Syria: Evacuation Plans for Germans – A contrast to reality?

Posted: February 9, 2012 in International
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The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution against Syria failed because of the veto of Russia and China. Since the failed resolution on Syria, the Western news increase about the (alleged) war in Syria. But that doesn`t mean that also the content of truth increases.

The West seems to stand head according to this stroke and wants to pull out all the stops to overthrow the leadership in Syria, and thus to further isolate Iran. The Syrian army, however, has intensified its use in Homs since the weekend. The amount of modern weapons in the hands of violent gangs has increased.

There are heavy fighting between the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), other bunch of criminals and radical Islamistic people and the regular Syrian army.

The intensified fight against armed men, who get more and more weapons across the borders of Lebanon and Turkey, is used in the West to give the people the (false) impression that Syria is already stuck in the middle of a civil war and to intensify the propaganda against Syria. Prepare the people for war and you can play war without problems.

It is really to be feared that Syria might slip into civil war. Reports, which reported the killing of Christians and other religious minorities, should be taken seriously, and should also remember everyone to Iraq. Even in some news by the Vatican and German press, you are able to read that Christians are attacked and murdered by armed religious fanatics and extremists in Syria. Also some Christians in Syria told Western media already, that there are radical Islamistic gangs, which are also armed.

People are always saying: learning from mistakes. Unfortunately, the Western governments, however, seem to be immune to learn. What counts for the West are not really the Syrian civilians, but rather political and geo-strategic interests.

The European Union (EU) sees themselves forced to create a so called “Emergency Plan” for the evacuation of all the EU citizens, which are still in Syria – and these are a lot. The EU says that they have to plan the evacuation of EU citizens from Syria because of the increasing violence. Jordanian and Lebanon will help the European Union (EU) when this “Emergency Plan” will be used.

The EU stations in Jordan and Lebanon shall be strengthened in order to evacuate all the still living in Syria EU citizens.

As indicated, several thousand EU citizens are living in Syria. While the exact figures are not really known, you can be convinced that a lot of them are still in Syria. Civil war in the whole country, right? Useful propaganda.

The amount of EU citizens in Syria also includes German citizens which have shifted their residence from Germany to Syria already a long time ago. For example, the Germans who are living in the Syrian city of Aleppo and Damascus are still living their normal everyday life.

Above all, the German teachers in Syria have a lot of work and are quite busy every day. They are also busy with the (and still) planning of the next semesters in Syria. Some of Germans in Syria tend to become more concerned about their family members, than about themselves, because the life in Aleppo or Damascus is quiet.

These German people are taut and observe with concern, for example, how especially the Western society seems to sightless and emotionally provoke a war without any real facts.

Ok, it still counts the principle, that there will be no war, at least, not a military intervention in Syria, but already two (questionable) U.S. Senators have announced that the United States should support the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) with weapons. Not as this would not already happen.

German-Syrians, who have enjoyed a quiet, relatively carefree life in Syria until last year, are now feeling the methods of German politics. The German embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus has only a skeleton crew. The German ambassador left Damascus in February to take up a new office. Germany hasn`t sent a successor until now.

German-Syrians, who wanted to request new German passports, because of safety reasons, if there will be a war (for example), were sent away by the German embassy.

They were informed that they won`t receive German passports, because the German embassy is closed and cannot be further responsible for them because of that reason.

We have some questions about this policy:

How does the refusal to care about passports for these people fit to the German development of “Evacuation Plans” for the citizens in Syria? How does this rejection to deliver passports fit to the humanitarian crisis that Germany emphasized in connection with Syria again and again? (Not to mention that we already knew that the staff of the German embassy in Syria is very “useless”.)

The children of German-Syrian marriages have a right to get their German passports, maybe even more rights because of the currently sold situation in Syria by Germany?

It is no excuse that the German embassy in Syria is only minimally occupied. First, it`s not the first situation in which the staff of this very special embassy sucks a bit. Second, when you hear again and again in German media that a civil war might happen in Syria, they should care more.

Are Germans able to leave Syria if they have no German passports? Should they? It`s nice that the German embassy and Foreign Ministry calls on all Germans in Syria to leave this country in the Middle East as quickly as possible (ASAP), but not all are able to – because of the German embassy farce.

The next question you should ask:

Why are German citizens, who have for years resident in Syria, don`t get any support by the German government when they come back to Germany? (Consider this question again after the next lines)

Currently, when the German government radical emphasize, that they just want to help the Syrian people. It is probably because only the Syrian people should be helped. We are not able to explain this German policy different. (Consider the next lines…)

A German (Syrian-German e.g.), who returns to Germany, have to pay for all costs by themselves, and there is no doubt about the costs: license fees, insurances, housing costs, registration fees and so on. Who will be invited as a German, to leave Syria, must therefore all costs, which are associated with the forced departure, pay by themselves.

Syrian opposition figures, who also have German citizenship and who are financially very independent in Syria, are offered a completely “help package” by the German government. This “complete package of assistance” by the German government for members of the Syrian opposition in Syria ranges from an apartment over the costs for health insurance to some money per month – when they arrived in Germany finally.

Wow – is this the German rule of law? Not to mention that this offer seems very dubious. We have to mention at this point that all these information is confirmed. There is no lack of credibility. You should put the German procedure in question and also criticize it.

Especially considering the heavy smear campaign against the Syrian government – by using a lot of false propaganda, false information and made-up stories. This smear campaign is particularly driven by the German Foreign Ministry and finally, the German government.

It is incomprehensible that they subordinated to American interests in this way and that all sections of the (partly really dubious) Syrian opposition are simply supported, without worrying about the consequences for the country and the region. It smells like the 80thies when Germany had “invited” some Syrian radicals, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, because of “humanitarian” reasons. Some of them already made “problems” in Germany as well.

Sadly, not even Germany sees the importance of political negotiations (in contrast to Russia e.g.), which are fundamentally blocked and rejected by the questionable “Syrian National Council” (NTC) in Istanbul. That`s not really democratically, isn`t it?

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  1. Riad says:

    Syrians will defend their country!

  2. Roman says:


    i am from germany and i am really sorry for our government. It is really a shame that our media report so much false news.

    I don’t think anyone on the world really wants war, except the governments.
    It is always the USA that starts trouble everywhere.

    Sending you a prayer from Germany and i hope you don’t hate all the german people, because it is only the government that sucks!

    God bless you!

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