Tunisia: Meeting of the dubious Friends of Syria ended

Posted: February 25, 2012 in International
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The meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” in Tunisia is over and it remains to be seen how this questionable discussion in Tunis will now actually have an impact on the following actions. Even before the so-called Syrian Contact Group met in Tunis on Friday, Kofi Annan was appointed for the job as a special envoy for Syria.

The United Nations (UN) and Arab League (AL) agreed to this decision, of course. Meanwhile, about 300 protesters chanted against the “Friends of Syria” meeting and against their Western-puppet government in Tunis.

The opinions at the meeting of the questionable “Friends of Syria”, which was attended by approximately 70 states, were far apart. What was clear, however, is that they blamed the sole fault on the Syrian government. This is again one-sided and hypocritically.

The pervasive “Islamization” of the so-called uprising and the (real) interests of Saudi Arabia and Qatar were not debated. The “Arab spring” uncovers itself as an “Islamistic spring”. Not only because of the deal between the U.S. administration and the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, Egypt.

Unfortunately, no representatives of the Syrian government or representatives who back the Syrian government were invited for this hypocritically meeting in Tunisia.

Russia rejected the participation and made it clear that they aren`t convinced that this meeting is a real meeting of “Friends of Syria”. Of course, this caused the missing of a real dialogue at this meeting in Tunis. It was just a meeting of the representatives which have questionable interests in the downfall of the current Syrian government.

No surprise that also AIPAC-Darling Hillary Clinton barked again. Hillary Clinton said, for example, that Russia is against the Syrian people and that Moscow is a enemy of the Syrian population. When this is the reality, why was the Russian Foreign Minister welcomed by thousands of Syrians in Damascus? Imagine, the U.S. Foreign Minister would arrive in Damascus – he would be welcomed with tomatoes and eggs. So – who is the real friend of the Syrian population?

Of course, we also know that Russia (and China) are no real friends and have their own global and economical intentions, but at the moment, yeah, they are much better friends than even some other Arab states. Russia, Lebanon and China refused to participate in this meeting in Tunisia. Moscow criticized once again that only opponents meet with other states in Tunisia.

What has been clearly emphasized, it was stressed again, is that the West has already agreed with the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), that the current system in Syria has no future. This is no decision for the benefits of the Syrian population, because both sides don`t really care about the welfare of the Syrian people, both sides have other questionable and dubious intentions.

The close cooperation and support of the “Syrian National Council” is increased since the warranty, that they end the good contacts with Iran and that the questionable members of this non-legitimated “Syrian National Council” (SNC) want to sign a peace treaty with Israel. To be honest, the global events are connected since years. From Osama bin Laden over the war in Iraq to the rising of the Muslim Brotherhood, all these events are in a connection and have to be seen and rated in a connection. The unpleasant Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has to go.

The unpleasant Syrian government must be overthrown. Both have to make room for a new Syrian government, an Islamist government in Syria, which is funded by the West and especially the Gulf. We still wonder if the Israeli government and people are really behind these plans of the Western world and some Gulf State – dictatorships.

Bashar al-Assad is perhaps not the best friend of the Israeli government, but he is a predictable opponent. In contrast to the known other Arab dictators, Bashar al-Assad is far away from being a crazy and sick dictator which tortures all his people. But after all the recent months it`s questionable if the West media has really the intention to deliver the truth to the Western people.

More and more are convinced that also this media plays a bad game and already lost credibility. For sure, they are no more in line with the dogmas of journalism.

Saudi Arabia wants to militarily support the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) to defend human rights. It already sounds strange, doesn`t it? It’s truly a contradiction in itself; the people in Saudi Arabia have no rights. A country like Saudi Arabia, where the legal basis is the Islamic law of Sharia, where the people are still sentenced to death for driving a car or for alleged witchcraft, wants to deliver democracy in a neighboring state – to Syria?

Syria is a secular state; Saudi Arabia is far away from being secular, liberal and democratic. A state, which favors the bloody crackdowns peaceful protests on its own territory and which sends tanks into a neighboring country to also crackdown peaceful demonstrations, wants to liberate Syria from a dictatorial regime? You see, it stinks. What madness of events.

Saudi Arabia financed the spread of Salafist thought. (Salafiyah / Salafis) The Salafis actually increase their influence and power even more and more. The Arab spring is, as already stated, no democratically revolution, but a Islamistic revolution. We´re sorry for the youth of Cairo and Tunis that they were misused by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis and questionable foreign interests.

The youth of Egypt and Tunisia sure wanted a secular state and no Islamistic sharia as legal base. By looking in these countries and also considering Yemen and Libya, the developments are shown and the Islamization is not to overseen. The Middle East tends to become a new political-religious dominated region.

A clear gasp of the fundamentalist forces, which increase their influence and power from day to day. Maybe we can already expect a new religious dictatorship or domination in the Middle East – beside the known Gulf State-systems.

