Syria: UN Human Rights Council wants condemnation of Syria

Posted: March 1, 2012 in International
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The European Union (EU) has adopted a new set of sanctions against Syria and most of European countries are indignant about the states which still support and assist the Syrian government.

Maybe we could also write these countries like Russia and China still support the huge majority of the Syrian population against the warmonger-section of NATO, EU and USA. Considering the “No-Fly Zone” in Libya, a military intervention in Syria would be a horrible imagination and another war-crime of NATO.

In addition to Russia and China, which currently are probably facing a lot of hypocritically accusations of Western governments, among the friends of the Syrian people are currently also Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Of course, every government has its own intentions and goals, but it`s an important fact that Hillary Clinton is every time wrong when she, as AIPAC-darling, uses the phrase of “international community” on the topic Syria. It`s just another phrase for propaganda purposes.

Venezuela acts like a “friend” of Syria currently. The Venezuelan President has sent to oil tankers to Syria now. Of course, the hypocritically governments of the European Union criticize this in public. Not to mention that those sanctions always harm the population first and were never helpful to solve a crisis peacefully.

The Venezuelan President is not interested in the penalties / sanctions on Syria that were promulgated by the West (especially the U.S. and European Union / EU). Why should Venezuela care? Also Siemens, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and others also don`t care about these sanctions.

The West wants to convince the people about the international nature of its sanctions on Syria, but the West won`t succeed with this. Russia, that also opposed the hypocritically Western sanctions on Syria, provides weapons to Syria, why should Venezuela then not supply oil to Syria, and so on…

Russia and China are getting affronted since their first veto against a resolution on Syria in the United Nation Security Council (UNSC). Whenever the opportunity arises, the West criticized the veto of Russia and China. Of course, also because of propaganda purposes. But why?

The dozens of vetoes by the United States, especially for his allies, and mostly for Israel, have never achieved to raise as many waves, despite the fact that the most vetoes of the U.S. administration were to condemn. The UN Security Council (UNSC) is no body that truly has humanitarian aims and wants to protect all people around the globe.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is solely about the interests for the great powers who sit in this questionable Council. Russia and China are nowadays major spoilsports by their interests in Syria.

The West is sticking to its strategy and now wants a condemnation of Syria in the UN Human Rights Council. It just seems that they are looking for “solutions” to provide a basis which could be useful to justify an (military) intervention in Syria. As if they wouldn`t support the armed radicals and religious extremists already with weapons and funds. The numbers of dead range from 6500 to 8300, depending on the newspaper that you start to read. These numbers are not confirmed and don’t tell the truth.

They are also used for propaganda purposes and hide important facts. One thing is for sure: Most of the information, published by Western media, relies on the questionable information of the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London. A questionable one-man or two-man “company”; which pursues their own goals, for sure.

Not to mention that e.g. Voltaire Network calls this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR) in London an office of the Muslim Brotherhood. Sure because of reasons. Some Western journalists truly know about the huge lack of credibility of this dubious “Observatory” in London, but it doesn`t matter. This dubious source is still used as base for propaganda, although even Moscow unmasked the lies of this “Observatory” for the events in Syria.

Not to mention that the reports of Western media often seem to be published by the known copy & paste method or are just bad translations (e.g. Google Translator) of the false propaganda and fakes from e.g. Al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya. But the propaganda works. The Western media spread all lies, without to verify the information first. Bad days of or even for real journalism.

Particularly the Arab Gulf states, especially Qatar and Saudi Arabia, agree to the canon of war against Syria. No real surprise. Qatar and Saudi Arabia have their own interests in and for Syria. Qatar as a small Gulf state is doing itself, at least since Libya, very large in the fight against so-called Arab despots. People (who live) in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, or?

Sure a good thing that the head of state Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, sees himself as an (absolute) monarch, and not as a Arabic dictatorial president. In Qatar, there is a huge and important U.S. military air base that was used in Afghanistan and the Iraq war.

The known Arabic news channel, which supports the so-called “Arab revolutions” and tracked them day and night, and is probably a part of the intentions, is a company of the head of Qatar. Of course, it`s no credible and independent source. It is striking that Al-Jazeera never reports about peaceful protests the Gulf States, let alone the reported problems in their own emirate.

