Syrian poet Adunis: Opposition full of fundamentalists

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Sideviews
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Ali Ahmad Said Asbar (Arabic: علي أحمد سعيد إسبر‎, who is known by his pseudonym Adunis or Adunis (Arabic: أدونيس) is a famous Syrian poet. With more than twenty books in Arabic language and all his awards and prizes, Adunis is described as one of the most famous living poets of the Arab world, although he seems more well-known abroad than in Syria and Lebanon now.

Of course, considering the so-called “uprising” in Syria and the situation in this country of the Middle East in the recent 11 months, it is sure important and interesting what the Syrian poet Adonis (Adunis) thinks about that. Ali Ahmad Said Asbar, Adonis, gave an interview about the situation in Syria and his answers sure surprise some Western citizens a lot.

In this interview about the chaos and situation in Syria, the Syrian poet made it quite clear that he doesn`t support the so-called Syrian opposition. Adonis (Adunis) gave a description why he is no supporter of the Syrian opposition and in the end very skeptical considering the so-called “Arab Spring”.

Adonis, one of the greatest living Arab poets of the present, fears a takeover by radical Islamists in his native Syria and is very skeptical about the hypocritically policy of the West. The Syrian poet also has a very dismal record of the so-called “Arab Spring”.

Adonis (Adunis) said in this interview for example, that there is no civil war in Syria until now, but that a civil war is on the table. The Syrian regime, so Adonis, is itself stronger than the opposition within the country, but with money and weapons from foreign powers, this situation can change, of course.

The rebellion of the youth throughout the Arab world was truly something extraordinary for the Syrian poet Adonis. As the youth has organized everything and how the youth has articulated, impressed him the most. It is, so Adunis, the Arab youth, which has made possible this “spring” in the Arab world, and it is the first time that Arabs do not imitate the West.

But the Syrian poet also sees the shadow side of this story. Adonis said in this interview, that unfortunately, this Arab youth doesn`t determine the reality. There are the fundamentalists, the very intensive religious people, who lead the current situation with the help of foreign powers.

The Syrian poet Adonis said afterwards, that one cannot have a positive record about the “Arab spring” practically. The poet mentioned Tunisia for example and said that this country has fallen back behind the times of the former Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba, who lead the country from 1957 to 1987.

Considering the takeover of the “Arab spring” by radical Islamists, religious fanatics and fundamentalists, the Syrian poet said that the Arab youth has one voice, one anger and one will, but that this youth is clearly divided. The Arab youth has no ideology and is weak. In the Arab world, so Adonis, are only the fundamentalists seriously organized.

The interviewer said after this, that the people of the Syrian cities of Hama and Homs, who go on the streets and are massacred by the Syrian government, are no Islamists. Adonis, the poet, answered with the question where this interviewer has this information about that.

The interviewer answered that all international correspondents and also Al-Jazeera are reporting that the protesters are no radical Islamists. The famous Syrian poet Adunis (Adonis) answered with the question whether the interviewer really believes in these reports.

Adunis said that the huge majority of the members of the Syrian opposition are fundamentalists. Of course, Adunis is himself a radical opponent of the Syrian regime, but he doesn`t support this fundamental opposition. He has no interests do get involved in a radical transition from a military dictatorship to a radical religious dictatorship.

So the interviewer asked Adonis if this really could be a real scenario and whether it is possible that there will be a theocracy along the lines of Khomeinism or as some kind of caliphate. Adonis answered that a caliphate would not be necessary. The religious tendency is sufficient enough and this is certainly a historical regression. He underlines again, that he is not interested in having something to do with it. The revolution in the Arab world, so Adonis, has no chance when this revolution isn`t secular. This revolution is closer to all levels of the Middle Ages than to the levels of modern times, in the opinion of the Syrian poet Adunis.