All “socialist” systems fall, all religious monarchies stay in power. A indicator, isn`t it? The trends are there to see whether they are indeed implemented, one must observe. Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar pay a lot of money for this development

At the dubious conference of “Friends of Syria” in Tunis, a military intervention has been averted, which does not mean that the arms shipments, which are condoned by the West intentionally or not perceived to be, are not continue to operate. The Islamist fighters are thus able to receive more and more weapons from abroad. In contrast, the Syrian government in Damascus will be prompted for a ceasefire. But that ceasefire cannot be implemented unilaterally, of course. It`s again a hypocritically demand. Will the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) agree such a cease and respect it? Hard to predict, but we have doubts.

The new Tunisian President Marzouki suggested at the conference of the “Friends of Syria”, that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should be treated like the Yemeni President. Which means, that the Syrian president al-Assad should be deported and be granted immunity.

After the West realized that it`s not easy to implement the so-called “Libyan model” in / on Syria, they try the Yemeni model now. It`s really questionable whether the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad could show an acceptance of the proposal and if the “Syrian National Council”, based in Istanbul, agrees to the “Yemeni model” and the further developments.

The members of this non-legitimated “Syrian National Council” (SNC) already showed that they don`t know what democracy, peace and truth really means. The huge majority of the Syrian population rejects this dubious “Syrian National Council”.

The questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) has only one goal: Bashar al-Assad has to go, some members even prefer the same way as the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi / RIP) was removed. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC) has no interests in negotiations with the current Syrian government and President al-Assad. This also means that these people have no interest in a peaceful solution for Syria; they are not interested in the welfare of the Syrian population.

Nevertheless, it seems like the different sides and intentions were able to find a more or less political solution in Tunis. The developments in the upcoming days remain interesting, even exciting. No one can really predict what will happen. It´s only a fact, that Syria is the last resistance against the “Islamistic spring”, backed by the West because of worldly interests and dubious intentions. The role and duty of Kofi Annan remains equally interesting.

While the “Friends of Syria”, which are indeed no real friends of the Syrian population, discussed about the resignation of Bashar al-Assad and the “future” of Syria in Tunis (while more and more Tunisian people protested against this meeting), the International Red Cross and representatives of the Syrian Red Crescent arrived in the embattled district of the Syrian city of Homs.

There they could help to provide injured and began to bring women and children to safety. As the organization announced on Twitter, they negotiate with the government in Damascus about the evacuation of all casualties.

Whether the days of the Syrian President al-Assad and the government in Damascus are numbered, is difficult to say. Equally hard to say is how the referendum will be tomorrow and what is to expect. What is perhaps easier to predict, is the condemnation of the referendum on the side of the opponents abroad. You’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

We have to wait for the decision of the approximately 14 million eligible Syrians and how many are really participating. If the Syrian population agrees to this Constitution, it`s also a step in the direction to the Islamic forces. The future of all minorities in Syria is to be regarded with concern.

The fact is that the violence must finally come to an end. Just as Russia always demands it, all sides must lay down their weapons and are to condemn for the violence. The West has to stop the support of radical forces and religious extremists (Libyan mercenaries, al-Qaeda, Iraqi jihadists…) with weapons and money. Fact is also that the country needs reforms and the people have a right for such reforms.

Fact is also that the huge majority is still in support with the Syrian president al-Assad and against an international intervention. The fact is also, that they want a somehow democratic future – but they need a “Syrian way” of democracy; all other intentions won`t work. The fact is that the minorities fear persecution of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is overthrown by force.

The West knows this, but they do not care. Just like in Iraq. The fact is that many followers make large differences between Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government; this should also be taken into account. Syria is secular and the last resistance against a radical Islamistic avalanche.

If there should be a process of democratization in Syria, which should not turn out, as in other countries, to become a process of Islamization, the Syrian President al-Assad should be given time to prepare this democratic process in Syria. To only cling to a regime change is definitely not the solution to the problems.

This could be already seen in other Arab countries. Such a cling to a regime change increases the existing problems even more. Unfortunately, however, the West supports the fundamentalist wing from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Especially the Salafists (Salafis / Salafiyah) want to go back to the origins, to the heyday of Islam. Religious minorities are only tolerated, if at all.

The fear of many Syrians is understandable. A view to Libya illustrates what happens to those who remain loyalty to the head of state. A view at Egypt shows that the Copts are just a tolerated minority now, they were once more citizens of the state (although they lived not really well with this, too).

A view at Tunisia shows how the country was and is Islamized, as students now swirl on religious themes in her work (to get jobs at the Qatari and Saudi companies e.g.) and deal with no more enlightening topics.  Is Europe really ready to deal with a political Islam, a fundamentalist Islam – which is in no way with the meanings of a real Islam?

Coming back to the protesters in front of the hotel in Tunis where the “Friends of Syria” meeting took place. These protesters were pushed back by the Tunisian police after they tried to storm the hotel in Tunis. Not only at home more than half of the Syrians support the President al-Assad, also abroad, there is a large crowd of supporters.

Unfortunately, their voices, like the Russian in the debate on the future of Syria, are not usually heard. The Western media willfully fails and is just a tool for the dubious intentions.

  1. بسبب موقفها من سوريا، هورستل أخجل أن أكون ألمانياً

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