Yemen: Car bomb after swearing in of interim president Hadi

Posted: February 26, 2012 in International
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On Tuesday (2/21/2012), the election took place in Yemen. Was there a real election in Yemen? No, not really, because the current Vice-President Hadi was only confirmed in his new role as interim president. About 60% of the voting population within Yemen took part and a result of 99.8% agreement for the transfer of power to Hadi seem to let less room for doubt.

Hadi was in interviewed shortly before the election and had good cheer. He announced a new phase for Yemen. He could speak easily, because Hadi belongs to the old power in Yemen.

If he is clever enough and gets enough support from the tribes in Yemen, he could be really able to prepare something like a real process of reforms in the next two years. But there are some doubts. A reform process within Yemen, but in which direction? Saleh has been pushed out from his office with great support of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Saudi Arabia has also its fingers in play within Yemen and it seems that they are grateful for the “help” of the Islamic kingdom. Perhaps so grateful that they try to help spreading the religious convictions of Saudi Arabia in Yemen. The Gulf States are currently involved throughout the whole developments in the Middle East.

The Gulf States like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar also use the method of bribe to support the ones which they want to have in power. They also try to spread their religious convictions all over the Middle East.

Their allies in the West have a blind eye when it comes to the violence of these Islamic kingdoms and Gulf regimes. These Western allies seem to also forget about the question if these Gulf States will really stop their intentions and actions at the borders of the Middle East.

Of course, these Gulf States have a huge amount of money to influence the Middle East and all other areas of this entire planet. Not to mention the more and more important resources.

That Hadi was put into office is not surprising in Yemen. The congratulations of the United States and United Nation (UN) for Hadi`s choice are hypocritically. But again, which election in Yemen? His confirmation as a transitional president in Yemen was previously clear and also arranged.

This caused criticism from the Yemenite youth, which was similar to other Arab countries also simply betrayed and misused. Their goals of democratic change and innovation have not been met, even not in Yemen.

The head of state is gone in Yemen, but the old system is still there. The sons and relatives of Saleh still have control over the military and other areas of Yemen. The announced reforms to the Yemeni military should only be addressed within the next two years – if they really get prepared. As we have stated, we have huge doubts.

Hadi speaks from the soul of the United States if he declares war on al-Qaeda. That’s what he did. He will fight al-Qaeda because he isn`t interested that al-Qaeda increases their power in Yemen. He has also to do so because of the orders of the U.S. administration. Hadi is a braves lap dog.

Hadi has its legitimacy and the support of the United States because of his announced fight against al-Qaeda in Yemen. However, it`s not really easy. In Libya, the former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi) was overthrown by the NATO so that al-Qaeda was able to take over the power. The current governor of Tripoli, Belhadji (Belhadsch) will be appointed as defense minister of Libya. A radical Islamist and al-Qaeda favorite as defense minister of Libya? Wow.

In former timey, Belhadji (Belhadsch) was a member of the terror organization al-Qaeda (al-Qaida), who was extradited from Britain to Gaddafi to get tortured so that he delivers some information. Currently, Belhadji (Belhadsch) is feted and his past is said to be no longer relevant. Every other is caught up with his past and that means the downfall. NATO supports al-Qaeda? There is no doubt anymore since Belhadji (Belhadsch) is favored this way.

Perhaps this not to-follow behavior will be explained in future… In Afghanistan and Yemen, they announced the war against al-Qaeda and rather help moderate Islamists, whatever “moderate Islamists” mean. In Libya, they install al-Qaeda. Because of the announcements of Hadis to fight al-Qaeda (al-Qaida) in Yemen, he apparently drew the wrath on himself.

A car bomb costs the lives of at least 25 people. The accident occurred in the south of Yemen last Sunday. The site of attack was a property of the new Yemeni President Hadi in Hadramaut. International press reports that al-Qaeda took the responsibility for this car bomb. But it doesn`t seem to be really convincing. Finally, nobody cares about this: al-Qaeda is the enemy. The al-Qaeda image as enemy is obtained as upright, but this doesn`t seem to apply to Libya. Strange world.

Perhaps other forces are behind the attack on the Republican Guard? Even before the elections, there were clashes in Yemen, of course. After all, there are also groups who are opposed to the played scenario and also want to finally overthrow the old regime in Yemen.

Clearly, the South of Yemen is currently really very chaotic. From this region we have learned already in the last year that al-Qaeda (al-Qaida) has taken control of several cities. Was that the truth or was that only the justification for attacks with drones?

In addition, in the south of the country, there is the separatist movement, which has a huge interest to separate from the north again. Unlike the impression conveyed by the media, the north and south of Yemen are not really united. North-Yemen won the war against the South. Afterwards, the unification of Yemen was announced, burdens were imposed on the South of Yemen. Among other things, the South had to accept Islam.

One can assume that Hadi, even if he has good intentions, is just a plaything of geopolitical interests of great powers, which know to win him over. Certainly, it`s also interesting whether and how much influence Saudi Arabia is able to increase in Yemen.

By interfering in the local “revolution”, Saudi Arabia was able to receive some recognition; the radical interpretation of Islam seems to take on fertile ground in Yemen.

It remains questionable what road Yemen will go. One can only hope that the political problems can be resolved in favor of the Yemeni people and that the head of the state are really interested in the welfare of the population, but there are doubts…

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