Syria: The West and the opposition abroad are against negotiations

Posted: February 18, 2012 in International
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Since the double veto by Russia and China in the World Security Council on the 4th of February, the events literally start happening very fast. The Western governments and the Arab League are raging, because the resolution against Syria failed at the United States Security Council (UNSC).

It is certainly not the idea of dialogue which is on top of this last one-sided draft resolution. Rather, it is probably about the idea to remove unpopular dictators in the Middle East and to replace them with puppet governments. They also want to pave the path to Iran, which is easier to achieve when you weaken and destabilize Syria.

A destabilized Syria is a prerequisite for the further isolation of Iran and the “acts” against the so-called “Axis of Evil” – Iran-Hezbollah-Syria.

The withdrawal of European and Arab ambassadors (out of Damascus) shows that they are not interested in a so-called diplomatic way. Russia sees this as a preparation for war. That the plans to attack Iran are traded at a relatively long time is nothing new.

The current plan to attack Iran, which is denied (hypocritically) by the Israeli government in public, lies on the table and could be carried out in spring, i.e. March or April.

However, before Iran is attacked, Syria is probably on the “Middle East agenda” of the West and some Gulf States, i.e. Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In a huge contrast to the Charter of the United Nations (UN), the members of the UN make no attempts for discussions and diplomacy, but on condemnation and aggressions.

Last but not least, they seem to look for more intensive ways to take off the war in Syria, without sending NATO groups into this country of the Middle East. Considering the foreign armed mercenaries, al-Qaeda fighters, Libyan thugs and other radical Islamistic groups, you don`t have to send NATO troops to a country to achieve your questionable goals. A so-called “regime change”, made by USA, can be achieved easier.

The hypocritically Arab League (AL) has sent a observer mission to Syria in mid-January; a report was presented afterwards.

This final report of the Arab League (AL) observers, however, didn`t confirm the unilateral use of force by the Syrian government. This report made it concretely that the sides of the Syrian opposition (e.g. based in Istanbul), especially the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other armed groups, have a huge responsibility for violence and innocent victims in Syria.

The final report of the observers was buried by Qatar and the Arab League (AL). The report was not really published and used. This report had too much true content about the real events in Syria. Also in the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Thursday, nobody had an interest to demand that report. Wow.

On the contrary, they focused instead rather on the peace plan of the Arab League (AL), which provides the resignation of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This “peace plan” is also one-sided and hypocritically. It also doesn`t condemn the violence and terror by the armed opposition forces in Syria. A “peace plan”, a real peace plan, should look different.

President al-Assad and his government are maybe hated by the West, but they should also be viewed as a stable component in the Middle East.

A lot of people in Syria fear the time after the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government. Not to mention that the huge majority of the Syrian population is still behind the President al-Assad, despite the propaganda reports in Western media and the lies by so-called “activists”.

Further, the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, has no credibility, although this office of the Muslim Brotherhood is often cited as source. This just shows the lack of journalism in Western editorial offices.

Nobody is able to predict what follows after the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is forced from office. The foreign opposition has already proved that they are not democratic and peaceful. These dubious people are no option for the future of Syria.

The Syrian government was (and probably is still) corrupt and has made many mistakes, but the government also went to demands of the Syrian opposition abroad. Not to mention that a real change of society starts with the people. There is still a huge level of corruption in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and so on.

From the very beginning, the Syrian President al-Assad responded on this violence at government sides. For example, he dismissed the governor of Daraa who has tortured some children. The Syrian President al-Assad has also lifted the emergency law in April, 2011. Further, prisoners were released because of several amnesties.

President Bashar al-Assad called on multiple times, that the armed people should surrender their weapons and promised them freedom for that. Also legislative changes were made in Syria. A new law on political parties accepted the creation of new parties in Syria. The Syrian government has always signaled willingness for dialogue.

Members of the Syrian opposition abroad, especially in the so-called “Syrian National Council” (similar the dubious Libyan National Transitional Council…), which is supported by the United States, Gulf States and some European governments, never had any willingness to negotiate.

The questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) always demands the end of the violence and the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But these dubious members of this not legitimated „council“, which wasn`t elected democratically, have never demanded the end of violence of the armed opposition forces in Syria and rejected any dialogue.

Even as Russia has offered themselves as a mediator and the Syrian government had agreed, Ghalioun, the dubious head of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) rejected this – even before he ever has received the invitation from Moscow to participate. If you condemn the Syrian government for repeatedly rash, violent and inappropriate behavior, you must do this even for the opposition side.

The “Arab dictator” Bashar al-Assad has to become history. This is the main goal, which is also favored by the West.

That these parts will continue as long as this goal is achieved, should be clear, especially since the West doesn`t really care about Syria and the Syrian population. Iran is the real goal, probably also the greater goal.

