Syria: Human Rights Commissioner Valerie Amos in Baba Amr, Homs

Posted: March 8, 2012 in International
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After several days of waiting, the UN representative in the Syrian capital Damascus, Valerie Amos, was able to visit the district of Baba Amr (Baba Amro) in the Syrian city of Homs.

UN Human Rights Commissioner Valerie Amos visited the area of Baba Amr together with representatives of the Syrian Red Crescent. Baba Amr is the embattled territory of Homs, Syria, which was liberated by the Syrian army some days ago.

The Human Rights Commissioner Valerie Amos had a meeting with the Syrian Foreign Minister al-Muallem before her visit of Baba Amr, Homs. Amos urged from al-Muallem that all people should receive aid immediately and unconditionally.

The Syrian Foreign Minister stated, that they care about all people in Baba Amr, Homs, and that the Syrian authorities deliver food and medicines; contrary to the false claims of the international media and some Western governments. Perhaps, the UN Human Rights Commissioner Valerie Amos was a bit surprised when she visited the now known district Baba Amr (Baba Amro) from the city of Homs.

Valerie Amos realized that almost all citizens of Baba Amr have fled this area of the Syrian city of Homs and went to other districts of Homs or to small villages in the outskirt. Valeria Amos also saw that the people, who are still in Baba Amr, already receive help.

They receive help by the International Red Cross and the Syrian Red Crescent. Also aid is provided by the Syrian authorities, as the Foreign Minister al-Muallem has stated it.

Whether the statements of so-called activists about more executions and torture by the Syrian soldiers are true, cannot be said. Considering the recent lies about Baba Amr and the reality which was also seen by the UN Human Rights Commissioner Valerie Amos, it`s truly possible that these statements of “activists” are also false.

Of course, the information about more executions and tortures spread like wildfire through the international press. Without any verifications or confirmations about it. It´s always the same – since one year. Journalism, where are you?

The UN (United Nations) Human Rights Commissioner Valeria Amos didn`t mention more executions and violence until now. But considering the events around al-Dabi and the report of the observers of the Arab League (AL), which was buried finally by Qatar, that doesn`t mean anything. Valeria Amos could fall into the same propaganda line.

We still think that it`s a good question whether the United Nations (UN) are credible. Considering the recent years, the doubts are increasing. The same counts for the NATO, of course. When it`s said that men are stabbed and that even children are massacred, this spreads like a wildfire through the international press, because it fits perfect to another brutal Arab dictator (Bashar al-Assad) and to a horrible Syrian regime.

Of course, these assertions are not confirmed and verified. Again and again, it`s striking that the Syrian government is accused. Propaganda, violence and murder – It`s the fault of the Syrian government. The so-called rebels are much more credible for the Western media. A strange situation, considering that some Western journalist truly know the lack of credibility of the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, and that they also know the background information and connections between some opposition members, forces and interests.

Even after the real events about Libya become more obvious, Western media is still in line with propaganda. Who`s to blame? Journalists, NATO, UN, USA? Who knows? Previous wars should have taught us, that propaganda, false flag – acts and lies are particularly used by opponents of governments. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and so on. The last and best example for this is Libya, of course. When embedded journalists become propaganda tools, you should know that something stinks.

Meanwhile, there`s a new draft resolution against Syria by the United Nations. The UN Security Council (UNSC) wants a condemnation and resolution against the Syrian government. This new draft resolution, which is again one-sided, hypocritically and based on false information (willfully), also provides the prosecution of human rights violations in Syria.

Of course, only the Syrian government side is accused of human rights violations. Surprise, surprise.

So far, China and China imposed its veto rights twice to prevent the worst-case in Syria (a Libyan scenario…). By their veto, Russia and China prevented the injustice and the slaughter of Syrian civilians by NATO troops and NATO mercenaries.

China and Russia were already witnesses of these human rights violations of NATO in Libya. As long as a UN draft resolution against Syria is one-sided and only blames the Syrian authorities, Russia should use its veto again and again. In contrast to these UN draft resolutions, the Russian draft resolution is objective, based on real information and not hypocritically. The Russian draft resolution blames both sides for violence in Syria, for example.

It still seems that the Russian stance is more democratically (in this point) than the Western stance on Syria. The NATO countries still ignore the fact that armed men actually terrorize and endanger the lives of civilians in Syria. This ignorance and the further isolating the Syrian government increase the level of violence in Syria.

This doesn`t mean that the NATO doesn`t know this. Of course, the NATO knows about this fact. In the last few weeks, weapons, passports, technical equipment were found repeatedly in Syria. Also foreign forces and mercenaries were already detained. The “fairy tale” about an existing foreign interference (behind the curtains) within Syria is no fairy tale anymore.

