Syria: Referendum and Western demands for regime change

Posted: March 1, 2012 in International
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On last Sunday, the Syrian population had the chance to vote on a new constitution in a so-called referendum. As reported by the Syrian Ministry of Information, 57.6 percent of eligible voters participated in the vote on the referendum about this new Syrian constitution.

A voter turnout, which isn’t a huge surprise and similar to the voter turnouts in Western elections; the voter turnouts decreases from vote to vote. For example, Germany. In Germany, hardly more voters use their right to vote because of different reasons. Of those, who have participated in the vote in Syria on Sunday, about 89 percent voted for the new Syrian Constitution to show their support for the president Bashar al-Assad and his intended reforms.

While there are many Syrians, who criticized the new Syrian Constitution, albeit they also stated, that this Constitution or at least, some articles, could be improved within the next 18 months even. It was important to make this step.

In addition to some substantive issues, which will be discussed, and the debates over the 3. Article, others have criticized the referendum in Syria. They have criticized the time for holding this referendum, which was determined by the Syrian government.

Outside the main towns and cities, more and more Syrians feel left in the lurch by the Syrian government. On the one hand, because of the few presence of the Syrian army, on the other hand because of increasing problems (caused by hypocritically sanctions and the violence of terrorists and radical extremists).

Not to mention that also Syrian people were prevented from taking part in the referendum by armed groups, including armed religious fanatics and foreign mercenaries (e.g. Libyan thugs, Iraqi jihadists). Unfortunately, Western media don’t report about this and other truths; Western mass media are still in line with the false propaganda, relying on dubious sources and using copy & paste (also translators), which is obvious when you start to read and compare their published reports.

Already last year, the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London, was unmasked as a dubious one-man show. Voltaire Network just calls it an office of the Muslim Brotherhood. At the last weekend, Russia made it clear, that this questionable “Observatory” in London has a huge lack of credibility. Moscow also uncovered the lies and false propaganda by this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”.

Western media still uses these dubious sources as base for their questionable coverage. Despite the enormous lack of credibility and the obvious strange connections in London. The Syrian government didn`t kept the population from taking part in the referendum about the new Syrian Constitution.

The so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which is overrated in Western media, kept the people from taking part in the vote. This bunch of violent and armed radicals, religious extremists and mercenaries is still praised and celebrated in the West. Not to mention that they receive weapons and money from abroad, also this is against international laws. US and NATO don`t care about. Human Rights Organizations have already lost a lot of their credibility in the last years.

On Monday, the EU Foreign Ministers (European Union) have agreed on more sanctions against Syria. Against Syria, not for Syria. After the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle, in his last days in office, called the referendum in Syria a farce, the EU Foreign Ministers signed a visa ban on seven more people from the Syrian government.

Should we mention that the German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, barks like a dog because of a lot of reasons? He uses lies for propaganda purposes and German “interests”, also because Germany is threaten by the U.S. government and some “organizations”. The sad situation is, that more and more people know about this, but aren’t able to do anything against it.

In addition to the visa ban, the EU (European Union) Foreign Ministers prohibited the transport of goods from Syria to Europe. They have also frozen the funds of the Syrian National Bank in Europe. A democratic step in Syria has been criticized in the West and described as a farce. A very democratic and peaceful stance, indeed. (Irony)

So instead of seeing the opportunities in this Syrian referendum, the West stays at its strategy and their desire for a regime change in Syria.

While European countries are still against a foreign intervention / military intervention in Syria (maybe only in public), the small oil-station Qatar calls for the establishment of an Arab force. This Arab force should help the radicals in Syria and provide more chaos, death and fear within the Syrian population.

Qatar, of course, has its own interests in and for Syria. As an ally of the United States, the Qatari leaders are able to do what they want. Qatar is one of the main forces behind the chaos and the violence and death in Syria. The Qatari and the Saudi Foreign Ministers speak openly about their real desires: they want to give the “death blow” to the Syrian regime / government in Damascus – as soon as possible. Both have own interests and dubious intentions.

They also want to spread their radical religious dogmas, of course. But at the moment, the West looks away about this. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain make their bill without Russia and also Europe should know that a foreign military intervention in Syria would cause a situation which is no more predictable. For example, the German independent journalist Juergen Todenhoefer (Jürgen Todenhöfer) said that if the Middle East burns (because of a military intervention within Syria), this would also reach Europe.

If Syria burns, the whole Middle East burns. No doubts. As long as there is no resolution in the hypocritically UN Security Council, Europe will at least speak against an intervention (in public).

They will rather follow the American model and continue to follow the known AIPAC-Favorites and warmongers blindly. The known liar, Hillary Clinton, didn`t missed it during her visit to Morocco, to call on the Syrian soldiers and population to revolt against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Of course, also Hillary Clinton, AIPAC-darling, knows the truth behind the curtains.

Hillary Clinton knows that the huge majority in Syria still supports the Syrian President al-Assad and his reform process. She also knows that Syria is another checkerboard than Libya. Not only because of this truth that the huge majority of the big Syrian population (bigger than in Libya) still support the government or, at least, the Syrian president and the reform process. A so-called “No-Fly zone” in Syria would not be similar to the hypocritically NATO war (“No-Fly zone”) in Libya. Hillary Clinton also said that the Syrian population would be hailed as heroes when they revolt against their government. Wow.

