Scholl-Latour: There is a witch hunt against Syria

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Franco-German journalist and publicist Peter Scholl-Latour was not only a member of the “Commando Parachutiste Ponchardier” unit (French paratroopers), with whom he has also fought in the First Indochina War, but also someone who completed his doctoral studies and gained his master`s in Islamic and Arab studies, too.

Mr. Peter Scholl-Latour is well known in Europe and even in a lot of other regions. He gained his master`s in Arab and Islamic studies (for example) at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut and has worked as a journalist since 1950. Scholl-Latour also worked as correspondent in Indochina and Africa and as an editor-in-chief for the German magazine “Stern”. He is one of the few real European experts about affairs in the Middle East.

According to the German publicist and journalist Peter Scholl-Latour, the conflict in Syria is primarily for the weakening of Iran.

Peter Scholl-Latour said in a new interview with DRadio, that a civil war threatens in Syria, with many thousands of deaths. The goal is to topple the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. From the outside, it is tried to overthrow the Syrian President and the government. Scholl-Latour is convinced that It is not really about Syria.

The German interviewer of this interview with Peter Scholl-Latour mentioned that the Syrian Deputy Oil Minister Abdo Hussameldin changed the sides and dropped his support for the Syrian government, but this is wrong. It`s interesting how international media willfully copy & paste information without using the known way of journalism: investigate stories.

Of course, Abdo Hussameldin worked for the Syrian Oil Ministry, but was he really the Deputy Oil Minister? Not really. It´s like naming the Syrian army the army of al-Assad, which is also wrong and just used for propaganda purposes. Real journalists would not do so.

Mr. Scholl-Latour, author and expert on affairs in the Middle East, was first asked by the interviewer, if the decay process in the Syrian government has already begun. The interviewer mentioned the German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, who said in a recent official statement, that the decay process in the Syrian regime has begun.

Scholl-Latour answered very detailed and said that there is a witch hunt against Syria. On the one hand, Scholl-Latour will never protect the Syrian regime, the Assad clan and its followers, especially the Alawites majority, which is carrying this regime. Peter Scholl-Latour was in Syria in 1982, when the “horrible massacre of Hama” happened – with about 20,000 deaths, but was he near the Syrian city of Hama at this time?

It`s interesting that Scholl-Latour uses this as a fact, although contemporary witnesses, who lived near or in Hama at this time, are telling a different story. On the other hand, the German expert for affairs in the Middle East, Scholl-Latour, is convinced that what takes place at the moment is a completely misrepresenting of the real situation within Syria.

Scholl-Latour goes further and said in this interview, that the situation in Syria itself wouldn`t be so explosive, if there were no support with money and weapons from the outside. He explained that it is significant, that the insurgency area of Homs is directly on the Lebanese border, where already has been a conflict between Sunnis and Alawites.

On the other hand, there`s Kilis, where the Turks, for any reason whatsoever, took position against the Alawite direction, that`s already has been massacred by the Ottomans. Also Dara`a, so Scholl-Latour, where you are able to easily dress a Jordanian soldiers in the uniform of a Syrian one and say it was a Syrian soldiers.

Scholl-Latour also mentioned some of the allegedly defectors from the Syrian army and said for example, that one of the main man is a relative of the general, who was a fervent admirer of Adolf Hitler and always has been a enemy of the Assad family.

Another person is Shishakli, his ancestor had been one of the strictest dictators who has ruled in the Syrian capital Damascus in the year 1951. Scholl-Latour clearly says in the end of this first answer, that the situation in Syria shouldn`t be seen so one-sided.

Afterwards, the interviewer asked Scholl-Latour, what are the interests behind the support of the insurgents in Syria and who supports these “Syrian rebels”.

Scholl-Latour answered and already his first sentence is very important. The German author and Middle East-expert said that it`s not about Syria and that`s just the complete deception of the public opinion (in the West). It’s about Iran.

He further said that the Iran is being portrayed as the great devil, as the great demon, Iran is known to be Shiite, the Iran has always been a historical enemy of Saudi Arabia and the represented Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia, one of the most intolerant directions of Islam, and it’s about Iran now – all are in direction against Iran at the moment.

They want to weaken the Iran and prevent that Iran builds a continuous land bridge across Iraq, which is predominantly Shiite, and where a Shiite Prime Minister, al-Maliki, is currently ruling the country. And there`s Syria with the Alawites, who are said to be close to the Shiites – but that`s a very esoteric sect and to name it short and correct:

Syria is not aligned to Sunnis, but secular. The “land bridge” goes further to the Shiite Hezbollah in Lebanon, the strongest force in Lebanon, said Scholl-Latour. What one has not fully taken note: Hezbollah has defeated the Israelis in 2006. And to prevent this continuous bridge of Shi’ism, which is connected with Iran, they are now trying to batter Syria.

In his last question the interviewer wanted to know which developments Scholl-Latour awaits if the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government are overthrown by the “opponents”.

Peter Scholl-Latour answered that it`s quite possible that the “opponents of Bashar al-Assad” succeed in the overthrow of the current Syrian President. Scholl-Latour also said that it`s important to have the comparison with Libya in mind.

If there had been no foreign intervention in Libya, so Scholl-Latour, the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi would have been able to survive the uprising in Benghazi easily. (Scholl-Latour was never a friend of Gaddafi and condemned the friendships of Western governments with the former Libyan leader) The German publicist and journalist Scholl-Latour is convinced that in Syria, it would be the same.

If there would be no foreign interference in Syria, the insurgency would have ended already long ago. But they want to destroy Syria from the outside. What’s next – and the views to Libya are very revealing about this.

In Libya, there is a civil war that is raging there now, it is estimated that about 60,000 to 70,000 people are dead, at least. Of course, nobody talks about Libya anymore. Nobody, so Scholl-Latour, talks about the chaos which was built there. Nobody speaks about the fact that there are various Islamist / Islamistic groups now. Also the Senussi sect.

The separation (plan) of Cyrenaica only makes it clear, that there is a civil war going on in Libya, but the media is blind about Libya now. And if we are talking about today in Syria and about the allegedly 7000 deaths, which provide so-called activists, which may be true – we cannot judge that – everybody has to be aware of the fact, that a civil war, which could break out in Syria because of the situation which is fueled by all sides (Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, parts of Lebanon, America, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Britain, …), this civil war could cost the lives of, at least, 70,000 people, too.

Source: “Es findet ein Kesseltreiben gegen Syrien statt”
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