The famous Arab poet also said that if you don`t separate between religion and state and if you do not give women full and equal rights and if you still rely on the laws of Sharia, you only replace one tyranny with another. The military dictatorship, so Adonis, controls the mind, but the religious dictatorship controls the mind, the body language and the everyday life. The radical religious dictatorship is a total dictatorship for the Syrian poet Adonis.

Considering the developments in Egypt, the Syrian poet Adunis said that the fundamentalists have received nearly three-quarters of the votes at the latest and first free election and that this is the best example for the point that in this case, democracy is not a criterion of progress. Therefore, democracy must be rethought in the opinion of the Syrian poet.

He mentioned the example Adolf Hitler who even came to power through elections and ask, what`s this for a democracy then. The Islamists have won in Egypt, so Adonis, and he has to accept that but he will never stand on the side of Islamists.

Asked if something like an Islamic-fascism is threatening, Adonis said, that this could be the situation. The Syrian poet explained that this doesn`t mean that the current dictators will and should remain, they must fall and that`s absolutely clear for him. But he means that one must also ask which regime replaces the old regime.

Especially Syria cannot be considered isolated. We should never forget, so Adonis, that there is already a country based on religion in this region: Israel. We don`t need another religious regime in this region.

The Arab poet Adunis is against any military intervention in Syria and that Russia and China are also just following their interests with their veto at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). He said that the Americans have their allies in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Afterwards the poet asked why should the Russians should act different than the Americans? They have their own interests.

He was also asked about the calls for help by the Syrian opposition, based in Istanbul, and about the “information” that the people in Syria are now getting shot by the thousands.

The Syrian poet Adonis answered that the interviewer has really to understand that the Rebellion in Syria is only selectively – in Homs, Hama and areas along the Turkish border. The Syrian society as a whole, so Adunis, has not moved. The poet asked what is about the Syrian cities of Aleppo, Damascus and with Latakia? Also the center of Syria, so Adonis, is quite. If the Syrian society would start to move like the society of Yemen, it would change everything.

Considering the Syrian soldiers who are said to have deserted and joined the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the Arab poet Adonis has also an answer. Adonis said that this information is only propaganda blah. If this were actually true, so the Syrian poet, and if Syrian senior officers really have changed sides, that would really end the Syrian regime. But it is not true.

Adonis also rejected to have any contacts with the “Syrian opposition” and explained that there is more than just one opposition. The “Syrian” opposition, which is allied with Turkey, the opposition in Western countries and the several groups of opposition people within Syria – and others abroad.

If he would be asked, he would choose the opposition within Syria. But because it is about the change of power, he is not really interested in. He is more interested in the changes of the Syrian society.

The West, so Adonis, does not really care about the Arab world. They want to break the “axis of evil” – Iran-Hezbollah-Syria. Adonis agrees but not with this way to destroy a nation, a country and a whole civilization for it.

Afterwards the Syrian poet Adonis was asked about the Muslim Brotherhood and the moderate Islam which this brotherhood should represent. Adonis answered that there is no moderate Islam. Moderate Muslims, yes, but a moderate Islam? No – in the opinion of the Syrian poet.

If the West needs a moderate Islam, the West should begin in Saudi Arabia. He is, so Adunis, against the American policy and also against the West policy towards the Arab world. He is not able to follow their logic and he does not want to do.

Considering the Muslim Brotherhood, Adonis has a clear stance. The Syrian poet said that the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood are clear fascists, even pure fascists.

After one year after the beginning of the so-called Arab spring, Adonis has the stance that the Arab world is lost. The interviewer cannot understand this and asked again that it is very surprising that the greatest living Arab poet says that the Arab world is lost, just a year after the start of the so-called “Arab Awakening / Spring”.

The Syrian poet Adonis has just one final answer. Better lost than to be confronted with radical religious dictatorships.


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    First of all, it was too hard for me to translate this statement, and that is because of the writing style, it is actually very primitive and disgusting, exactly as if you are reading some sort of Middle-Ages hatred preaches, and for the same reason the translation is somewhat long.

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