Syria: al-Qaeda head al-Zawahiri calls on fight against President al-Assad

Posted: February 14, 2012 in International
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After the violent acts of terrorism in the Syrian city of Aleppo on last Friday, where bomb attacks costs the lives of over 20 people, the new al-Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri appeared on the screen. The new head of al-Qaeda, al-Zawahiri, has announced shortly after the acts of terror in Aleppo, that his terror organization stands on the side of the “rebels” and has adjudicated them courage in their struggle against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad.

In the end, it isn`t very far-fetched now, that the attacks in Aleppo, but also the suicide bombings in the Syrian capital Damascus, could have been implemented by the Iraqi wing of al-Qaeda.

Even some U.S. sources have already confirmed that al-Qaeda was behind the acts of terrorism in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Of course, these statements of U.S. officials and sources should be considered as not confirmed but considered as interesting.

After all, the new head of al-Qaeda, al-Zawahiri, has already ranted against the Syrian President al-Assad and the Syrian government in last summer. The Iraqi wing of al-Qaeda could indeed be interested to remove the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad.

The Western media uses the latest video of al-Zawahiri, in which the head of al-Qaeda urges the “rebels” in Syria to go on fighting for their liberation. While al-Zawahiri speaks about a different liberation than you might think, it just seems that the head of al-Qaeda is no more on the top of the hit list of Western states – as long as he is also an ally against the Syrian government.

In the reports of Western journalists about this latest video of al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda, they often omit the important explanation of the fact what the head of this terror organization means when speaking about “liberation”.

To be honest and direct, al-Zawahiri warned definitely against the influence of the West in Syria. Al-Zawahiri wants to help to remove Christians and other sects and religions from Syria. He is interested in developing a similar situation for the Christians in Syria like the (currently very sad) situation for Christians in Iraq.

Al-Zawahiri wants a new government in Syria, a Sunni government, which should contribute to the Islamistic movement in the Middle East. If the West supports this, the West also supports the development of the similar fate for Christians in Syria than it already took place in Iraq.

Now that al-Zawahiri, head of al-Qaeda, has officially joined the “Syrian revolution”, the character of this “revolution” should have become more evident. But to be honest, the West still plays its false game. Even considering of the movements of al-Qaeda and other radical Islamistic groups and organizations. Wow.

Radical Islamic forces are fighting against the Alawites “leadership” in Syria and are also supported by supplying weapons, funds from abroad and even by the Western media. Are these journalists so dumb, lazy and blind or just willfully workers for propaganda purposes? Sorry to be so directly, but the whole situation is dangerous and the lack of journalism is just more than just sad.

The mainstream media are almost brought into line; they publish non-confirmed articles, based on questionable and dubious sources, in order to intensify the hatred against the Syrian government and President al-Assad. If they do not care about the truth and real situation in and about Syria, they are also responsible for the violence and the probably upcoming war.

But recently, the situation in Western media changes a bit. Not in the questionable non-confirmed propaganda articles, but at the comments and discussion forums of newspaper agencies and media stations. Maybe, it`s something like a wake up of a small part of the Western population. They start to ask questions, condemn questionable reports and put “information” into questions.

The parallels to Libya are clearly visible. Maybe, the people in some Western countries are a little “aroused” after Libya and the recent months about Syria. Hopefully more and more are aroused about these fakes, false flag reports and actions. The NATO countries currently still deny a military intervention loudly. Of course, not because of the (aroused) Western people.

However, the NATO and Western governments are still continuing with their search for new ways to overthrow the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. Their goal, which they are selling in public, namely, to build democracy in Syria, is a cheap lie.

They have no real interest in the establishment of a real democracy in Syria, because behind back doors, the Western governments sure know about the fact, that the huge majority of the Syrian population still supports the President al-Assad. Even the rapper Lowkey spoke about a similar topic – related to Egypt.

The West and some Gulf State governments want a different “regime / government” in Syria. A new government, which is willfully acting the way the United States want it to be. A new “regime” in Syria, that makes “peace” with Israel and sells out all the rest. A new “government” in Syria, which helps the West to isolate Iran. This will indeed break the so-called “Axis of Evil” (Iran-Hezbollah-Syria).

For example, if you listen to speeches of the hypocritically King of Saudi Arabia against the Syrian President al-Assad, one should always have in mind, how the people are really living in “his kingdom Saudi Arabia”.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most authoritarian regimes in the world, which suppress the demonstrations not only in their own country, but also sends tanks and troops into the neighboring State (e.g. Bahrain), in order to protect the leadership there and to brutally crackdown peaceful protests.

This Saudi King is now calling on Syria to respect human rights and to integrate real democracy. This seems to be a real conflict, considering the situation in Saudi Arabia. People (who live) in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, should they? Maybe we see al- Zawahiri soon demanding human right and democracy in Syria, too. (Irony)

But in this regard, nothing or just less is really questioned, at least not by the Western mainstream media. This mass media and state channels like BBC, Sky News, ARD, ZDF, CNN and so on, are accusing the Syrian government for everything, although they should know it better. They make the same “mistake” like they have done before Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and so on… really a mistake? Who knows!

The Syrian government rejected the operation of United Nations peacekeeping troops in Syria on Sunday. The Arab League (AL) and Western governments were again “outraged”.

The Syrian government wants the continuation of the Arab League (AL) observer mission in Syria. This observer mission was interrupted by the primarily insistence of Qatar. It is understandable that the Syrian government has an clear overview about the Western plan and the so-called peacekeeping operation of the United Nations (UN). Such a peacekeeping operation of the United Nations (UN) in Syria would mean nothing else than a foreign intervention.