This is the point at which “conspiracy theorists” suddenly become men with background knowledge. Recall the journalists in Baba Amr, Homs, of which at least Paul Conroy was exposed as an employee of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), which is better known as the MI6. The British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) is frequently referred to by the name MI6. The name “MI6” was used as a flag of convenience during the Second World War. (The existence of the MI6 was officially acknowledged in 1994.)

Until yesterday, the White House has always stated that the U.S. president Barack H. Obama still rejects a military strike against Syria. The hypocritically US president Obama, AIPAC obliges, announced that he still wants diplomatic solutions.

Just the actions behind the curtains show another image. For example, when Barack Obama speaks about diplomatic solutions, he speaks about further sanctions, which only result in the fact that a country (here Syria) is more destabilized and that these sanctions increase the suffering of a population. These hypocritically sanctions always harm the population first. Barack Obama knows about this fact, too.

A so-called “regime change” also provides the destabilization of a country to achieve the final goals. In addition, however, the US administrations has nothing against the delivery of weapons and money to the radical insurgents in Syria, even when al-Qaeda thugs are then able to get some weapons and funds, too.

Don`t care what a woman like Hillary Clinton, AIPAC-darling, tells in public. The US administration supports the Syrian opposition figures within Syria and outside Syria since years (WikiLeaks) and is still financially supporting some “Syrian revolution pages” on different social media networks. Should we mention the information of WikiLeaks about some connections in Sweden again?

Special Forces have advised and trained armed insurgents in the border regions of Syria. A fact, not a fairy tale anymore.

The opinions expressed in the American government about a military intervention in Syria are divided. While the known warmonger McCain clearly calls for a military intervention in Syria and also air strikes against Syria, and this as quickly as possible, Panetta still warns before such actions. We know that McCain wants to impress the AIPAC Lobby with his stance again.

Not to mention that there are presidential elections in the United States within this year. If some new reports are correct, the US president Barack H. Obama seems to change his stance now. He changes his opinion from a diplomatic solution to a military move. No real surprise after the recent days and the meetings of Barack Obama. The Pentagon seems to discuss all possible courses of action. Obama acts as a puppet, just like Bush did before.

The current Foreign Policy of the United States is still not for the benefits of the American population. This seems to be an evident fact since years, no matter who was or is the president of the United States. It´s not easy to predict whether the United States will really take this step and attack Syria. Syria is a different situation than Libya.

The air force of Syria is better trained; the Syrian Special Forces are really well trained, too. Not to mention that the population number of Syria is higher than in Libya. Considering the fact that the huge majority within Syria is still against any foreign intervention in their country and that the majority still supports the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the reform process, a military strike / intervention of the United States would be not so easy.

We should mention that the capability of the Syrian forces is underrated since years by the West, although not all parts of the Syrian army are really worth to be called soldiers. The risks of a conflagration in the Middle East, which would also hit Europe, could be the only point, which withholds the American and NATO warmongers until now. One must not underestimate and not overlook the key role of Syria in the Middle East.

So while the NATO countries continue to discuss a war against Syria and also continue with the false propaganda, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) demands an armament. The calls of dubious armed radicals get louder. So, the Western population should trust armed radicals, Iraqi jihadists, Libyan thugs and al-Qaeda fighters, also foreign mercenaries, in Syria? We doubt the majority of the Western population is willing to truth such people. Western media will bring them in line with the intentions of NATO and UN.

But it seems that more and more Western civilians woke up after Libya. Let`s hope the best. The dubious “Free Syrian Army”, which is overrated in the West, wants weapons to better defend themselves, they say. They want more weapons in order to reach their questionable goals faster and to throw the country Syria into an absolute chaos.

Do you think some Gulf States like Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia really want a democratic Syria? Wake up. Considering the recent years, Syria was secular and a better place for normal civilians with a free mind than Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Should we mention the recent developments in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya again?

Unlike the Syrian government, which always showed readiness for negotiations, the armed insurgents and the dubious questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey, always rejected any talks and negotiations.

They have also rejected the good offer from Moscow. A year is gone. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC) has still not yet published any serious agenda for Syria. It still seems that their only intention is to overthrow the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government.

After that, they might be ready for negotiations and they might think about a agenda for Syria. Wow. Would you chose and elect such a opposition abroad? Not to mention the sectarian factor, the religious fanatics and the radical stances of some dubious members of this so-called “opposition” in Istanbul.

Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists (Salafis, Salafiyah) and Islamists – do you think they will deliver a brighter future for Syria and that they will really care about the interests of minorities within Syria? (Christians, e.g.) The sayings about „moderate Islamists“ in some European governments are fairy tales and just used for propaganda purposes.


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