Syria: Draft constitution and the UN General Assembly

Posted: February 17, 2012 in International
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A new Syrian constitution was published on the 15th of February. The Syrian opposition outside the country demanded a boycott of this constitution immediately, of course. In this matter it would have been totally immaterial what is finally written in the content of this new Syrian constitution.

The opposition, e.g. based in Istanbul, still reject any discussions with the Syrian government and Moscow is finally convinced that the non-democratically stances of this opposition are a reason for the increase of violence in Syria. Russia condemns the violence by armed “insurgents” and the delivery of weapons to rebels from abroad, just as Moscow condemns the violence of Syrian security forces.

The Syrian population is called upon to read this draft constitution and to form their opinions about the content of this new constitution for Syria. On the 26th of May, a constitutional referendum will finally decide if this new Syrian constitution will be accepted or if it will be rejected by the majority of the Syrian population.

This new Syrian draft constitution contains some new features, some of which really show that it could be different in Syria. The new Syrian constitution abolished the controversial Article 8, which cared about the Baath Party in Syria. This Article 8 said that the Baath Party is the only party in Syria. Now it`s removed and Syria seems to be open for a multi-party system.

The new Syrian Constitution also explains within its content that Syria is a pluralistic country, with a multi-party system.

At the same time, free and democratic elections are adopted by this new Syrian constitution. Syria is and will remain a part of the Arab nation. The Syrian President, elected directly by the people, is only allowed to stay in duty for the maximum of 2 election periods. A election period is seven years. A bit longer than in Western countries. Maybe of a good reason.

The Syrian President is elected under Article 88 for seven years. He will be the head of the state for a maximum of 14 years. This also means that the current President Bashar al-Assad will not stay in office till he dies, to say it harshly.

In addition, there are two other points about the Syrian president within the content of this new Syrian draft constitution. At least, one of these points caused a lot discussions and criticism.

But first of all, the demanded age of the Syrian president was changed again. So the Syrian President has to be over 40 years old. In 200, when Bashar al-Assad succeeded his father Hafez al-Assad in office, he had not the appropriate age. The demand of age was reduced so that Bashar al-Assad was able to become the Syrian President and to follow the footsteps of his father. But to be honest, they were really huge footsteps.

The new Syrian draft constitution, published on the 15th February 2012, has reversed this change.

The Article 3 (1) of the new Syrian draft constitution says that the Syrian president has to be a Muslim. This was the Article which caused many discussion and outrage in a lot of bulletin boards and chats – of course, also on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Maybe, these lively discussions are a benefit. To be honest, a lot of Syrians are currently more interested in politics than they have ever been. But one thing is clear, Syria is secular and Syria shall stay secular. Considering a lot of other “constitutions” (not to say rules and dictatorships) of other Arab countries and Gulf States, this Article 3 (1) of the Syrian draft constitution is not really surprising.

Considering the last attempt to change this explicit Article about the Syrian president and the violence afterwards (by Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists (Salafis, Salafiyah)) it is maybe understandable that this point cannot be changed at the current situation.

But to be also honest, it`s sure a bit sad and disappointing and understandable that people criticize this. Not to mention that the most people in Syria are not interested in a situation where people are awarded with jobs on the basis of religious affiliation.

Nevertheless, the question arises whether a different option would be feasible at the current situation in Syria. Perhaps Syria should have a solution like in Lebanon, would be possible. In Lebanon, the high political posts are divided among the various religious groups. But considering the situation in Lebanon it is to mention, that it might not be the best solution.

Otherwise, in other places of the Syrian constitution, changes have been made, too. However, the Syrian President still has the only power to appoint the incumbent Syrian Vice-President and the Syrian Prime Minister.

In the new Constitution, the Syrian President retains a lot of power. But this could be important for the Syrian path and the Syrian issues. Of course, the so-called Syrian opposition groups outside Syria, e.g. based in Istanbul, criticize this. But they would also criticize the new constitution by hook or by crook, doesn`t matter what`s in the content of the draft constitution.