This suggestion about UN peacekeepers in Syria is just another strategy of the West, in connection with the puppets of the Arab League (AL). There is also a motivation why the Arab League (AL) has found their “duty about Palestine“ (again). They do not really care about Palestinian.

Due to the actions of the Arab League against the Syrian government and the embezzlement of the first final report of the observer about Syria, the head of the observer mission, the Sudanese al-Dabi, gave up. Some of his statements of this announcement were kept hidden by the Western press.

The receded head of the Arab League observer mission, al-Dabi, was upset about the observer mission was misused for political power games. Al-Dabi was also angry about the political games around the observer mission and the “funeral” of the observer report about Syria after the wishes of Qatar.

In Western media you only read that it is finally better if the Sudanese al-Dabi is no longer integrated in this observer mission, because he was regarded very skeptical because of his past.

While Russia continues to try diplomatic solutions and Moscow also welcomed the resumption of work by the Arab League (AL) observer mission, the United States and Great Britain are trying together how to still increase the pressure on the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government. Germany, France and some other Western and Gulf States also play their parts in this farce of “democratic” foreign policy.

The German government is also proud to have given up the connections to the Syrian government long ago. The German government has announced this proudly. But it is really truth? Not really. The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) sure has some connections. Some German companies still have connections and are discussion new deals with Syrian companies and the Syrian government behind the curtains.

To be honest, the German government should primarily care about these two scandals of the German embassy in Syria. Not to mention that Germany has not only one skeleton in the closet.

For a real peace, real diplomacy and negotiations are still better than the secret rearmament of the so-called “rebels” in Syria and the “demonization” of the Syrian government and President al-Assad. Although Russia has its own interests in this situation about Syria, the Russian stance is more democratically than the stances of Western governments. How surprising…

Again and again, the Western civilians are able to read the headlines that the fighting and catastrophe in Syria are increasing. Some Western journalists also forget about the fact that it is not about the entire Syria, it is about Homs, Idleb (Idlib) and the border to Turkey. They are willfully hiding these facts. There is no other real description for their questionable behavior.

In the end, the increasing fights are logical, however, when you consider that more and more weapons are smuggled into Syria from neighboring countries and that the armed groups of criminals, religious extremists and Libyan mercenaries and Iraqi jihadists are getting financially support by foreign powers. Not to mention the training camps in Turkey and Lebanon, for example. Against international law, but the West does not care.

When even the famous Syrian poet Adonis (Adunis) is only able to laugh about reports that say, that more than 40,000 Syrian soldiers are deserters now, it is hardly to believe that these reports are really credible. If this would be the real current situation, there would be already an entire war in Syria.

These reports are only published for propaganda purposes and even the so-called journalists behind should know it better. If this is the way, how “free press” is implemented, it is really to put into question.

It is hard to predict what will happen in the next days and weeks. The war is on? Even if this is denied by foreign powers, it smells more and more like war. The information that there will be no (military) intervention, are correct for sure (at least, probably), but they will continue to smuggle weapons and (as was discovered in Syria) the amount of foreign (British, American, Qatari) special forces will certainly be increased even more in Syria.

In addition, it may be that the Western countries could send a so-called peace group of the United Nations. Not different to an intervention. The aim of the West and the Sunni dictatorships and now also of the US-friendly Arab governments is clear:

The Syrian President al-Assad has to go, no matter what, so you can break the “axis of evil” (Syria-Hezbollah-Iran) and further isolate Iran. As for the people of Syria, whose fears and desires play just a minor role for the Western interests and plans.

Last weekend, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received the new draft constitution for Syria by the responsible Commission. The Syrian President al-Assad will put this draft constitution into the Syrian parliament for debate.

In March there should be a constitutional referendum in Syria. According to some information, there are fundamental changes in the new constitution.

Unfortunately, the Western media felt no need to report about this maybe historical event (for Syria). The Western media isn`t convinced that the Western population should be informed about this new constitution and its developments? Wow. A new constitution would be a huge, positive step in the right direction.

But as stated already, no matter from what Assad, there are plenty of excuses to be found in order to face the other hand, simply because it threatens American interests in the Middle East.

  1. ‎”It is far from secret that the armed opposition groups in Syria include radical Islamist militants, not least those from al-Qaeda, Dolgov says.

    Hypothetically, their coming to power may be fraught with serious implications and is almost sure to further destabilize the situation in the region.

    Western countries are making a political blunder when they support the radical Syrian opposition. The West falls into they same trap in Syria as it did years ago in Afghanistan,” Dolgov argues.

  2. Qatar buys General al-Dhabi’s resignation

    Sudanese General al-Dhabi, considered until recently as the Darfur peace negotiator, has been targeted by an international smear campaign after the first daily reports by the Arab League monitors started to show that his Mission would not endorse the Atlanticist version of events in Syria.

  3. ‎Syria – Deputy leader of Istanbul militia (FSA) stated that all the Syrian Arab army headquarters and centers are now legitimate targets – starting from Aleppo terrorist bombing. Now they are official what they are – terrorists.

    Source; Khabar Press

  4. President Bashar Al-Assad issued on Decree No. 85 of 2012 to determine Sunday 26-2-2012 as the date for the referendum on the draft Constitution of the Syrian Arabic Republic.

  5. Free “Syrian” Army stronghold equipped with Milan missiles

    The Battle of #Homs was particularly deadly for the belligerents on both sides, as well as for civilians. During the first three days, the Syrian Arab Army was warded off by the rebels that blocked all entry points to their neighborhood. They destroyed all approaching armored vehicles using Milan missiles. Ultimately, the Syrian Arab Army had to resort to multiple rocket launchers to bombard the Milan firing posts, at the risk of causing heavy civilian casualties.

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