Syria: Foreign mercenaries and weapons spread violence and terror

Posted: February 12, 2012 in International
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During the bomb attacks in the Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday, at least 28 people were killed and over 200 people were injured. This was another act of terrorism, no question. The attacks in Aleppo were directed against institutions of state security, military and civilian buildings.

Following the attacks, there were some strange reports and confessions. There were some reports that the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) claimed responsibility for the acts of terrorism in the Syrian city Aleppo. Some parts of this questionable “Free Syrian Army” claimed responsibility for these bombings in Aleppo.

BBC Arabic broadcasted an interview with an allegedly fighter of this “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) on Friday morning. This mercenary announced acts of terrorism in Syria and mentioned that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) will never say in advance where these bombings and the acts of terrorism will take place.

This fighter of the dubious “Free Syrian Army” also claimed that this bombing in Aleppo has been announced by the “Free Syrian Army” in advance. Also the French channel France24 had a source of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which claimed responsibility for the bombings in the Syrian city of Aleppo. We should mention that France24 seems to have a very “direct” and “good” connection to this (in the West overrated and falsely sold) “army”.

One of the so-called leading generals, who is based in Turkey for a long time and co-ordinates the actions of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) from there, at least, in the early days of the “FSA”, denied the responsibility of the “Free Syrian Army” for the bombings in Aleppo. Rifat As´ad rejected the statements of the other “members” to BBC Arabic and France24.

Meanwhile, some U.S. sources published the opinion that al-Qaeda is behind the acts of terrorism in Aleppo. Not to mention that one moderator of al Jazeera (Qatari Propaganda Channel) mentioned live on TV, that this bombing in Aleppo never really happened and has been faked by the Syrian government.

Of course, our friends, who are living next to the places where the bombings took place, are not able to even to laugh about such stupidity and false propaganda. Al Jazeera has lost all credibility since the recent months.

The same counts for al-Arabiya (al-Arabiyya). Al Arabiya broadcasted an interview with an member of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) shortly after the attacks in the Syrian city of Aleppo. This member of the “Syrian National Council” (Syrian National “Transitional” Council), based in Istanbul, knew very quickly and well, that only the Syrian government could be behind these acts of terrorism in Aleppo.

Wow! Another really dumb statement of one of the members of this dubious “Council”, which doesn`t represent a real opposition.

Similar to the recent acts of terrorism in the Syrian capital Damascus, all sides had different accusations against each other. Some statements were really stupid, others just to stupid to even laugh about them. There is no evidence behind the accusations. Considering the new statements of the head of the terrorism organization al-Qaeda and the statements of some U.S. experts about the responsibility of al-Qaeda for the acts of terror in Aleppo, it fits – but that doesn`t mean it`s correct or an real evidence.

Meanwhile, even Western newspapers and some known heads of Iraq confirmed that Iraqi jihadists are also fighting in Syria against the Syrian security forces and army. Not to mention that these Iraqi jihadists are also a threat for every member of a different religion or ethnic group. These Iraqi jihadists sure have joined the Libyan armed rebels and the other armed groups of criminals, religious extremists and (foreign) mercenaries.

At this point we should consider the Syrian poet Adonis (Adunis / Ali Ahmad Said Asbar) who has dissociated himself from the so-called Syrian opposition. The famous Syrian poet Adonis (Adunis) also said, that he doesn`t support revolutions, which are coming out of mosques.

The 82-year old poet also stated that the information that a lot of Syrian generals and soldiers have deserted and joined the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is just “propaganda”. He, as Adonis said in a new interview, doesn`t support radical Islamists and his doubts about the so-called “Arab Spring” are enormous now.

The new information about Iraqi jihadists in Syria are not scattered by the Syrian government. This fact was already confirmed by the Iraqi government and some U.S. officials. Also the U.S. newspaper group McClatchy has already confirmed the existence of Iraqi jihadists in Syria, who are fighting against the government and for… …for a new Islamistic state – or money? Who knows?

Further, some new information of Intelligence services proves that jihadists from Iraq have reached the secular Syria. This is a threat for every Syrian civilian. This information was confirmed on Saturday by the Iraqi deputy interior minister again.

But not only the Iraqi jihadists and the Libyan armed mercenaries are the only confirmed foreign fighters in Syria. There are more foreign forces, which are already fighting in Syria. Considering the Libyan thugs and the Iraqi jihadists, nobody really knows whether these armed groups are fighting for the “interests of the Syrian opposition abroad” or just to enforce their own questionable interest.

