Syria: Kofi Annan expected in Damascus

Posted: March 10, 2012 in International
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This Saturday, the well-known Kofi Annan is expected in the capital of Syria, in Damascus. The last demands were that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad meets with Kofi Annan in person to discuss a ceasefire and to prepare the beginning of a dialogue so that the conflicting parties start to negotiate.

This should be the basis for a peaceful solution in Syria and also the basis for real political reforms. It´s just that the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) already rejected this offer again. Also the representatives of the armed rebels within Syria are not interested in a negotiation to solve the crisis peacefully.

Even before Kofi Annan has set a foot on Syrian soil, the dubious head of the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey, and announced that the “opposition abroad” refuses a dialogue with the Syrian government and President al-Assad.

Ghalioun showed again, that he`s not interested in talks to decrease the level of violence in Syria and that he has no idea what democracy means. Perhaps because he has hidden intentions behind the image Ghalioun still tries to sell to the West. Not to mention the rumors that the U.S. administration told Ghalioun to never accept negotiations with the Syrian government.

The dubious head of the strange “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Ghalioun, showed again, as in other mediation attempts before, that he`s narrow-minded and always tries to push the cause of the situation on the side of the authorities of the Syrian government in Damascus.

But even more and more Western citizens realize that this “Council” is divided and not as democratically and peaceful as the members try to sell it. It`s only that Western governments still rely on propaganda and false information to be in line with the dubious intentions of the U.S. administration (which has too much bad influenced by AIPAC) and some Gulf States, which are really not democratically at all and not even secular states like Syria.

The hypocritically statements of the heads of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, can be disproved easily. We just have to take a look at the various reports from Syria and the statements of Syrians all around the country. At this point, the way Western media fails when it comes to the dogmas of journalism. Willfully or just because another story about a horrible Arab dictator sells better? Journalism is a business and all editorial offices are in a competition, offline and online. Investigative journalism is a fairy tale. Copy & Paste doesn`t make you a journalist.

So, the so-called opposition outside Syria still refuses any dialogue. As long as this dubious opposition, assembled with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and some Salafists, maintains its position and oppose any attempts for reconciliation, there will be no real peace in Syria, even if the Syrian army cleans all areas from the armed radicals and religious fanatics.

Not to mention the Iraqi jihadists, Libyan mercenaries, Turkish agents and other foreign Special Forces. In contrast to the anti-government protests in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the peaceful protesters in Syria are not peaceful. The peaceful protesters have already left the show.

It`s legitimate that they protest, but they don`t want to destroy their country. In contrast to the armed extremists, criminals and religious fanatics who are interested, by the support of some Gulf States, to set up an Islamistic state of Syria with Sharia laws. It`s not only about the interests of some Western countries, it`s also about the religious and worldly interests of some Gulf monarchies, Gulf State regimes.

The Alawite leadership and the secular Syria is a huge thorn in the eyes of Gulf State leaders and the Saudi royal family. Some would rather call them a brutal family. The head of this dubious non-democratic council in Turkey, Ghalioun, has already responded to an offer from Russia to conduct a dialogue without preconditions in Moscow, even before he was even invited.

Of course, he rejected this offer from Moscow. The scenario is repeated now: Ghalioun reacts angrily to the offers from Kofi Annan for a dialogue. Even when this is just the right way to finally find a solution and stop the violence.

Who rejects negotiations, doesn’t care about the people. But considering the opinions of a lot of Syrians in Syria, they already know that Ghalioun doesn`t care about them. Meanwhile, it seems that even some European newspapers report that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) harasses Syrian civilians and also uses violence against normal Syrian women and men, civilians. The question raises: is this really journalism what these Western media stations and the editorial offices in the West do? Not really.

The Syrian government is ready to talk again, much like they approve the Chinese aid plans and also wants to follow them. China had worked out a six-point plan to overcome the political conflict and discussed this six-point solution with representatives of both, with the Syrian government and with opposition forces.

