Syria: Secretly in Homs – CNN and ARD – Who cheats more?

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Sideviews
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A German Blogger published an impressive analysis of the German state TV “documentary” called “Secretly in Homs” and three other contributions about Syria by this official German TV channel. This Blogger also made an additional analysis of the 16 publications from CNN, which are directly or indirectly related to Syria and the questionable “documentary” by ARD.

The German public service broadcasting has not only huge offerings and services, but also an important essential social function. The German state TV channel ARD has the duty to provide an independent, sustainable and high quality supply to the whole population and to all different age groups in Germany.

This also includes journalistic quality, independent researching and reporting. ARD also sells their broadcasting as balanced, pluralism, journalistically fairness, and critical analysis and so on. The typical but important dogmas of state channels, which these channels should not forget about.

Sad but true, the most quality criteria of the German state TV channel ARD are missing in the questionable documentary “Secretly in Homs” and the additional trailers and parts about the situation in the Syrian city of Homs. Critical analysis, background information and a real objective coverage are missing in this “documentary”. The viewer only gets directed to a particular direction by using documentary methods. This is a fact because the most statements in this “documentary” (Secretly in Homs) are based on assertions, without any references and evidence.

When they mention the source “according to rebels” (note, they use the same word “rebels” as they did within their coverage about Libya – sounds better than armed insurgents), then this is just as inaccurate as saying “according to residents from Hamburg or Los Angeles”. Unfortunately, there are also no journalistic questions (requesting) within the interviews of so-called rebels and anti-government protesters. Why?

Situations which require explanations (e.g. how the secret military field hospital of the rebels in Homs gets all their drugs and equipment…) are not explained. Also it seems that some scenes in this “documentary” called “Secretly in Homs” are apparently re-played for this reportage (e.g. the sharing of essential goods in the “death zone” of Homs). Also, some scenes are exaggerated (e.g. the shooting at a sniper out of the shell construction). These scenes are simply presented to the viewers as if all this would be self-evident. Why?

As you can see, the German Blogger has some really good questions but it also gets better. The level of analysis is not only important, but also impressive and comprehensible.

The German blogger is a bit shocked about the different aspects of content in the report of ARD in contrast to the reportage of CNN. These differences of aspects in the content make him thoughtful. For example, it`s sure a difference if the corpses on the streets are from rebels or just not identified dead people. For him and for us it`s inexplicable that the reports of CNN and ARD have also different translations of the original sounds of the interviews with individuals.

This is not only strange; it makes the whole reportage questionable. You see the same scenes in the Syrian city of Homs, but people are telling different things in the translations. For example, you see a allegedly mother which talks about the killing of her daughter in the documentary of ARD. But in the same part of CNN, this woman speaks about her brother and how he tries to reach the victim of assault. It is really strange, isn`t it? Translations should always include the same content, not matter if it`s ARD or CNN. To be honest, it`s not the first time that the German state TV channel ARD fails in translations. On purpose? Perhaps.

Overall, this German Blogger analyzed 20 different contributions, including four contributions of ARD and sixteen contributions of CNN.

Until now it`s unclear if this report was produced exclusive for ARD by journalists of ARD. We also don`t know if there was an agreement between the German state TV channel ARD and CNN to publish this “Secretly in Homs”-reportage simultaneously on 28/12/2011. CNN broadcasted some parts of this video material on 28/12/2011 – but with different audio tracks than at the parts of ARD.

The CNN report shows the note “EXCLUSIVE” – Why? The material was said to be from the German state TV channel ARD, so it`s not exclusively made for CNN. We have to mention that we think that the material was exclusive made by CNN, ARD has just sold false information for propaganda purposes.

The questionable documentary “Secretly in Homs” (Secretly in the Syrian city of Homs) awakens the impression that the reports was just created a week ago (ie at the 21.12.2011)? There is the audio statement which says “Homs, a week ago…”. CNN inserted a date (December, 7th). This is a contradiction to the audio statement, “Homs, a week ago…“.  An easy to understand, obvious contradiction.

The ARD documentary awakens the impression that no foreign journalists are able to report out of Syria and that the Syrian regime has barred foreign media. This is a false statement. CNN rejects this even within their version of the same “documentary” and with the coverage of their other correspondents and journalists in Syria.

For example, a CNN journalist followed the observers of the Arab League without any problems. Not to mention all the international correspondents in e.g. the Syrian capital of Damascus or the sad death of the French journalists, who was killed by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The levels of different representations of this „documentary“ about the Syrian city of Homs are enormous. The levels of different audio tracks are impressive. The differences between translations are also obvious.

It is also almost obvious that the sound of shots were mixed into the documentary – afterwards?! The sounds between CNN and ARD are different at some interesting points.

The German blogger made a very good and impressive analysis of these differences and the questionable methods and purposes behind such a report about the situation in the Syrian city of Homs. Unfortunately, we are unable to present the full translation of the German analysis. But this could already be enough to present another evidence of media propaganda in the international coverage about the events in Syria.

The complete German analysis of the “same” documentary by CNN and ARD (exclusive by… ?) about the “secrete” journey to the Syrian city of Homs. We should also mention that this cannot have been a really secrete journey to Homs. This title and statement are also false and are just used to sell a specific image.


Heimlich in Homs – Analyse einer ARD-Reportage

  1. For Germans: Syrien im Krieg – ein Augenzeugenbericht aus Homs (von Christoph Hörstel)

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