Syria: Russia and China – next veto against one-sided Resolution

Posted: March 13, 2012 in International
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On Monday, the UN Security Council (UNSC) met again to vote on another draft resolution against Syria, which could be better formulated as a start for a new wave of propaganda (using false information e.g.) against the Syrian government in Damascus, but also against Russia and China.

Maybe not the real start of a new wave of (false) propaganda against Syria, Russia and China, but more maintenance of this false stance, based on false flag acts, false information and non-credible sources.

So it`s sure no longer surprising that the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary “AIPAC-Darling” Clinton, talks about the plan to obtain a condemnation of Syria, without attacking the territorial sovereignty of the country. Shall we mention that Hillary Clinton also condemned the attacks from Gaza on Israel, while she has forgotten to mention that also Israel is to condemn for the bloodbath in Gaza?

No wonder, that`s the rhetoric, logic and propaganda of a woman called Hillary Clinton. Of course, the U.S. Secretary of State, also named as warmonger by more and more people around the globe, doesn`t really speak the truth.

She tries to make it look confident and proven, but considering her promises and statements about e.g. Libya, her statements against Syria are the same hypocritically lies. Nothing more, nothing less.

As e.g. Cables by WikiLeaks are proving, the U.S. administration already supports the so-called Syrian “opposition members” since a long time. Not only with money and advices. After the U.S. administration has “sponsored” a lot of money to the opposition figures outside Syria and for the preparation of some dubious acts and false flag-actions in Syria, they started to support questionable people with arms. Considering Afghanistan, the people shouldn`t be surprised when the United States support radicals and religious extremists with weapons. Libya is another evidence for this.

At the next meeting of the questionable UN Security Council (UNSC), they were only solely to agree at one point, that the violence within Syria must be stopped to avoid further bloodshed of innocent people. Of course, it would have been more diplomatic and realistic, when Hillary Clinton would have spoken the truth.

The present the Syrian government and regular army as the sole cause of this violent situation is just plain wrong and could lead to a conflagration in the whole Middle East. Clearly, the Syrian government has to protect the Syrian civilians and is also responsible for violence in some parts of Syria every day, but the armed mercenaries, Iraqi jihadists, Libyan thugs and al-Qaeda fighters, the Western-backed terrorists within Syria, are also to blame for this situation.

A huge threat for a peaceful situation is the foreign support of armed extremists and criminals with money and weapons. How can violence be prevented – by smuggling weapons into Syria? Of course, not. So Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and also France, Germany, Britain and the United States are also to blame for the violence in some parts of Syria.

The Western governments and some non-democratically Gulf States blame the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian troops for the violence. They talk about violent acts which are not verifiable. It doesn`t matter what happens, the Syrian government is responsible for it. Considering that some Western governments and representatives know the truth what is happening in Syria, they willfully use lies for propaganda purposes and to achieve their dubious intentions and questionable goals.

Western media plays its part. Considering the real dogmas of journalism, it`s sure a huge scandal. Free press? Not in Syria and not in Europe. Also Barbara Walters has failed when she thought that there is any Free Press in the United States. She even knows better behind the curtains. Are there really peaceful demonstrators in Syria? Still?

There are peaceful demonstrators, without question, but they are apparently misused from all sides. The most peaceful demonstrators have already stopped to protests months ago. The radicals and armed extremists have used and still use protests as covers. Armed criminals, religious extremists and well-trained forces frequently have used such demonstrations to shoot at people, so that the Syrian army and the Syrian government can be blamed for this violence.

CIA tactics, False Flag. It`s easy to do so. Investigative journalism is a fairy tale and Western media has no interest to really portray the situation in Syria impartial, objective and honest. They are just a tool. The West (and some Gulf States) has a strong interest in a so-called regime change in Syria.

The Syrian government, which was more cooperative than any head of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey, to solve the situation peacefully, still doesn`t use its full forces to protect civilians and to crackdown the terrorism within the country. More and more Syrian people demand the use of all forces to crackdown the violence of these armed groups in the country.

A state has to protect its civilians and to care about the threats from people with weapons. Logically, or? If the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) wouldn`t reject all offers for negotiations about a peaceful solution, the violence would have already decreased. But with this not-human stance of this “Council” in Istanbul, they just increase the level of violence.

Also their demands to arm the radical extremists, opposition forces, Libyan fighters and Iraqi jihadists (also al-Qaeda thugs) in Syria, they just show their true face – they don´t care about the Syrian people and they still have no serious agenda. Would anybody in the West acknowledge such a “opposition” outside his country? A huge part of these armed mercenaries and religious fanatics (Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, and Wahhabi-supporters) will never lay down their arms.

