Syria: Kofi Annan in Damascus – opposition against peaceful solution

Posted: March 12, 2012 in International
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Kofi Annan arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus on Saturday morning, where he has led talks with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Kofi Annan also wanted to meet some members of the opposition, or enemies of Bashar al-Assad, before his departure on Sunday.

It´s only relatively speculative what these talks between the Syrian President al-Assad and Kofi Annan really have achieved until now. Until now, Kofi Annan restrains to completely evaluate his meetings with the Syrian President al-Assad in public.

Only a few comments and information about the meetings between al-Assad and Annan became public so far. Kofi Annan officially traveled to Syria with the intention of obtaining a ceasefire by his talks, so that the violence within Syria will end.

Whether this target has a chance of success is hard to say. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad assured to make serious efforts to tackle the crisis in Syria, to get it under control and find a peaceful solution.

But this is hard to do as long as armed radicals, criminals, foreign mercenaries and also religious fanatics bully and harass the Syrian people, attack soldiers, police men and civilians. As long as these armed groups spread fear and terror, it`s hard to end the violence in the country. This could then only be achieved if the armed groups lay down their weapons and halt their attacks on Syrian authorities, officials and civilians.

Kidnappings, harassments and attacks on buses happen often. While this attacks, the armed groups take the valuables of the occupants, especially the mobile devices / phones. Not to mention the rapes and the hate of some armed groups against other ethnics, sects and religions. To approach to these armed groups is certainly not in the interests of the majority of the Syrian population and does not bear to an improvement of the situation within Syria.

The dubious head of the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Ghalioun, rejected offers of Kofi Annan and also rejected any dialogue with the Syrian President al-Assad again. The SNC-head Ghalioun, who should be more a marionette at the front, announced even before the departure of Kofi Annan to Syria, that he is unwilling to engage in any negotiations; even those dialogues could lead to a peaceful solution for the Syrian population.

In their absolute disarray, this Syrian opposition, based in Istanbul, Turkey, has still one goal – the downfall of President Bashar al-Assad, no matter what it might cost. So they don`t care about the Syrian civilians as long as they think they are able to achieve the overthrow of the Syrian president al-Assad and the Syrian government.

It`s unclear whether Kofi Annan has met with a lot of members of the opposition before his departure and it must be said that the opposition in Syria is totally different than the so-called “opposition”, e.g. based in Istanbul. So if it`s said that Kofi Annan meets with members of the opposition, it`s hard to know if he meets members of the radical opposition (outside Syria) or from the Syrian opposition in Syria, which has a different stance than the questionable Syrian opposition in Istanbul, Washington, Paris, London and Berlin.

What is certain is that Bashar al-Assad is ready for a peaceful solution of the problem, but is not willing to leave the field for armed groups and religious fanatics. Which head of state would do this? No one.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accepted the so-called five-point plan, which was proposed in advance of the visit, between Kofi Annan and the Arab League. This five-point plan calls for an end to the violence, no matter from which side and what forces this violence comes from. Furthermore, the Arab League spoke out against a foreign intervention in Syria.

But the Arab League wants humanitarian aid convoys and the allowance that these humanitarian aid convoys have full access to all injured persons. Also a political dialogue should be included as soon as possible. President al-Assad is willing to do so, the dubious opposition in Turkey, the Syrian National Council, isn`t willing to have political dialogues for a peaceful solution. In this five-point plan, it looks as if the Arab League again distanced itself from their call for the resignation of President al-Assad or his downfall.

While they agreed on that five-point plan, which was also recognized by the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Qatar showed its real stance again. A ceasefire isn’t enough for the Qatari Foreign Minister. The Qatari Foreign Minister always wants to arm the opposition or, better yet, the enemy, so they can “defend themselves” against the Syrian President al-Assad and his troops.

The truth is that Qatar still wants to arm the opposition forces so that they can attack Syrian soldiers, police men and civilians with different ethnics and religions. Qatar has its own dubious interests and questionable intentions in Syria.

The Alawites in Syria are a huge thorn for the regime of Qatar. Not to mention that Qatar also likes to spread its kind of “religion” into Syria. Bahrain will likely to continuously deliver weapons to the radical militants in Syria, which would fuel the machinery of violence more and more. Whether America will intervene in Syria, especially with no legal basis in the UN Security Council (UNSC), is questionable.

While McCain shows his violent stances again and again, the U.S. president Barack Obama is restrained a bit. Unlike Bush, Barack Obama seems that he doesn’t want more unilateral action, after the Iraqi experience. As long as the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) shows no green light for an attack of Syria and as long as no strong partner is also ready to attack Syria, America will probably not attack, even though the attack plans on Syria are definitely on the table. Also an assessment of the Syrian army was made again.