If the new information of the New York Times is to believe, the Taliban, with which the West is now even negotiating and also working together, want to establish an office directly in Qatar. A Taliban headquarter in Qatar? A “nice” sign. Excuse the irony: All this are absolutely good conditions for democracy.

At least, there is something like a Constitution in Qatar since the year 2005, which cannot be said of Saudi Arabia, of course. Both states, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are no democracies; they are miles away from that. Both seem to favor a development to a more radical Islam than to favor real innovations and humanity.

The Alawite Syrian leadership is an eyesore for these two Sunni states, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is one of the reasons why both Gulf States try everything to overthrow the Syrian government and the President Bashar al-Assad.

They want to spread their religious interests also to and all over Syria. For this reason, they try everything to reach an intervention, which finally could topple al-Assad, although the huge majority of the Syrian population is still in support with their government or, at least, with the Syrian president and the reform process. Not to mention the referendum about the new Syrian Constitution last weekend.

The West is, at least, outwardly more reticent. However, nothing seems to stop them to reach a so-called “regime change” in Syria. Even the truth is not able to. When you blame the Syrian state news as propaganda and condemn them, you also have to blame the Western media for false propaganda and have to condemn the lies and support for radical extremists, religious fanatics, foreign mercenaries and also Libyan thugs and Iraqi jihadists in Syria.

Not to mention that Western media celebrated the Libyan rebels last year. Real journalism? No – far away from journalism.

This is particularly evident with the falsified videos and reports in Western media. The emotional contributions and the blood of propaganda is obvious in these reports. When you start to compare the reports of Western media and also start to use your brain, you realize the huge lack of credibility and also, sadly, the huge lack of journalism. Some journalists, who were not even in Syria, seem to know very well what happens in Syria. Huge respect. (Irony)

Other warmongers are now louder again. Particularly striking is the article by the dubious French journalist Bernard-Henri Levy about Syria. This “journalist” published an article under the headline “International community must intervene in Syria”.

By this article he wants to use his influence (we already know him from the war on Libya) to justify an armed intervention in Syria. This French “journalist” also tries to declare all Western arguments against a military intervention null and void.

This dubious guy is so in line with the truth (false propaganda) that he repeatedly speaks about the brutality of the Syrian regime and the Syrian army. Of course, he hides the brutality of the armed thugs and opposition forces in Syria and also doesn`t mention any word about the modern weapons of these Islamistic fighters and Libyan mercenaries. Wow.

There is no word and no evidence in his article that already foreign forces have been arrested in Syria. No surprise anymore. Not only since the events about Libya, this guy has blood on his hands. Not to mention that Western mainstream media hides the arrest of French agents in Syria, too. For propaganda purposes.

The “journalist” Levy was shortly after the outbreak of demonstrations in Benghazi in Libya to report from there. As even newspapers of other European countries reported in July 2011, Levy had persuaded his friend Sarkozy to take the side of the Libyan rebels and to support them against the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi). Shortly after these words from Levy to Sarkozy, France has acted as the first and accepted the “Council” of the Libyan rebels.

Levy wants to repeat his game in Syria. Of course, it`s sure not his only game and he`s not the only one behind this. Syria must be helped. This assistance is not clearly achieved by the one-sided condemnation of the regime in Damascus and the hypocritically sanctions and statements of the West.

Both sides have blood on their hands, both sides must be held accountable; both sides must lay down their weapons. While the Syrian government shows willingness to talk, the armed radicals, terrorists and religious fanatics in Syria refuse to lay down their weapons.

The so-called Syrian “opposition” abroad, e.g. in Istanbul, Turkey, rejects any dialogue which could lead to a peaceful solution for Syria. If the West accuses the Syrian government for gross human rights violations, they also have to accuse the so-called “Free Syrian Army” for this, of course. All other developments are to condemn and against democratic stances.

Unfortunately, also shown with the war in Libya, the justice is one-eyed in the West. If these Arab “dictators” are no allies and don`t cooperate, they are killed like the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Meanwhile, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia brutal crackdown peaceful protests.

Nobody cares because they are allies of the West or, at least, of the United States. What a world.

  1. Russia and China did not endorse the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution on Syria.

    Russia and China criticized the document over a lack of objectivity and failure to propose constructive plans for a political and diplomatic settlement in Syria.

  2. Baba Amr rebels leave Metis anti-tank missiles behind

    The Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr occupied less than 40 acres when it was cordoned off by loyalist forces.

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