In Jordan, at the border to Syria, there is a so-called “buffer zone”. There are Libyan mercenaries and fighters who are only waiting for the order to fight. Also in Turkey, there are Libyan armed fighters and thugs who not only support the armed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), but also the radical Islamistic movement.

On several occasions, there were already reports that the Turkish Intelligence service acts in Syria. Especially around the case “Hamroush”, there are many rumors and circumstantial evidence that Turkey also drives a bad game in Syria.

The U.S. administration financed all this. The U.S. administration also heats the level of violence in Syria. Regime change, destabilization. It`s clear. The U.S. has signed a dangerous and hypocritically weapons deal with Saudi Arabia and equipping the Kingdom now. The U.S. administration supports a system which is totally against any democratically mind – just because of dubious interests and questionable worldly intentions.

Turkey and some Arab countries (Gulf States like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar…) will probably start the war in Syria as slaves of Western interests and also because of own, partly “religious”, intentions.

NATO will step in if the Turkish-Arab groups are not successful enough or if Syria starts to attack Turkey – or when the Iran tries to protect its interests in Syria. Not to mention the current stances and preparations of Russia and China.

When a war could be triggered is not entirely clear, but perhaps the date of the Syrian referendum of the new draft constitution in Syria could be used (misused) for this. The 26th February could be the date of war.

The West condemned the draft constitution as too late and ridiculous. The so-called opposition calls for a boycott of the referendum and tries every way to act against this referendum – which could be a first step to a better and brighter Syria. This also makes it clear that these dubious people of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, are not only responsible for the violence and dead in Syria, they are also just interested in increasing their own power and influence. They wouldn`t be better than the current government in Syria, they sure would be even worse.

In Western countries you are able to read that only Syrian people can take part in the upcoming referendum, who are living in quiet areas of Syria. These reports exclude the Syrian cities of Idleb, Daraa and Homs.

Western media report about rocket fire, artillery fire in every minute without halt. Afterwards they report the death toll of peaceful civilians, but these numbers don`t really fit to the allegedly bombing by the minute and the heavy weapons. Every victim is one too many, but every lie is also responsible for the increasing violence and the probably upcoming war.

As we already know this from Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan… Where are the weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein? Where`s democracy in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan..?

It’s bad enough that so many innocent people lost their lives already, but what’s really happening in the Syrian city of Homs? From the afternoon hours, there are daily fights in Homs every day. The fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are fighting against the Syrian army. But the Syrian army has not yet made use of their full potential.

The “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, delivers false reports, every day. The Western media still uses these questionable non-confirmed information, even they should know it better. Not to mention that many information of this “Observatory” were already proven to be false, but international mass media do not care about. It even seems that CNN and BBC are going so far to make use of obviously false Syrians for propaganda purposes.

The signs are for extension of violence by the opposition forces that is clearly beyond question.

Whether the war in Syria can be prevented and whether some governments really want to prevent a new war, is a good question. It seems that some Western governments and Gulf States want to oust Bashar al-Assad on every means. Some members of the Syrian opposition abroad have already called to kill the Syrian President al-Assad and his entire family, including the wife and kids.

But what then waits for the Syrians? Democracy or a democratic process is likely not taking place then. The struggle between radical Sunnis and religious minorities will probably spread. That al-Qaeda infiltrated more and more the so-called armed rebels, is usually only worth a mention, although this trend should be more alarming.

In everything you are able to criticize the Syrian government, it`s the completely false way to raise the finger and to condemn the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad with satisfaction. As if the U.S. administration would be really more in line with the truth and peace. As if Britain, France, Turkey, Germany, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia would be without acts against humanity…

It is also false to publish reports that the Syrian goverment is to blame for the fact that the “uprising” is infiltrated by al-Qaeda thugs, radical Islamists and Iraqi jihadists. Sometimes it`s really ridiculous what Western people get presented by their mass media. Some seem to even have forgotten about the fact that Syria was and is the only secular country in the Middle East.

The radicalization of the riots will have fatal consequences for the Syrian population. Not to mention that also the actions of NATO and United Nations (UN) could have fatal consequences for the entire world.

Many of protesters who actually went peacefully to the streets and protested for reform and development have been sold and betrayed. They have been exploited and misused. Not to mention that the amount of peacefully protesters were always much smaller than Western media sold it. The same counts for the amount of deserters in the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Since the beginning of the demonstrations, they were not only peaceful.

No matter what mass media reports, even during the early days in Daraa, there were not only peacefully demonstrators. Even at the beginning, police men were attacked and killed. Syria needs reforms and changes, but certainly not on the road, which is now being taken more and more clearly.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad still has the huge majority of the Syrian population behind him; many are hoping that he can lead the people safely to a better future. Whether he can fulfill these hope, is not known, but people still believe in him.

Under the current circumstances, the sanctions and the fights against radical Islamists, foreign mercenaries and the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, it`s hard to actively tackle reforms and to implement them.


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