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Posted: March 9, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Franco-German journalist Peter Scholl-Latour was not only a member of the “Commando Parachutiste Ponchardier” unit (French paratroopers), with whom he has also fought in the First Indochina War, but also someone who completed his doctoral studies and gained his master`s in Islamic and Arab studies.

Of course, Scholl-Latour is well-known in Germany and also in whole Europe. The publicist Mr. Scholl-Latour is also known n in a lot of other regions on this world. Scholl-Latour gained his master`s in Arab and Islamic studies (for example) at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut and has worked as a journalist since 1950.

Peter Scholl-Latour also worked as correspondent in Indochina and Africa and as an editor-in-chief for the German magazine “Stern”. He is one of the few real experts about affairs in the Middle East. At least, one of the few “experts” which words are to trust. We gave you a short introduction about this Franco-German journalist because Mr. Peter Scholl-Latour gave another interesting interview about Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Of course, Scholl-Latour is correct, but that won`t change anything, sadly. Peter Scholl-Latour warns in an interview that the Syrian people should consider whether a coup (the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government) would really be followed by something better.

Mr. Scholl-Latour is skeptical and hopefully knows that the huge majority of the Syrian population is still against a foreign intervention and still supports the Syrian president and the reform process. Syrians make a huge difference between the Syrian “government” and the Syrian President al-Assad.

Mr. Scholl-Latour was first asked about the defection of leading officials of the Syrian authorities and the Syrian government, which always is a part of the dramatic declines of dictatorial regimes.

Of course, we should mention here that the interviewer has his opinion about the events in Syria and these opinions are in line with the known false propaganda about the situation within Syria. So no surprise that the interviewer asked Mr. Scholl-Latour if the last days of the “Assad regime” have now begun in Syria.

Mr. Scholl-Latour answered that the signals are contradictory from Syria. For contrary to such dissolution, it seems, so Scholl-Latour that the tide has turned again in favor of Bashar al-Assad – especially at the militarily side. But it`s still the question whether al-Assad can stay in power because Syria is surrounded by enemies, who have sworn to overthrow him and the rest of the Syrian government.

It`s significant for Mr. Peter Scholl-Latour, that the strongholds of the so-called rebels are near the borders, where also all the weapons are smuggled into Syria.

The next question of the interviewer, who calls himself a journalist, shows the real attitude behind his questions and the propaganda who he tries to sell to the German readers. So this interviewer said to Mr. Scholl-Latour that his answer almost sounds as if Scholl-Latour would be standing on the side of the Syrian President al-Assad.

Of course, taking the side of the Syrian president is almost a scandal in Germany at the moment. It`s not entirely clear if the interviewer wanted to bring Mr. Scholl-Latour into discredit, because of his clear and true answers about Syria and the hypocritically West, which condemns the Syrian regime but has a blind eye when it comes to Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Scholl-Latour answered that the regime in the Syrian capital Damascus is a vile dictatorship. But it is no worse than others, so Scholl-Latour. That’s why he doesn’t understand the one-sidedness in the West. So Scholl-Latour asked, whether Saudi Arabia is a democratic regime?

In contrast to Syria, so Scholl-Latour, women are stoned to death and heads are severed every Friday in Saudi Arabia. Something that doesn`t happen in Syria. The same is true for other countries. Who is talking about the bloody suppression of the Shiites in Bahrain?

Another good question by the publicist and journalist Mr. Peter Scholl-Latour. He also asked who talks about the fact, that the Saudis have crushed the freedom movement in Bahrain with tanks. Scholl-Latour answered this question himself. No one has. This virtue attitude towards Syria is therefore just sheer hypocrisy of the West, so the Franco-German expert of affairs in the Middle East, Mr. Scholl-Latour.

Afterwards, while we can imagine the tension of the interviewer, this so-called journalist asked Scholl-Latour if it would be better when the Assad regime would remain in power.

