Syria: Russia unmasks Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London

Posted: February 26, 2012 in International
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Russian diplomats have expressed gentlemanly-like “doubts about the trustworthiness of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London.

Some Blogs around the globe have published articles on many occasions already less diplomatic about the “Corner Shop” in London – the so-called questionable “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in Syria. We attached some links to articles at the end of this post.

While Voiltare Network calls the dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” an office of the Muslim Brotherhood in London, the German blog “Hinter der Fichte” calls this false propaganda-base a mom and pop shop.

“…He runs a small shop that sells books and clothing. This is the tragic truth. From this private and cloudy mini-source, the horror stories (about Syria) are delivered to the world press. The (German) GEZ channels, which also have a huge number of foreign offices, are spreading the lies of this mom and pop show – despite their foreign offices…”

Tales from the Syrian opposition snack shop in London

The Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about this office for propaganda purposes:

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said the following quotes in a statement.

“According to our information, only two people work for this Observatory – its head and a secretary, is headed by a certain R. Abdurahman, who does not have not only journalistic or legal background, but also a complete secondary education.”

“In a media interview in November last year, he himself said that he is a permanent London resident, has British citizenship and is involved in business activities (owns a snack shop).”

Lukashevich has also noted in his statement that representatives of the questionable Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in London, have declined contact requests from Russian diplomats. The final statement about the huge lack of credibility about this Fakery in London:

“We believe that the facts stated above allow us to make conclusions regarding the credibility of information being provided by this structure”

Well, according to the research of the German blog, this “Syrian Observatory for Propaganda” in London was a “convenience store” with books, T-shirts and souvenirs. But this should not really matter.

International Media: Despite the truth, they still use the fakes as source.

Nevertheless, tomorrow and the day after (and so on), the international press and media will still use the false propaganda of this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights“, based in London. Despite that fact that they know about the huge lack of credibility of this office in London and that they rather should investigate this lack and office – which would be in line with the dogmas of journalism. But mass media seems to misuse the privilege of free press for propaganda-duties.

Even German state TV channels like ARD still use this source in London as base for their questionable coverage on the situation in Syria – despite the fact that they know it better behind the curtains. Not to mention BBC, CCN, SkyNews and a lot of other state TV channels.

Impossible and not to believe? Oh, even yesterday at 8:22 am, the German state TV channel ARD cited the snack shop and Muslim Brotherhood-office in London again – despite the statements of Russian diplomats and a lot of other experts around the globe:

“The ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ reported at least 50 dead.” (ARD = willfully propaganda)

That’s it for today about quality journalism and the credibility of international media.

Source: Syrien – Russen entlarven “Syrische Beobachtungsstelle im Snack Shop”

Image: Mantas Ruzveltas /


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