Syria: Iran and the United States are presenting themselves in Syria

Posted: February 20, 2012 in International
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The Syrian city of Tartus (Tartous) welcomed the arrival of two Iranian navy ships at this weekend. As planned and as it is also based on a contract from last year, the Iranian and Syrian sides will carry out some naval exercises together.

At the same time, the arrival of two Iranian navy ships at the Syrian port of Tartus (Tartous) is also a sign for the West and especially for Israel and the United States. They try to set an example and also to demonstrate some strength.

After the arrival of some Russian navy / war ships in the Syrian port of Tartus (Tartous), the arrival of these two Iranian navy ships is seen as a clear statement to the States which try to interfere in Syria. It`s probably also the Iranian answer to the ongoing war preparations of these States, although they are always denied in public by them. But less and less people believe on those denials of the United States and Israel.

Considering the situation in Syria, this country of the Middle East has already been infiltrated and there is already a foreign intervention in Syria. There are not only Libyan armed mercenaries in Syria, but also Iraqi jihadists and other African and Turkish soldiers or even Special Forces.

Some also believe that some Special Forces form European countries are already in Syria to support the questionable armed group, called the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). But they also support al Qaeda intentions and acts of terrorism at the same time.

The Libyan thugs and fighters, the so-called Libyan rebels, who were trained already in the war against the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi), should be members of al-Qaida (al-Kaida) or at least strongly related to this “famous” terror organization.

The known Islamist and “military commander” of the Libyan capital Tripoli, Abdelhakim Belhadj (Belhadsch), who is said to be responsible for the Libyan mercenaries and Islamistic fighters near Syrian borders or even already in Syria, is himself a highly ambiguous figure.

Abdelhakim Belhadj was detained in the pre-revolutionary Libya after he was extradited several times from the United States – from the CIA. He was tortured in Libya with the agreement of the CIA. He came free because of the questionable deradicalization program in Libya some years ago.

After all, Abdelhakim Belhadj was considered as a terrorist from al-Qaeda. Now all these allegations are gone. Wow.

The Iranian navy ships in the Syrian port of Tartous (Tartus) make Israel sure nervous. Already a year ago, some Iranian warships / navy ships took course to Syria.

Of course, this was observed with worries in Israel. Probably this is one of the reasons why the Israeli attack plan for Iran is discussed more and more in the Israeli government. Sure, Israel will try to forward an attack on Iran to the United States. The known dubious and questionable Lobby AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) will support this again, although it`s again not for the benefits for the American people.

The Iran is considered as the biggest threat because of its nuclear program and its support for Hamas, Hezbollah and other radical groups. Not to mention that Iran also supports these groups with weapons. It´s also an understatement to say, that Israel is no fan of the alliance between Syria and Iran.

According to NBC News and other reports, unmanned U.S. drones are already flying over Syria to collect images of the violent actions of the Syrian army and to wiretap Syrian military and government communication lines. But that`s just the statement for the general public. Some sources also deny these reports about U.S. drones over Syria and call it a typically psychological warfare.

It`s highlighted by the U.S. administration that the use of unmanned drones over Syrian ground doesn`t mean that they prepare for war against Syria. The U.S. administration highlights that they are simply searching for information, but you could also simply call it an act of spying. Not to mention that it`s a very hypocritically action by the U.S. administration, because they already know the truth behind the situation in Syria for months and they are also the reason for the increasing level of violence behind this “misused revolution”.

The United States violate the airspace of (another) a sovereign state in order to gather evidence against the government / regime? Considering the actions of the U.S. administration behind the curtains since years, it`s just to condemn and also just another move for propaganda purposes.

The use of drones above Syrian grounds was never decided in advance in any committee, which met in recent weeks and months to debate about Syria. So how can they violate a sovereign territory? Because they are the United States and the other States are just watching as usually.

One remembers the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement and how the American security forces were not really squeamish in their actions against the peaceful demonstrators.

What could have been happen at this time when Russia would have sent some drones to spy or better, to gather information about the violence of U.S. security forces on U.S. grounds? That would have been seen as a declaration of war at the U.S. administration.

The U.S. administration wouldn`t be happy about such Russian actions and sure would have started a backlash. After all, Russia had infringed (violated) the sovereignty of the United States.

But for the world police, the United States, other laws seem to be on the table and therefore they could simply violate Syrian airspace without harsh words by Western states. Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, India and so on… All are examples for this. Not to mention that it seems, that the U.S. administration also observes own airspace with unmanned drones.

We have to mention it again: some have huge doubts that this report about U.S. drones in Syrian airspace is correct. They say it’s just a false report in relationship to psychological warfare.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Zhai has completed his visit to Syria. The Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhai acted as a mediator, and emphasized the absolute necessity to hostilities cease on both sides He therefore appealed to all parties who use violence, and thus endanger civilians, who are repeatedly caught in the crossfire.

The Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Zhai believes that the upcoming referendum in Syria, which will be held on next Sunday, is a real positive step.

He assured that China will help the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad with that referendum. At the same time, the Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Zhai also emphasized, that reforms have to be implemented faster by the Syrian government.

While both Russia and China have sent representatives to Syria in order to signal readiness to help, the West still tries to adopt additional one-sided and hypocritically sanctions on Syria – to increase the pressure on the Syrian “regime” – government. In addition, a military component is still on the table.

With all the developments of recent days and weeks, also considering the foreign support for armed “rebels” and mercenaries in Syria, the military intervention in any manner whatsoever becomes more likely.

In Syria, people still die due to the fighting between the Syrian army and armed groups of criminals, terrorists and religious extremists, or because they are kidnapped or are killed by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The level of violence is enormous and the armed opponents of the Syrian government are increasingly infiltrated by al-Qaeda fighters and by other radical Islamistic groups and people. Also some new videos make it clear that the new reports of Western media about these latest videos from Syrian deserters are wrong.

These videos make it clear, without any doubts, that these people are members of a radical Islamistic movement and organization. Some years ago, the Western media wasn`t so willfully blind.


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