Syria – Fouad Humera: I hate the regime but I don`t want to overthrow it

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Sideviews
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One of the best Syrian Drama producers, Fouad Humera, the writer of “Deer in the Forest of Wolves”, which is also one of the most daring regime critical series, published an article titled “I hate the (Syrian) regime but I don’t want to overthrow it”.

“I don’t care who might be displeased or hit his head into thousands of walls (Arabic saying). Don’t you want freedom? Aren’t you protesting for your and others freedom? Well … thank you and then let me to speak freely, and that you won’t oppress me or accuse me of hypocrisy or betrayal to the regime, or, or, or…

Everyone now knows the nature of my relationship with this regime… and I honestly say: I do not like this regime and it is my right to love and hate whatever I want and to express my feelings however I want. My writing is directed specially to the protesters who want freedom for themselves and others, as I said earlier, I do not like the Regime? Yes … and I say it openly and publicly… But Do I want to overthrow it? I say it NO also publicly … why?

First of all, those who want to overthrow the regime you first introduce yourselves to the people to know who you are, because your hidden work style horrified us, your ambiguity raises suspicions. Your relations with Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya channels, concerning us, and leads us to question the existence of a conspiracy, and I frankly whenever visited to the Syrian Revolution page, has increased my certainty about the regime’s story about the existence of a conspiracy against the country.

I discover this through your comments, and style of communication between you, we do not know anything about you, nothing but your desire to overthrow the regime, and this desire push me very clearly and explicitly to slump into the arms of the regime, and even defend it, at least we know who is it and we see its symbols every day on televisions and we understand its speech and aware of its dimensions, and we know a lot about its mistakes, corruption and the positive aspects. No one screams at me and says where the pros are, it is existed but those who are infected by the power complexity, won’t see it.

Second, overthrowing a regime who has six hundred thousand soldiers, 2 million security men, is impossible now, and if you are relying on external support (American and French) … and this is what I realized in your pages, I also say it very clearly, I’ll be the first to take up arms and fight side by side with the regime that I do not like, but then I would be obliged to defend this country against foreign interference.

And I will accuse you of conspiracy and conspiring on the nation and attempting to put it again under direct colonization, and no one of you should think that the army will leave Bashar al-Assad as happened in both Tunisia and Egypt, for reasons you know you and everyone knows.

Third, this regime has big and clear popularity, and you until now represent a minority contested in everything, stabbed in your credibility and patriotism, and I call on all Syrians to enter to your pages and you will find then that every Syrian curse you and curse your Jihad and your struggle and all that you have and you will do, because I honestly everything I read in your pages only raises suspicion, anxiety and panic at home, in your style in your communication and dialogue and comment.

Fourth, this regime will not easily leave the power, in the sense that Bashar Assad will not say to you, as okay you represent five percent of the Syrian society, I announced descending from power? Can you believe it? Does any sane person believe that people in authority will leave just because ten thousand protested here and two hundred protested there? How and on what basis will you build your dream and who convinced you in this possibility to happen, unless there is external support to you (European and American), which means military intervention … means occupation, and this will not be acceptable by any Syrian.

The regime men will not give up their power and office, whatever it takes, and you will not stop your demand to overthrow the regime, and we in the middle of you, should be the victims and the fuel of your desire to overthrow the regime, and the regime’s desire to stay in power.

One of participants scream on your page frightened me, shouting, commenting: O group call Al-Jazeera and then he puts the numbers of Al-Jazeera … I consider this a betrayal just as the official and semi-official media accuse us of betrayal. So the story is not a story to overthrow the regime, in my opinion, but a story bringing foreign intervention by fabricating demonstrations. You know that the regime will not allow it to what is known as repressive and dictatorial regime, and therefore you are asking the protection of civilians, just as the scenario of Libya.

Another thing … the regime may rush in order to protect itself into adventures may not be in the mind of anyone, and then the nation will be the biggest loser, and I hope you to understand my periphrastic, forgive me, I have stated enough in this article to be arrested seven times, and walk on the table of wind (Syrian style of torture) among sergeants who do not know the path to God.

Fifty times I do not love you and will not love you until I know who you are and what are your plans and your projects and your concept of freedom and your position regarding Israel and the United States, your position from the American puppet Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states … I do not love you, I do not like this regime … but in these confusing and ambiguous circumstances, I prefer the regime on you (more than the “opposition” abroad) … Yes…. and frankly I prefer the survival of the regime, it is better of being blamed by my son in the future when I’d be forced to say, I’ve done a mistake by walking with the (so-called) “Syrian Revolution”.

I swear I prefer the detention at the hands of Rustom Ghazali and Atef Nagib, on joining you and supporting you, or walk in your sabotage project, I have concluded _ personally _ that it is not required to overthrow the regime, but to overthrow the nation.

Source: I hate the regime but I don’t want to overthrow it


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