These groups (“councils” without legitimacy) not only boycott all democratically discussions with the Syrian government and still demand their only call, the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad; they also call for a boycott of the upcoming referendum in Syria. Very democratically…

The new Syrian draft constitution certainly has flaws, and still has points which are to be criticized. However, this Syrian constitution should be seen as a step in the right direction. On this base, real changes can be reached in Syria. Not to mention that changes should start also at the population and by everyone personally.

Only if the huge majorities of Syrians start to have respect and understanding for the laws and are in line with taking care about them, Syria is really able to change. Considering the Articles about nature, education, sports and possibilities, this new draft constitution has some interesting points, beside the politically points, too.

The Syrian population should start to consider such points about environment protection, sports and health and also the encouragement for women to work. This is also included in the new draft constitution. A huge contrast to e.g. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and some other countries on this planet – not only in the Arab world.

Unfortunately, the Western press had no real interest in the content of the new Syrian draft constitution. They only published questionable condemnations of the new Syrian constitution. Even without knowing the full content of the Syrian draft constitution. The motivation and intentions of the Western press is obvious.

The U.S. administration considers the draft constitution as ridiculous. Others say it`s too late and that the Syrian draft constitution includes too few changes. The draft constitution and referendum won`t change anything in the Western stances against Syria. The Syrian opposition (outside Syria) rejected the draft constitution and calls for a boycott, as already stated.

This so-called Syrian opposition reject everything that is introduced by the Syrian government (no matter if it`s good or bad). They still urge the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government.

Considering the recent months, this opposition within Turkey, France, Germany, Britain and the United States are also responsible for the violence and dead in Syria. Not to mention that they receive a lot support with funds and weapons by foreign powers.

The so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), in which their amount of deserters of the Syrian army is totally overrated in the Western press, is also a bunch of armed criminals, religious fanatics and radicals. Should we write about the armed Iraqi jihadists and Libyan thugs in Syria again? What`s about al-Qaeda? And so on…

The Western press is convinced that the days of Bashar al-Assad are numbered. Members of the questionable Syrian National Council (SNC, compare it to the Libyan National Transitional Council..) call for the “same end” for the Syrian President like it happened with the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (Qaddafi), who has been murdered. They are not only interested in the killing the Syrian President al-Assad, they have also called to murder his whole family, including his wife and the kids.

The West could follow, for example, the Russians, who see a positive step in this constitution. A step, which could actually lead out of the crisis and violence. But the West is not interested in.

If this new Syrian constitution is adopted, it would also mean that Bashar al-Assad has to leave the Syrian stage in 2014. The Presidential elections will not take place earlier in Syria in the current situation. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is against earlier Presidential elections, considering the chaos and violence in Syria.

As the Syrian President al-Assad had already announced, it needs a strong parliament and time, so that different parties can be organized. He also mentioned that these parties need time to really have chances to reach the whole Syrian population with their political goals and intentions.

The Syrian government has made promises about reforms; some reforms have already been initiated. The demands of the opposition abroad, e.g. to end the emergency law and to give amnesty to political prisoners, were already fulfilled. But whenever the Syrian government gave in, it wasn`t enough for the so-called opposition abroad.

Of course, the government made mistakes, too. The violence that was perpetrated by the government side or individuals with power should not be glossed over.

But the fact is, that the West has portrayed all this false and exaggerated. Western media still has a lack of true content in their coverage. For example, the so-called “documentary” “Secretly in Homs” – as we stated here. What a questionable reportage, produced by… Western state TV? Propaganda or just a lack of professionalism?

The West has concluded with the Syrian President al-Assad and the Syrian government. They want to overthrow al-Assad and to destabilize Syria – e.g. to pave the path to Iran. The U.S. administration has already announced that it`s not the question of whether al-Assad will be overthrown, but when.

At the UN General Assembly, 137 votes should encourage the West and the Arab League (Qatar..) even more to explore military options against the Syrian government. The 137 votes could be the last political step to start a foreign intervention under the cover of “humanitarian actions” in Syria.

Even if there will be no official (military) intervention in Syria, the West will try different ways to intervention in Syria. As it is already done by foreign mercenaries and armed “rebels”. The West already works diligently in destabilizing Syria.

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