Syria: Explosions in the Syrian city of Aleppo

Posted: February 10, 2012 in International
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The citizens of the Syrian city of Aleppo woke up by gun shots and explosions today. Up to this minute (about 9:00 am) there have been three explosions and there are still a lot of gun shots in at least two areas of Aleppo. The people are scared; the armed group wants to bring chaos and violence to Aleppo finally – another horrible act of terrorism by armed insurgents.

The targets within Aleppo were police, civilian and military security buildings. It`s also reported by friends, that a car bomb could have exploded, too. The gun shots are still taking place, a lot of ambulance and it seems that this horrible act of terror has already cost the lives of citizens from Aleppo. An armed opposition, which spreads violence and terror, is no real opposition and no future.

The act of terrorism in the Syrian city of Aleppo shows what these armed insurgents, criminals and religious fanatics want to achieve. At the moment the amount of victims is still unknown, of course. Every civilian who lost his life today, are also victims of Western propaganda and the support of terrorists with weapons, funds and advices by foreign powers.

The Syrian people, who are not with the so-called “Syrian opposition” and “rebels” within Syria, should be forced to join them. This opposition abroad forces violence, horror and chaos in Syria. The Western media fakery is to condemn absolutely now.

These current attacks on police, civil and security buildings in the Syrian city of Aleppo make it again clear, that it is no more about peaceful protesters, who will be again shown by the Qatari propaganda channel Al-Jazeera today after the Friday prayer.

These armed rebels and religious extremists, backed by foreign powers (Turkey, Britain, France, USA, Germany…) are responsible for a lot of acts of terrorism and sabotage; against the infrastructure, Syrian civilians and security forces.

Although the majority of citizens in the Syrian city Aleppo are Sunnis (Sunni Muslims), the city of Aleppo still supports the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad totally. The civilians of Aleppo are making huge differences between a peaceful transition and bloody terrorism. They also reject the radical methods and dogmas of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafiyah (Salafis / Salafists).

The Syrian city of Aleppo is the commercial center and the largest city of Syria. So far, these armed insurgents often tried to also deliver violence and chaos to Aleppo, but so far, the people of Aleppo have always responded with a huge support of the reform process and the Syrian president al-Assad. If all these Sunnis are still with their government or at least with the reform process and the Syrian President, it should be clear, that there is something strange going on since months, behind the curtains of Western media and governments.

Not really behind the curtains of them, but they are not interested in reporting the truth. The Western dubious intention and questionable goals for Syria and also Iran are to put into questions again and again.

Particularly in some suburbs of Aleppo, there were repeated small revolts and calls for the overthrow of the Syrian government and the president by small groups of people. The majority parts of these small groups were never from Aleppo.

Also at the University of Aleppo, some students from outside have sometimes tried to spread chaos. But all these attempts to incite chaos and violence in Aleppo failed until now. Mostly the people of Aleppo cared about it immediately. They are not interested in chaos and terrorism, not only because of the business. This is a false imagination.

The current violent and sneak attack in Aleppo could probably an act of revenge by the armed insurgents. One can only hope that it remains a single act of terrorism and that Aleppo will not yet ravaged by such criminal and religious fanatic gangs, too.

While the people of Aleppo had to wake up by explosions and gun shots, at least in some districts of this Syrian commercial center today, the military actions in Homs are sure continued by the Syrian army. There is so much blood flowed into Syria, far too much innocent blood.

However, it is not as easy as Western media tries to spread it. These one-dimensional reports and the one-sided reports are to condemn. This false propaganda and the questionable goals and dubious interests of U.S. Foreign Policy is to condemn, too. The “slave-behaviors” of Germany, France, Britain and some Gulf States are also to condemn. The support of these armed terrorists and religious extremists by foreign powers is to condemn and has to be stopped immediately. This is also against any international law. But it seems the West does not care about..

With the support of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the West supports Islamist forces, which are fighting for the overthrow of the Syrian government and their own worldly and religious goals. These insurgents and rebels are not interested in a secular state, a secular Syria in the Middle East. They are not interested in a peacefully coexist of religions in Syria.

Also the Vatican, based in Rome, has finally understood these facts – or started to publish reports which also put the Western media coverage into questions. We told all this already a lot of people and organizations abroad, but nobody had listened.

Nevertheless, Western governments and media are not really interested in this. They have their imagination or useful false information to publish for propaganda purposes. Even the German, British, French, Russian and other independent journalists, who have talked about the real events in Syria, are put into question by mainstream media and others. The best method to prevent that people believe the truth is to “sabotage” the image of people.

Governments pursue their goals on the welfare of the people, and this is a fact for all governments on this entire planet. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad confirmed the military operation in Homs as an attack against terrorists, who harass the population. Our friends in Homs confirmed this – they already confirmed the terror and violence by radical groups of criminals and religious fanatics since months!

The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad tried again and again to end the violence in the country, but the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, isn`t interested in peace. This opposition abroad are only interested in taking power in Syria and reject every discussion with the Syrian government to solve the situation in a politically way, which would also be a peaceful way. This questionable opposition is to condemn for the victims and violence in Syria. President al-Assad wants to end the violence and to proceed with the reform process.

In March, a constitutional referendum and elections are announced. Reforms are also seen as necessary by the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Reforms take time and also have to begin at the Syrian population, with and by everyone in Syria.

But maybe is the West not interested in this. The times for reforms are perhaps not there. The West stays at its non-democratic and non-peaceful stance. Two reasons speak against the situation that the Syria could have the time for real reforms:

The West has taken the side of the rebels and supports them with training, weapons and advisors. America has no interest in democracy, in particular, not under Bashar al-Assad.

They want to remove the Alawites minority at the “head of Syria” (which is finally a bit away from the reality) and to replace the Alawites with Sunnis. Hello again, Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis (Salafists, Salafiyah).

One of the real goals is the weakening of Iran and its isolation. If Syria is controlled by a Sunnite majority, Saudi Arabia will increase its power and would have a better influence into Iran. The “axis of evil”, Iran-Syria-Hezbollah, is removed then.

For America, there is no other option, especially since Iran is gaining more and more influence in Iraq. They want to prevent it. To be honest, they really do not care about the Syrian population. They just make all these statements and movements for propaganda purposes. There have been examples for this hypocritically methods and there will be examples for this “after Syria”, too.

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