Whether the opposition members were members of the questionable “Syrian National Council”, however, is unclear. But after the hypocritically statements of Ghalioun and the rejection of the plans proposed by Kofi Annan, it`s to suspect that the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) was not meant.   A representative of the Chinese foreign minister had spoken with government officials and opposition members to discuss the current situation and to determine the readiness for talks in recent days.

Even before the arrival of Kofi Annan, the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Commissioner, Valerie Amos, has visited some places within Syria. The UN Human Rights Commissioner Amos traveled together with many representatives of the Syrian Red Crescent to the district Baba Amr (Baba Amro) of the Syrian city of Homs.

According to their statements, almost all buildings in Baba Amr were destroyed and also almost all citizens have already left this district. Valerie Amos began negotiations for humanitarian relief operations, which have already led to several agreements with the Syrian government.

As she said, a positive trend in Syria was seen, which could lead to a solution of the problem. Whether one can really describe this as positive, is questionable. After all, we must not forget that although the Syrian government is always willing to compromise, it`s always blocked by the armed groups within Syria and the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) outside Syria.

With the remarks of Mrs. Amos and the upcoming visit of Kofi Annan, there could be a small opportunity to avoid the U.S. plans to attack Syria. Not to mention that it would also be another false war based on propaganda, false information and dubious intentions, which would also be against international laws. After Netanyahu was in Washington, it was shortly announced afterwards, that all options to attack Syria are tested now.

These war options against Syria include humanitarian missions (a cover for war on ground), the protection of sea ways and limited air strikes – i.e. war on three levels. Considering the deaths of the NATO war in Libya and the situation in Syria, the war against Syria would even cost the lives of much more civilians – murdered by NATO.

It might sound harsh and false for the readers, but the truth isn`t always nice. The Syrian troop strength was assessed by the Americans already, all preparations were made. It seems they only argue about the question if the U.S. administration needs an international agreement for a war against Syria or not.

But considering the wars of the United States in recent years, they don`t really need an international agreement. They are also aware about the fact that Syria`s air defense is much stronger than the Libyan, and that many civilian victims have to be taken into account, but that´s nothing that would really prevent them from a war against Syria.

After the 100,000 victims and missing in Libya, one might have an idea how the situation would look like in Syria when NATO and / or the United States and hypocritically allies start to attack Syria.

Whether the military option is considered in reality or only as a warning, one can only speculate. What is certain is that they want to remove the Syrian government and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to pave the path to Iran and to break the so-called “Axis of Evil”, Iran-Hezbollah-Syria. The people of Syria don’t play a role in these strategic considerations.

It’s not about liberation of the Syrians nor the introduction of democracy, it’s about geopolitical interests and the satisfaction of Israel, or in other words: the protection of Israel, like it has always been. Not to mention the religious (not really religious..) interests of some Gulf monarchs and dictatorships in the Gulf area. If America really wants to attack Syria, this must happen without international approval.

Europe continues to rely on sanctions against Syria. Of course, these European governments are, in principle, also against the Syrian government and President al-Assad, because if Assad is overthrown, these European governments can better achieve their interests in Syria and the whole region.

The hypocritically UN Security Council (United Nations) meets again on Monday. But also the new proposal, put forward by the United States, of a resolution against Syria is no resolution which is favored by Russia and China.

Russia and China also condemn this new resolution for being too one-sided, hypocritically and not being based on the real events in Syria. Russia has all rights to point out that both sides are to condemn in Syria for the violence and argues against the dismissal of Bashar al-Assad and also against further sanctions on Syria.

The sanctions only hurt the Syrian people. A rash overthrow of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in the current situation would create much more chaos and this would also bring radical Islamist forces into power. The lives of the Syrian people wouldn`t improve.

This possible new “leadership” of Syria would radicalize harass minorities and concentrate on the religious way of live. Syria wouldn`t stay secular. This opposition abroad wouldn`t deliver a brighter future for the Syrian people.


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