arab League (AL) representative, Kofi Annan, to really work on a peaceful solution and a democratically future for Syria, he has also stressed that, as long as there are armed forces in Syria, the Syrian civilians must be protected.

The Syrian government has repeatedly proved cooperative and willing to talk; however, the “Syrian National Council” rejected this again and again. Yesterday, the Syrian President al-Assad has announced the parliamentary elections in early May (7th May).

Of course, the opponents outside Syria, e.g. the Muslim Brotherhood Council in Istanbul, the SNC, also reject this as they already have rejected the new Syrian constitution and any dialogues to solve this crisis and violence peacefully.

  1. Photo’s from the 2009 Gaza Massacre are being circulated as coming from Homs, Syria — Roqayah (@iRevolt)

  2. ‘No independent journalism anymore’ – ex-Al Jazeera reporter

  3. Gulf Arabs offered bribe to Russia for yes vote on Syria

    Informed diplomatic sources have reported to the Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) that Bahrain, representing the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), offered Russia a bribe of $5 billion if it did not use its veto in the Security Council to defeat an Arab League-sponsored resolution calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down. In the February 4 vote on the resolution, Russia, along with China, used their vetos to shoot down the resolution. U.S. ambassador to the UN Susan Rice called the vetoes “disgusting” and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton referred to the Russian and Chinese action as “despicable,” with Germany’s UN ambassador Peter Wittig calling the vetoes a “disgrace.”

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