Considering the life circumstances of more and more American people, Clinton should start to care about this than to sell lies and to spread false propaganda. The dog still barks, but the international community doesn`t care about. If Clinton speaks about the “international community”, she just uses a false phrase for propaganda purposes.

Considering Russia, China, South America and a lot of other countries, the amount of the “international community”, which is against the phrases of Hillary Clinton is much higher than the “support” for her “international community”. The huge majority of the Syrians are still behind the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A democratically West should consider this and would accept the desire of the Syrian population for a democratic change under the president al-Assad. But it seems that Russia and China have a more democratic stance than the European governments.

Again, it’s not about the infallibility of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government or about the attempts to defend him here, it’s all about, to show the true situation in Syria. Even officials and experts of affairs in the Middle East of several European governments share the same opinions and are openly speaking about the false propaganda of their governments and the West.

The majority of the Syrian population is behind al-Assad and is hardly intimidated by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). The Syrian population loves their country Syria and they are against any possible event that could destroy their beloved home.

More and more Syrians know about the fact that any military intervention would destroy and also would cause the death of many people – just like it sadly happened in Libya while the war of NATO, which supported and supports armed radicals and al-Qaeda thugs. The Syrian city of Homs, especially Baba Amr (Baba Amro), is sold as the headquarters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Some other districts are controlled by these armed terrorists and mercenaries.

Civilians, who were able to escape, fled the city in its surrounding villages, already months ago. They fled for fear because of the “Free Syrian Army” and the fact that the regular Syrian army acted very cautiously against these armed extremists and terrorists. Bombardments from minute to minute and just 50 deaths in Baba Amr (Homs)?

The numbers do not match, of course. With such a allegedly hail of bombs, you would hit more people, of course. It`s like the shooting on “peaceful protests”. If you shoot on a crowd, you surely hit a lot of people and you would kill several, not just one.

A brutal crackdown against the so-called “revolution”, which lasts a year? Come on. Many innocent people have died, too many. But not only has the Syrian government to take responsibility for these victims, on the contrary. The government has made many wrong decisions. Parts of the regular army acted too violent at the beginning of the protests.

But also the beginning of these so-called “Syrian uprising” was already violent and caused the death of Syrian policemen. In contrast to the “revolution” in Egypt, this so-called “uprising” within Syria never has been peaceful. The amount of interventions from abroad is enormous behind the curtains. But to give the land in the hands of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and a fractious and fragmented, dubious “Syrian opposition”, based e.g. in Istanbul, has absolutely nothing to do with a democratic change and the welfare of the Syrian population. The dead are used for propaganda purposes in the West, regardless of who the perpetrators were really.

The so-called questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in Syria, based in London, is a one-man show which uses false information to succeed in their propaganda purposes. Western media partly know this but they don`t care. As mentioned already, the truth of this non-credible “Observatory” in London was already unmasked.

Russia praised the Referendum about the new Constitution in Syria and said that it was the first real step in the right direction. While the Syrian population waits on the decree on the recognition of this new Syrian Constitution, the dubious opposition members abroad continue to argue and Qatar and others started to openly discuss the arming of the “fighters in Syria”.

This would mean to arm Islamists and al-Qaeda thugs, too. Not to mention that some foreign Special Forces members and spies were already captured in Syria. As we stated, the amount of the foreign interfering in Syria is enormous. This doesn`t happen because of interests for peace and democratic in Syria.

The West has their own intentions and goals, e.g. to pave the path to Iran and to break the “Axis of Evil” – Syria-Hezbollah-Iran. Also Qatar and Saudi Arabia have their own radical and dubious intentions for Syria. We already said that this “Arab spring” is no real “awakening” for democracy, but an “Islamist spring”.

Known figures on the checkerboard want to spread a radical Islam all over the Middle East – and afterwards, all over the planet? Considering Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and so on.. we are convinced that experts of affairs of the Middle East, e.g. members of the German state criminal office and Intelligence Service, are correct when they also say that all this is a conspiracy against Syria – because of dubious intentions and questionable goals (e.g. because of Iran and the “protection” of Israel”).

Coming back to the dubious opposition abroad. 20 members of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, founded a “patriotic group” in protests of the disappointing meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” in Tunis on last Friday.

Of course, no real friends of the Syrian population and the country Syria have met there. The new faction indeed still belongs to the non-legitimate Syrian National Council, but which are the specific goals of the new “group” is hard to say. We suggest that they will likely form the much more radical wing.

To upgrade the non-legitimated “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which was never elected democratically, Europe has recognized these dubious members as a regular representative of Syria. Of course, also for propaganda purposes and it remembers us to the Libyan strategy. Although this questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) never achieved anything good so far and has no interest in a truly peaceful transition, the European Union (EU) upgraded them.

Not to mention that the EU accepts the Muslim Brotherhood as a representative of Syria with this step. At the beginning of last year, Western newspapers used headlines like “the dangerous dogmas of the Muslim Brotherhood”, the same newspapers call these Islamists and even Salafists (Salafis, Salafiyah) “moderate Islamists” now.

Of course, this decision of the European Union is, considering all facts, downright ridiculous and totally hypocritically – but a step that makes the West’s interests clearly. A “regime change” is on the flags of the EU and other countries like the U.S. or Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but this time, this is not so easy to implement as in Libya. Russia became more skeptical, of course – Because of understandable reasons.


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