In addition, there is a fairly brisk smuggling of weapons over the Syrian-Iraqi borders. The weapons are from the collections of the long war in Iraq and are now being taken by smugglers on both sides to Syria in order to distribute them to the opposition forces, Libyan and Iraqi mercenaries and jihadists in Syria. As the deputy Iraqi interior minister stated, the prices of weapons increased in recent times.

According to these statements and findings, that were confirmed by the Iraqi deputy interior minister, the U.S. newspaper group McClatchy believes that the acts of terrorism on Friday in Aleppo and in the end of last year in the Syrian capital Damascus were implemented by the Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda – and that Ayman al-Zawahiri has given the order for these acts of terror in Syria.

The Iraqi wing of the known terror-organization al-Qaeda (which sometimes works hand in hand with e.g. CIA) seems to more and more use the chaos and violence in Syria to expand its influence in the neighboring country. Of course, they could help the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) at first. Birds of a feather flock together. There is a not to be underestimated radical-Islamistic motivation behind the “Free Syrian Army”.

Within the FSA, there are four main groups, which are separated from each other absolutely, according to the information of the Juheina-News website. It is really to doubt if there is a real combined “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), as the West wants to sell it to the Western civilians currently. Western press – investigative journalism? No way.

The groups are on the one hand some deserting Syrian soldiers, Islamic militants from other Arab and Islamic states, local Syrian gunmen, who have politicized and lawless as smugglers, former prisoners, who see their chance to come through the turmoil. On the other hand we have the Libyan thugs, Iraqi jihadists and some members of foreign Special Forces.

According to the findings from the United States and confirmations from Iraq, it is increasingly clear, that armed gangs are threatening Syrian civilians in Syria. Not to mention that these armed gangs are responsible for a lot of acts of sabotage and terrorism already. They also harass civilians; they kill civilians, and rape women.

A small part of their weapons came from the collections of the Syrian army, a portion (how much is hard to say) is smuggled out of Iraq and are a part of western-Israeli weapons that have somehow found their way to Syria.

By the further arming and funding of the opposition forces (and the other also dubious forces) in Syria, the West and some Gulf States are not contributing to solve the situation within Syria peacefully. They are further responsible for the increasing escalation of the situation in Syria and the high level of violence against Syrian civilians. This support of “opposition forces” with money and weapons by foreign governments is no democratic method to solve such a situation in Syria. It is also against any international law.

Western governments calling again and again to renounce violence, but these calls relate only to the government. Like Russia`s stance, these Western governments should also condemn the violence of the opposition forces in Syria. Maybe, Moscow is more democratically than some Western governments? At least, Russia has no one-sided and hypocritically position to the events in Syria.

The armed opposition is defended again and again by Western governments and Western media. The acts of terrorism and violence by the opposition forces are sold as vengeance and are played down (belittled) when they reach the Western population.

So-called new activists as al Homsi and al Idlibi are again and again mentioned without any confirmations behind this information. The so-called activists are willfully sold like celebrities – although a lot of information is in contrast with the reality and even the Western journalists behind the non-confirmed and questionable stories should know this.

The Syrian civilians who are harassed by the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or getting death threats by these armed groups, get no hearing in Western media. A very one-sided coverage, not in line with real journalism.

All information obtained by the so-called opposition and new-born activists, is retired and passed on without verification.

When it`s getting more and more obvious that the published information is false or hard to believe, they implement the false sentence that an “independent review of the reports from Syria is hardly possible because of the media blockade”. Great journalism, indeed (Irony). And a lie because many foreign journalists are in Syria and some are also traveling freely in and out.

Today, the “Western puppets”, the Arab League (AL), will meet again in Cairo. On the agenda again is the situation in Syria. It should be debated, how the crisis in Syria can be overcome. For this goal, the Arab League (AL) wants to establish a so-called “contact group”.

The Arab League will also discuss the observer mission in Cairo, Egypt, again. After all, there are still about 90 Arab League observers in Syria and wait for further instructions and decisions.

In addition, the Arab League (AL) will sure also discuss the “new” draft resolution of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has prepared this draft resolution on Syria for the UN General Assembly. But it´s again nothing new – and also again a one-sided and hypocritically draft resolution. Russia will use its veto again.

Although the Arab League has announced that they will accept the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul, this should not be at today’s session on the agenda. Finally, we do not expect something good from the Arab League today.

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