A look to Libya should open the eyes. The violent Libyan militias have so far their arms and take advantage of their newly “acquired power” – with a big thanks to NATO. So it would then also continue in Syria. The gunmen then probably try to defend their occupied areas as their territory, as their new Emirate. The end would be probably two or three Emirates.

Away from any politics, human rights and also with a huge lack for the rights of women, and certainly these armed radicals are not interested to subordinate to any (new) government in Syria.

Other arguments of the West and the Western media (also Gulf States) to achieve their goals, especially mentally, are also questionable and highly reminiscent of Libya. Not to mention that they are willfully based on false information and so on. For one, Western media again reports about killed women and children and, of course, blame the Syrian army for this horrible violence.

For the definition and understanding, not to say propaganda, of the NATO countries, all violence in Syria goes on the account of the Syrian army, the account of the Syrian government and the President Bashar al-Assad. But is this true or at least, confirmed?

Not really. On the one hand, they support armed radicals; on the other hand, they blame the Syrian government for all violence in Syria. Not to mention that such a support (weapons e.g.) is against international laws.

The most NATO member countries still ignore the fact that “their” armed extremists, religious fanatics and mercenaries abduct and harass civilians to assert their interests and to blackmail the Syrian government – also for false flag, of course. At least, Latin America and some East European countries should know all this very well. Thank you, CIA.

For example, a allegedly doctor from Homs told the “news channel” al-Arabiya about 16 rapes by the Syrian soldiers. Really? Are we already in Afghanistan and Iraq (US war-crimes)? (The last time, someone, allegedly from Homs, reported to al Jazeera that headless people are running around – Zombies in the middle of Syria…)

Al-Arabiya has been very committed to support the so-called opposition against the Alawite Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and did not hesitate to spread lies that were then copy & pasted by Western media. Journalism = copy & paste, without investigation, confirmation? Also the translation from Arabic into English, French, and German is no real journalism.

The editorial offices of Western media work in the economic interests of “their” companies. A headline is more important than the content of articles. Although we are not interested to go too far, but Google News is also to blame for the bad habits of so-called “journalists” nowadays. In Libya, Gaddafi’s soldiers were accused of rape, which turned out to be false. Amnesty International (AI), Human Rights Watch (HRW) and other so-called humanitarian organizations are also to blame for the false propaganda, spreading lies and for the bloodbath by NATO in Libya.

Credible human rights organizations? Independent? Come on. Since the parallels between Libya and Syria (the events, interests, propaganda, not the country) are damn big, you should also, in the case of Syria rather turn out as propaganda and lies to the people in the West, so that they are psychologically manipulate – that they agree to an attack or the arming of criminals against / in Syria.

In addition, the Syrian army is accused to have destroyed a bridge near Rastan, so that people are no longer able to escape from the city. Really? The Syrian army, not the armed groups and mercenaries? The Syrian army does not destroy the infrastructure.

They need this infrastructure, e.g. for the tanks, maybe? Often, the false propaganda from Western governments, media and so-called opposition figures is so stupid that it`s really crazy, that Western people believe in this.

It’s hard to predict the future within Syria. Kofi Annan will meet with opposition figures (from the dubious Muslim Brotherhood-Council – the SNC) in Istanbul. That this questionable “Syrian National Council”, based in Turkey, is not ready to declare a dialogue is as good as fixed.

Latest demands from the ranks of the bickering and splintering Syrian National Council is the establishment of humanitarian corridors and a complete no-fly zone in Syria. Do they love Syria and do they care about the Syrian population? Not really, considering e.g. Libya. So the French Gnome, Ghalioun, and other figures of the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), still demand a war against Syria. Maybe it`s easy for them because they never lived longer than some weeks in Syria.

Officially, Saudi Arabia doesn`t support this idea of an war of aggression against Syria, but the Saudi regime, ehm, the Saudi royal family, confirmed on Monday, that they arm the so-called “Syrian Free Army” (FSA) and other radical groups within Syria, so that the struggle against the Syrian government can continue.

The Alawites and the Christian minorities in Syria are a huge thorn in the eyes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain..

The United States now consider a military operation, too. Obama will not act without international backing, he said. But they already support opposition forces and even al-Qaeda thugs within Syria. Crazy, or?

So while in some countries, the military component is tested, the EU maintains further sanctions against Syria, not to isolate Assad, but to let the Syrian people bleed or, at least, to help at this point, which is also a part of a so-called “regime change” method.

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