The powder keg on which we all sit up straight, is not yet defused. Although the majority speaks out against the (open international) war, there are plenty of war-mongers, who do not stop to incite the situation.

In addition to McCain, Bahrain, Qatar and dubious members of the so-called Syrian opposition, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), also the French philosopher (warmonger) Bernard-Henry Levy does good work in fueling the violence and to support a war against Syria. The propaganda machinery is still enormous and impressive.

Journalism reached a dubious level which is only to condemn. The questionable Bernard-Henry Levy gives more and more interviews where he compares Syria with the former Serbia and openly demands a military intervention in Syria. People should not buy his propaganda lies and just recall his warmongering in Libya.

Today, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will meet again to vote on another resolution against Syria, although some members of the UN Security Council really know the truth what is happening in Syria. This is only to condemn. Although America has amended the new design of the next one-sided draft resolution on Syria slightly, Russia declared in advance of the meeting, to veto it again, to defend international law.

This next resolution against Syria is still too one-sided and still contains the wording that can be interpreted as an intervention that then nothing will stand in the way. China is also likely to again veto. China is currently engaged intensively in Syria to achieve a peaceful solution.

But all these efforts benefit absolutely nothing if the armed groups, Iraqi jihadists, al-Qaeda thugs, Libyan mercenaries and other armed criminal substances don`t stop their violence and when the dubious head of the Syrian National Council, Ghalioun, still refuses any dialogue which could lead to a peaceful solution.

If the opponents of the Syrian government and President al-Assad do not change their dubious attitudes, there will be no peacefully solution for this crisis and the Syrian government has to care about the protection of its civilians, just like every other state on this planet.

The UN meeting (today) would therefore have little chance to lead to surprising results. The EU Foreign Ministers will decide on a new round of sanctions against Syria in late March, in order to further isolate al-Assad and to spread more aggression and chaos within the Syrian population. Those sanctions are worthless.

These hypocritically sanctions only harm the Syrian civilians first and are only there to further increase the bad situation within Syria and to force more chaos between Syrian civilians. They are a part of a so-called “regime change” plan. One result of these sanctions is the suffering of the Syrian civilians.

It seems that the European Union (EU) doesn`t consider that those sanctions probably strengthen the support of the people for their government against foreign intervention – after all, it`s clear that Turkish, French and British Special Forces have already operated within Syria and that Syrian civilians aren`t so stupid to buy the lies of a peaceful democracy which is sold by a military intervention.

Since the European Union (EU) has announced that the sanctions “against” Syria work, they are interested to continue with this hypocritically stance. However, the sanctions are not a solution to the violence that prevails in Syria and the members of the European Union (EU) also know this. So it`s only to condemn and another part of a “regime change” plan.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would have stopped this crisis long ago, without shedding so much blood, if there wouldn`t be such a high support with money and weapons from abroad. Not to mention the training of “opposition forces” by French, British and perhaps also German Special Forces.

You are not able to stop the violence by smuggling weapons into a country. That`s a fact. Every state which supports the delivering of weapons to so-called insurgents (Libyan mercenaries, Iraqi jihadists, al-Qaeda, Salafists, radical members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other criminals…) is to condemn. The foreign country has for all his hypocritical protestations of wanting to bring freedom for the Syrian people, the aim of supporting the armed struggle against the “unpopular president”, the last of the Arab socialist nation-states. (The huge majority of the Syrian population is still in support with President al-Assad / truth)

All that Bashar al-Assad tried to get out of the crisis, all the conditions that he has met, are not sufficient for the “enemies”. Opposition seems to be a false word already. Again and again the Syrian National Council (SNC – divided without any unity), based in Istanbul, flimsy reasons to continue with their violence and discredit the Syrian government. Western countries are participants.

Although the governments of these states truly know, that they would never accept gunmen in their own country and just act like the Syrian president al-Assad. Not to mention that a year seems to be a time – this is too long for a really brutal crackdown.

So the Syrian army is still trying to prevent civilian victims. How would Germany, France, Britain or the United States react when armed insurgents, radicals and religious fanatics take a neighborhood and call it a liberated area and a new emirate? When these armed rebels harass people, kidnap people, rape and murder civilians?

Imagine this would happen in Berlin, London, Washington (or Los Angeles…) and Paris. Should Syria then condemn the brutal crackdown of these Western governments against “peaceful demonstrators” in their capitals?

Western governments and questionable organizations still sell the Syrian government as the sole culprit in Syria – for propaganda purposes and questionable intentions in this area of the Middle East. For all errors, which were made by the Syrian Government, it is wrong to blame this government all alone.

The West knows this well, yet the West remains committed to its strategy in order to please Israel (AIPAC, USA…) and to pave the path to Iran or at least, to remove an important ally of the Iran in this region.


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