Mr. Scholl-Latour answered that Syria is at least the real last secular system in the Islamic world. Therefore, not only the Syrians should consider whether it would really get better after a potential coup and the overthrow of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government.

70 percent of Syrians are Sunni Muslims, who rebel against the long-Assad’s autocratic rule, which belongs to the minority of the Alevis, a heretic, and hated by the Muslims community. Another answer of Scholl-Latour.

We have to mention that Mr. Scholl-Latour made a small failure in this answer. The Muslim community is a false used word in this context. A lot of Muslims in Syria are good friends of Alevis (Alewites) and so on. It`s false to speak about this situation like Mr. Scholl-Latour did in this sentence. We can just name the Syrian city of Aleppo.

But Mr. Scholl-Latour himself revised his answer a bit. He said also, that a civil war is not in the interest of the usually quite well-off Sunnis. He also said that a civil war would be a catastrophe for the Christian minority in Syria, which makes up about ten percent of the Syrian population.

Already many Christians had to flee. It does surprise Mr. Scholl-Latour, that the Christians in the West apparently have no interests for the fate of their Syrian brothers and sisters.

Afterwards, the interviewer showed again that he`s just in line with the propaganda and has no clue about the real events in Syria or just doesn`t speak the truth. So Mr. Scholl-Latour was asked that the Syrians in the struggle for freedom in Syria should deserve the support of the West.

Scholl-Latour answered that the interviewer assumes the same like the West always does, that the insurgents in Syria are protesting for democracy and freedom. For many young people’s that’s true – as in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya as well. But the insurgency in Syria is completely fragmented. And we are under no illusions: a free choice in Syria did not bring the democratic, Western-oriented forces to power, but Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood. (Really, Mr. Scholl-Latour? We have some doubts.) Mr. Scholl-Latour added that the Muslim Brotherhood (and Salafists) in Syria are far more radical than in Egypt.

Questioned about the situation after the overthrow of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government, Mr. Scholl-Latour answered, that people shouldn`t lose the sight of the secret master plan because of the anxious look on Syria alone. The great mastermind behind all is, so Scholl-Latour, Saudi Arabia.

It wants to bring down the regime of the Alevis, to overthrow this “abominable heresy” in Syria. The Turks, who were massacred by the Alevis earlier, are also interested in this. Regional Strategic, the Saudis want a Shiite axis from Iran over the Shiite-dominated provinces of Iraq to crush Hezbollah in Lebanon. So the Saudis are also able to cut off the entrance of Iran to the Mediterranean.

A Salafist regime in the Syrian capital Damascus would bring the Saudis very close to this goal, so Scholl-Latour. Ultimately, it is therefore not really about Syria itself, but about the conflict with Iran.

In the end of this interview, the journalist and interviewer wanted to know what to think about the next move of the United States, that the U.S. President Barack Obama is considering military options against Damascus now, contrary to earlier reports.

Mr. Peter Scholl-Latour answered that the U.S. will certainly not intervene militarily in Syria. The events about Libya have tought the U.S. administration that there is nothing really to gain with military interventions. But the United States also do not need a military intervention, so Scholl-Latour. Are the insurgents left alone, they are never able to overthrow the Syrian regime and the president Bashar al-Assad.

But these insurgents, so Scholl-Latour, already receive weapons from the Syrian borders to Iraq. These weapons are mainly from Saudi Arabia. Also weapons are smuggled into the country from Turkey.

Estimates of “activists” say that there are currently more than 7,000 deaths in Syria. (Including a huge number of dead soldiers, police men, security personal and civilians who were in support of the government.)

That`s bad enough, so Scholl-Latour, but in the course of a civil war, there were at least 70,000 deaths in Syria. This is, so the Franco-German publicist, the alternative.

Source: Assad-Regime “ist auch nicht schlimmer als andere”

  1. Syrian armed groups snub Annan’s offer to end clashes. Syrian opposition abroad and the armed radicals within Syria are still not interested in peaceful solutions for Syria.

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